There's no new money coming into the crypto market...

There's no new money coming into the crypto market. Are you too dense to see that we're just hovering around the same 700 billion mark for a week now? Every time your shitcoin goes up, it will just come down again a few hours/days later. Because the money is just being distributed amongst all the coins. But there is little to no new fiat coming in.

Every time you're happy to see your coin move up, just fucking sell for something mostly stable like ETH. Your coin will just go down again and then go up at a later date. Right now you either swingtrade or you'll be hovering around the same amount for a long time. It will always go up, down, up and down until people are fed up and just exit the market. By holding through everything you'll just miss all the profits.

When your coin goes up 25% just fucking take the profit, it will go down again. Just ignore that it would've gone up 50%. Yeah, might happen, but you can't time the market THAT well. Be happy with your profits in this chaotic market right now. And then you can buy more. And it goes up again. Rinse and repeat. Get rich. You fucking cucks.

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> When your coin goes up 25% just fucking take the profit
You'd wish.

No idea.

Fugazzi. It's a wazzy, it's a woozy. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's Neverlanded. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not fucking real.

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>Are you too dense to see that we're just hovering around the same 700 billion mark for a week now?

It also hovered around 600 billion from Dec 21 to Jan 1st.

there's no NEW money coming in since so many fucking people came in they had to take down registration on major exchanges temporarily to keep up with demand

new money is FOMOing in so badly its insane

this bubble won't crash until it reaches mass global hysteria


why are ALL altcoins on kucoin crashing fucking hard then?

because normies don't know what the fuck a kukluxcoin is

Psst, you're destroying their hope of a market recovery.

this cryptogame is even worst than stock market

Kucoin only lists shitty pump and dump coins that will never survive a major market correction

You're mostly right except you don't understand why its like this. The reason is most of the price rises since BTC 4K usd have been institutional or private wealth from high net worth investors getting in in advance of the massive pump that will come from ETFs. When the SEC unexpectedly failed to approve anything for the near future, a bunch of them moved out and none of their money has come in since.
SEC approval of some ETFs will happen this year though. That is when the market will pump massively, but until then, the current patterns will continue.

>korea to finally open up new trading accounts on the 20th

ICX is about to experience a FOMO the likes of which has never been seen

Your'e stupid, you can buy coins from coinbase still

yeah but major shitcoin exchanges are still overloaded

New money that comes in, comes through Bitcoin Ethereum or Litcoin. People must buy from exchanges like coinbase, Bittrex binance doesn't matter because thats not where new money comes from.

like in all of SK
or just for icx

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new money? what the fuck are you talking about?

i can sell at market price one coin, go buy other coin at +20% of market price and with a zero sum money injected i made the marketprice go up.

All of SK

dude btc is king and eth is king too but dude... neo is not a shitcoin.

is this good for all altcoins?

it's not some linear line 100billion pouring in each week till the time end

>SEC approval of some ETFs will happen this year though
sounded like it is fundamentally impossible and they dont want anything to do with it based on their statement

are you actually too much of a brainlet to not get what I'm saying?

say a new investor wants to get into crypto

He read about XLM and likes the fundementals, lets not argue about the coin itself its just an example

ok cool so he has to buy some BTC/LTC/ETH from GDAX whatever.

where does he get lumens? he has to go to an exchange

ok lets go down the list

binance - registration closed
bittrex - registration closed
poloniex - registration closed
kraken - lots of limitaitons if you're in certain states
OKEx - no US

only the extremely low volume exchanges seem to have any lumens people can buy right now

I'd have to go to fucking QRYPTOS if I didn't already have accounts for Binance/buttrex

The proverbial tap for new money is spun closed at the moment and the fact that the whole market hasn't severely crashed because of it is a testament to how much people want in

It'll be good for the market in general, hard to predict what will pump in particular but Korean coins like ICX and wanchain are a good bet.

