Which one of you did this?

Which one of you did this?


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I wish it was me


Hahaha of course it’s tron

So, what the fuck actually happened here? Did user scam the pajeet, or did the pajeet's scam go wrong?

Pls sir dont laugh its abt my chlds future sir he to years old pls sir dont laugh pls

Private key was leaked
He signed into a fake metamask or something

Shit like this makes my bags a little bit lighter.

Can anyone link the other thread where the person had 100+ eth in their wallet

>Using your child as a fund extortion tool


Where on etherscan is his p key?

who the fuck would gamble money when your claiming your kid needs, stupid people

scamcoin scammer

he logged into a phising site or what? pretty sad.

doesnt make any sense

if the account linked is his, then why didnt the guy take all of the tokens? if it's the account the tokens came from, why does it still havs 12 eth in it?

>I will use your TRX to fund my heroin addiction, thank you very much

>Guy buys TRX with all his money
>It tanks 90%
>Then gets stolen
Sad if true.

This is absolutely sad , scammers are scum of the earth.
Raising a bounty for this kiwi guy as we speak.

>scamming poor people

That's just sad.

poor guy

he needs to get a new wallet and post it, feel bad for the guy i'll throw some shit coins his way

Better luck next time...fucking brutal

Poor people shouldn’t invest in crypto

im pretty sure that guy in the comments isn't the guy that did it. most of these phishing scams are automated

Ouch that's actually kind of fucked up if true. I feel bad.

Veeky Forums I am disappoint

damn this is sad poor pajeet, probably lost all of his 100$ on this

He violated the NAP by infringing his personal information upon user's program that happened to look exactly like Metamask

>implying the pajeet didn't scam it in the first place

What's really funny is his wallet will get taken from over and over if he tries again and he wont understand why, because he has no understanding of the basic technology.

He invested money he needed for his kid into a shitcoin. Sorry to say, but I don't feel bad in the slightest. This is just natural selection.

Well let's at least fuck up the comments guy.

Some user posted the other day pretending to be retarded that he set a tron order with a misplaced decimal but claimed he wanted to buy at a markup because he was too retarded to use ed or something but the total value of the trade was actually the "mistyped" per token amount. The faggot crying in the comments tried to scam op but got scammed himself.


>Can someone pls help me plss...am not able to anything with a losing coin ...pls I wanna sell.. atleast pls send some to my wallet. Pls I atleast deserve this pls

I sincerely hope his wife finds out what he has done.


How will he get his bobs and vageen now?

someone translate this please

Someone must have the screencap
It was 50k trx for 0.003 eth or something
OP acted dumb
Pajeet got scammed

some of these accounts have a lot of weird comments


people on this one are begging for free money from an account with only 50-200 ether for some reason

So do pajeets potty train their kids or do they instinctively shit on the streets

But pajeet's account has 12 ETH. Right? Or what did I watch

He took a chance on a high risk investment to better his life and a thief stole his money. Thief should be hanged and the money returned. That's how it works. Dude went all in. Many of you here are doing the same.

the street must be designated

I feel bad for that guy.
You guys always whine about pajeets but this shows you're actually more evil than the pajeets. You literally scammed the pajeets. Looks like we need no flags

Oh, so he wanted to scam people? So he got what he deserved.

>begging on etherscan
jesus christ


Crypto is for WHITE men and Chinks/Koreans/Japs ONLY. Fuck streetshitters. The crypto funded fourth Reich will remove all these pajeets once and for all

was the op acting dumb and shit? can't believe it worked again, someone did that shit for a few thousand zrx a while ago

Op in another thread posted a metamask trade for a supposed markup for tron because he was too retarded to use a proper exchange. He then said delete, please don't fill order, claiming he added an extra zero to the per token price. Pajeet tried to scam op by filling the order but he didn't realize that the per token price was actually the total price and sold ~50k trx for a cent or something.

checked and rekt.

i expect to find beggars everywhere, but why pick some small account instead of one of those that has thousands

link to thread?

I remember this happened a few weeks ago as well it was brilliantly done really

anyone have the screenshot for the zrx thread?

>too retarded to use binance
>knows how to do metamask trade

top kek, pajeet fell right into the trap

if you were under any delusion Veeky Forums is not infested with pajeets and normalfags...

I am starting to doubt this.

Pajeets and scamming, should have known.

Feel pity that normalfags are so gullible. He probably read some news article titled "tron is the new Bitcoin". I mean think about the irony. They didn't trust crypto when it was used by few people even though it was much less phisy. And now that it is widely adopted they blindly trust anyone and end up getting phised

Yeah, someone tried to take advantage of the op acting gullible and accepted the transaction without reading shit

pajeet or not i feel for the guy

on the other hand the tron coins are worthless anyway so he's kinda lucky

Visited one of the PnD discords. 1/3 of it was Turks. They had 3 Turkish only chat channels

>Pls sir. I beg ur feet can't tell u how much this is imp to me. Pls pls

>Investing more than you can afford to lose
Losers gonna lose.

Anyonehave the picture of that thread when that user reverse scamed the whole thread by making a smart contract that seemed like he was paying 1 eth per shit coin when in reality they were all giving him 1 eth each to just split a shit coin

It's a mining pool

Oh it's 0x all over again. Then justice is served. No more pity

kek I remember that shit can't believe it worked again, but can't figure out how it works. I mean after you sign your transaction in MEW the other person paste json or decimals on their side?

but it's getting payouts from a pool itself? weird shit

Computers mine to this account, and mined ETH is deposited on that address.

curious about this, sounds great

someone just puts out a terrible deal, like buying for 99% UNDER market price, and posts the link to the trade. then he acts retarded as if he accidentally put an order for 99% OVER market price, and some idiot blindly clicks the link and takes the offer, without reading, because he's rushing to accept the offer before op cancels it.

Everyday there's people losing coins to theft in these comments. It's a never ending parade of desperate losers asking organized criminals for their money back.

i know what a mining pool is dude. but that address is receiving payments from a mining pool itself, so it looks like its just a regular miner.

pajeets always come up with muuh kids

>muh kids gonna get hunger
~Some pajeet over 0.5eth I scammed him

I wouldn't say this much, entrepreneurs maybe?

Kys scammer.

it's definitely a problem but not something you can solve, if cash could be programmed you can bet they'd be this exact shit going on in the real world.

Fucking kek. This is glorious

>Sir pls sir
And I thought it was just a meme, fucking kek

please sir i was not meaning for doing the scam sir

i already hear you both screaming in hell

People should buy their coins from exchanges where they don't get scammed.

The patrician reply
>sho bewb

Sir I'll kindly ask you to go shit back to pleddit pls pls

It's mainly from malware and phishing sites. Criminals have switched from spamming emails to stealing crypto or installing crypto mining malware.

>It's okay to indulge in criminal activities because we're white

is mining shit still worthwhile? last i heard it was only stuff like monero or electroneum that was worth mining botnet style

Come at me faggots.

Haha this is fucking beautiful and anyone not agreeing is a fucking pajeet just like this guy

The monero mining malware is huge right now and getting worse.

dude you are doing gods work

i am by no means a racist but fuck pajeets like this one

nice avatar?

No. It's only okay if your victims are brain dead normies.

good for monero at least i guess. if only satoshi had the foresight to pick a good proof of work

I don't get it

can someone explain to me what happened or link the original thread pls i'm not a pajeet

screen shotted

Now his kid will suffer for it. You know 49k tron is 3k dollars and thats like 200k Indian rupees. He could live for around 3 months on that money

just read this thread, there's an explanation in it

Should've thought first before clicking to that scat port video link