We're busy at hq in our world trade center office for the ICO today at 6pm gmt... Thought I'd share something as a long time lurker. Enjoy biz, 6pm gmt crowdsale begins. Our product works ;)


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because i did the same i can assure you this is a phtoshopped picture. They DREW this. there is no working product.

Well that's funny, our demo is releasing very soon... You'll see it working within the week. No worries

why is your facebook page full of pajeets

Eh not sure... Don't need their money to be honest. We already hit our operational goals of 7mm USD a long time ago. Everything today and this week is all about funding the index itself which benefits investors more than us.

why no video

so its a software program that uses human input to predict the market? how much does it cost to use? how does the coin factor into it? i looked at your website and i am a brainlet its over my head like most crypto websites. can your software tell an idiot like me what coins to buy?

They have a video on thier youtube.

If people have real alpha they wouldn't be providing them to your platform. You only attract retail gamblers and wannabe data scientists. It's why Numeraire and Quantopian failed


That's the preview to the demo. The demo itself is being created as we speak and will show actual functionality.

Hey! Great questions. A lot of which are being answered in our telegram as it's blowing up if you'd like to ask some of of the ignite team members monitoring it. Users will require IGNT to access the platform (not a lot don't worry). Yes as a user you can review all the upcoming ico sections and it will tell you the highest rated. Not only will you be able to buy, the ignite index will take a very early position into these ico's. In the future you will be able to use our trade routing tech to actually trade via the platform. Hence, our partnerships from the traditional finance sector allowing us to use their technology.

A whitepaper indicates at the end that the Ignite coins are not cryptocurrency and won't be traded on major exchanges.

Stay away guys.

this. devastating blow to OP.

Look at the price for 1 coin
Now buy something else instead

IGNT will be listed on a major exchange within 60 days of ICO end. Smaller exchanges before then. You can join the telegram and ask yourself. We get that question a lot.

Except we're much more than just a decentralized Ratings system. Ignite platform will expand to a trading platform for IGNT users and allow use of trade routing technology which not even the exchanges currently have. They've asked us to share ;)

It's in YOUR WHITEPAPER at the end, wtf.

Low circulating... Higher price. Are you new to this?

>what is marketcap?

Go buy doge coin instead moron

Go ask the ceo yourself in telegram friend

Nice chatting. Thought I'd share a part of the UI.

Functional demo release this week.

Enjoy your pink wojacks when you miss out.


YOu make your users pay to use your telegram? What the fuck is this Jewry

Just to be clear... That is for legal reasons and it clearly states at the date of publication. The publication date was in the past. Moving forward it can obviously be traded on exchanges.

No? There's currently 4.2k users who got in for free. Not sure where you looked. Beware of scams

Oh I misread something I had saw. Since I tarded out I'll go skim the white paper at the least. If minimum buy isn't too high I may throw a little money in. Gl with your token sale m8.

Thank you! Good luck to you as well. Remember you can always buy in decimal values. IGNT is an 18 decimal placed token.