This shitcoin has no future. It will bleed down to...

This shitcoin has no future. It will bleed down to .10 while everything else is recovering after -25% dump now and cut your losses. Thank me later.

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Yup finally sold. Still made some profit but good lord it just keeps tanking. Below 20 cents now.

Yeah, what a garbagecoin

yes please sell all your bags to me
after the dumb contest dbc will rise again

>buying chinkcoins after TRX fiasco
You only have yourself to blame

only people in here who bought the ath?

ITT: Butthurt faggots that bought DBC driven by hype.

Just finished accumulating. 10k+ DBC. Average buy in 1580 sats. Pls stop tanking now

How much do your fucking pnd group pay you for such bullshit? You realize you're making DBC holders dicks hard right?

will get in once it hits 5 cents

I trust him.

Yeah it's definitely dropping further. No sign of levelling out. I'm planning on riding the waves though. Hoping to turn this 10k into at least 15k to make up for the lost sats.

Looking at the chart it should be shooting up a bit soon.

I almost went all in in 0.5. Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forumsraelis say.

You should really consider to go into UFR, user. It's been quite the stable ride (+ ~35% last 24hrs) and in my opinion proves to be a viable option for gains in this bearish market.

There's literally no volume on Huobi, it doesn't affect DBC one bit.

>Bought 50k at $.50
>Still haven’t offed myself

>stable ride
>all over the place the last week
Yeah, nah.

It's the second Tron. No product and no plan.


Sell this and hop on to other moon missions, the market crash and heavy manipulation will make it go to .10 . After that I suggest you accumulate this. Put it in NEO and be smart

Whats with elix pbl prl etc?

I feel you DBC gang, I'm on CAN right now...

Here's a good pajeet analysis of what's going on

I'm just holding. Should've sold at 67 cents, but I only have $200 in this.

>Looking at the chart it should be shooting up a bit soon.
Told you faggots

Btw a formal member of alibaba is also invested in DBC, we might have some great news coming. But not soon enough cause this is going .10. Maybe in a few years it will go to $1

Lol, you actually bought a coin called "Deep Brain", hahahahahh

I'm thinking this is some silly tactics to get people to sell their shit so a small group can buy it all up. It is obvious these people want you to sell for their own gain and are handing out FUD like candy.

This. Buy orders of 200 and 150 eth filled yesterday. You whales have enough, now set my DBC free!


It's just whales u stupid niggers controlling it... it will recover but it will never stay stable above 1 dollar. Just stop using kucoin

Same shit happened to BNTY after its first moon

>tfw sold the top and bought back in 150 sats lower
Is it really this easy?

Fucking Kucoin locking up BCD wallets. If you hold now the money will flow back soon.

I feel had for anyone that fell for the "brain gang" pajeet discord shilling

Yes you too are my GANNNNNGGGG BANNNGGG friend! Much good bags today! mmm, all the GAAAAANNNGGG BBAAANNNGG food I'll buy with your bags!

I am not from Reddit

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