Why is everyone here still shilling their shitcoins?

Why is everyone here still shilling their shitcoins?

The altcoin bubble literally just popped, EVERYTHING IS BLEEDING TO DEATH. Yet half the posts here are still "thoughts on this coin? is it going to the moon?"

If theres any more proof that 90% of the posters here are bots and not humans, this is it. Jesus christ.

>The altcoin bubble literally just popped
ur either dumb, troll or new as fuck

Actually ive been here since 2012, and its not obvious to you that altcoins are over for the next few months you're dumb as a fucking rock.

yeah, this is fucking INSANE, what the hell is going on?

Corrections happen. The bubble is no where near big enough to pop. Bitcoin at one point dropped from $30 to $15 and look at it now.

>Bitcoin rises by 5%
>Shitcoins drop by 5%

Rly does me a big ol thinkadink

sounds like you're the new one.

We should have at least 4 new sets of XYZ coin marines. memes and fresh wojacks should be popping up. Nothing, this board is shit now.

Well then how the fuck am I making money on altcoins?

This isn't shit compared to the BTC drop from 20k to 11k. This is a completely run-of-the-mill BTC pump draining alts by a proportional amount. This is fucking normal.

completely and utterly wrong.

No idea what coins you're holding mate but i'm in the green right now


the normies killd the culture after btc mooned above 10k they flooded this board. Its a shame really.

Time to buy.

shhh dont help the fucking tards

what should i do when shit moons? sell?

>referring to memes as “fresh”

People and posts like this are what separates the newfags from people who have a clue what’s going on. Old clued up boys are the ones who are still shilling their shitcoins as normal. It’s the noobs making posts like this what shows you’ve been involved for about 1 month.

suck my green NEO dick

It also dropped from 1200 to 150. That was a pop.
A pop doesn't mean there cant be more bubbles. You should still want to get out BEFORE the pop.


>bubble popped
>my 100% alts portfolio has made money this week

Something isn't adding up OP.

Most of my holdings are in Neo, what bleed are you talking about?

Um, sweetie

It was nice while it lasted. Turned 1 BTC into 5 since early December even with buying some of the scam coins shilled here. All in BTC now after ETH double topped. A lot of people will hold on to their alts out of greed without taking heed to how the crypto market breaths. Sure I want to make more satoshi gains like everybody, but it's not going to happen for another couple months.

so what about a NEET like me who doesnt really have a clue what they're doing. Should I just carry on holding?

Depends what you're holding.


Get all of your money out of BAT, POWR, and DRGN. They will tank. XLM and ADA have the best looking charts right now of what you hold (I don't have either though). NEO has been looking good, but it might be time to take some gains and put into other things.
My suggestion if you want to just hold and keep some of what you have:
NEO, ADA, XLM 33% each

It hasn't popped, but nothing is moving. I have been stagnant for over a week now, It moves up or down a few hundred but never truly dips or moons. I want to move my coins but nothing is moving. I am about to just take my money out and try again later.

Speak for yourself, my alt holds have barely moved

unironically yes

Mine are floating ±10% in a forever limbo

*popped* my ass!
I keep accumulating Espers and Fun... sheeeesh