>No new money is coming into crypto because exchanges like binance bittrex are closed
This is where you're wrong, this is what I'm saying, new money can come in, nothering is stopping money from coming into crypto because you can buy Bitcoi9n litecoina and Etheruem. You just can't buy lots of other altcoins due to altcoin exchanges closed. Therefore new money can come in like normal.

i dont see etfs a major player here, there are already etns for bitcoin and eth investing. hedge funds havent required etfs to this date either to invest in coins

lighting network, upcomin banking crisis etc. will be the driving force

quality post.
lol i shouldve saved the binance hater screenshots from aug. hahaha fucking priceless

To think no new money is comming into the market is fking retarded... BTC moons, normies go omg money...fomo in...more money... eg RIPPLE...nobody even knew what ripple was 2 months until the pump, now every wagecuck knows about ripple...fuck off

fucking served

omg I really have to spell it out for you

yes new money CAN COME IN

but new money also wants shitcoins too

shitcoins are barred away atm

so now new money has MUCH LESS OF A REASON TO COME IN


holy shit dude

99% of people definitely have no idea what is "ripple". you are wearing blinders

This is factually incorrect. Look at coinbase and binance's signup numbers, normies are POURING in.

I keep my ledger on a bitcoin-branded lanyard and when I walk around my university people literally stop me and ask about how they can get into crypto, literally on a daily basis

it's happening. rn

>soul mate

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bitcoin will be a buy at 1 million still

I'm talking about money coming into crypto altogether not altcoins, so yes I was talking about money coming into crypto but not about money coming into altcoins like xrp.

And once FairX launches, everyone will just use that for everything

literally the opposite is happening. my sides.

why is stellar lumens called STR on poloniex and XLM on every other exchange?

>Thinking that 700 billion is in the market
Kek 95% won't cash out a tenth of what they are "worth"

Market cap is just supply times the last price of something. When the bubble pops, only 5% of money will actually leave the market and the rest will just vanish because it was all imaginary in the first place.

How does that not sound awesome to you

well at least it has been put into. lost wallets incarnated

well DAAA? market cap was formed for stocks, but the calculation is the same

it is the current market value of a company's outstanding shares.

>we're just hovering around the same 700 billion mark for a week now
> a week

Oh shit you're right OP better market sell everything right now it's over AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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linkies are not dependent on norman money

financial institutions money e o q1

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The whales all left and now all thats left are guppies. Normies don't know about kucoin.

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chinks know about kucoin

coins have mooned like mad on kucoin before

its just a matter of time

Binance isn't closed

We're all gonna make it brothers.

Stay strong.

GBTC is a bitcoin ETF and it trades at a premium of 40-80% over the value of its assets. So when BTC booms the premium increases and when BTC goes down the premium shrinks so there are basically free gains or losses built in.

I do say, either get in long or sell on Fridays. That thing fucks me over half the weekends and it makes my hands weak.

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>There's no new money coming into the crypto market

if this shit is true then why isn't kucoin mooning?

goes off and on every week it seems

since kucoin barely has shit, and if you followed my example it doesn't have a big shitcoin like XLM

You literally keep your crypto on your neck with a rope that says BITCOIN lmao why not get a lanyard that says "ROB ME IM RETARDED"

>no new money coming in
>whales are exiting market en masse
Which one is it kike fudders? Cant be both according to market cap

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Tax refunds season should help. Unfortunately I'll owe about $15K but lots of poor fags get checks and it will be going to crypto.

Fairx can't get her soon enough. The problem we have now is newbies want to buy something whole but bitcoin is $14K, ETH $1300, LTC is $250. Normies want to be able to throw $100 in per paycheck and buy 130 or something, etc.

Your last sentence: All I needed to hear, thanks

STR is stratis you stupid bong

it's actually strength

op thumbnail looked like a bendy penor

you talk about capitalisation of all premined scams?
it fake money with zero liqudity
only Bitcoin mean

money coming into crypto != market cap increasing

>binance - registration closed
>bittrex - registration closed
>poloniex - registration closed
>kraken - lots of limitaitons if you're in certain states
>OKEx - no US

They can use Etherdelta ;^)

The point of crypto is to buy hash.

jokes on you we're printing mememoney out of thin air here
there is no fiat to cover all this marketcap

You saw what you wanted to see

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

>I keep my ledger on a bitcoin-branded lanyard and when I walk around my university people literally stop me and ask about how they can get into crypto

Why don't you just keep a sign around your neck that says "I have millions in untraceable currency underneath my bed. Please don't rob me"?

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