Binance will pump this to $200

binance will pump this to $200


I hope so, I stacked 'em like crazy and tech is amazing.

Don't shill it. Let thread die.

what time is it released?

better sell at the hype ATH before you get dumped to oblivion like everything that hits new exchanges

no one knows

in only have 5 XRB, hate my poor life

This can't be right. 70-80 yes, 100 mid Feb

the tech that isn't developed yet is amazing?

You should sold it on ATH (3rd january), wait for price to dump (it will) and then rebuy more XRB. Thats how profit is made.

5k at eoy

>2.9 bil market cap
>with no new money coming in crypto
Positive thinking is nice and all but cmon

I sure fucking hope so it might barely make up for what I've lost

Well either way XRB is safe gain, but 10x is a bit too much in a month even for it. But you should all probably get into Raiblocks (soon Nano) and Vechain, they're gonna be steady quality gains like Eth

Agreed. xrb will rise once the node issue is 100% fixed and it gets listed on Binance, but 10x is unrealistic. I think it will go $30-$40 range short-term. $50 is realistic within a month or two.

>I can tell price roofs and floors with my crystal ball right here

feel you, 30 here

You probably would have said $5 end of January would be "realistic" on December 1 when it was 0.3. this isn't a shit coin, there won't be a limit on this when this is ready to fly.

I was actually saying "$10 EOY" in December, and yes it went up quicker than I expected. I'm a huge believer in xrb, and I'll be incredibly excited if it hits $200 by the end of the month. I'm just trying to keep my expectations in check.


litteraly bought it at the top after watching since 15$