I bought 80,000 $ worth of TRX and I lost my money Justin scammed us

I bought 80,000 $ worth of TRX when it was 0.30$ now it is 0.08$ and it continues to fall.

Justin Sun has no product, no clients, the partnerships are fake, and he alredy cashed out all his billions of TRX coins that he was swearing it is "locked until 2020":


I know I got carried away by the hype,
but losing 80,000.00 USD is just too much for me,

Can I go somehow after Justin Sun and make him pay for this scamming of so many innocent investors, and destroying so many naive innocent lives like mine and my family?

I am serious, what are the options?

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why didn't you spend 5 minutes googling his WONDERRFUR NUMBA WUN TOP PAHTNAH'd social network before putting actual money into that pos

I know I am not the only one who got scammed by Justin Sun, his lies and his fake big promises.

Everything he says always turns out to be bullshit.

There has to be some recourse to what he did.

Maybe you guys know things that I do not know?

I am searching any straw that I can hang to,\

Thank you

If this is no bait, I am truly sorry to hear that. Don't know much about legal options, but I don't think you can do a lot about it.

Just don't sell. The market is crazy and it might rise again. If you do get out, don't throw that much money at something you do not understand. Hope you will be fine user

>Justin Sun has no product, no clients, the partnerships are fake, and he alredy cashed out all his billions of TRX coins that he was swearing it is "locked until 2020":

Why the fuck did you buy 80 grand worth?

dont worry im sure it will recover and go to $10,000 per coin lmbo!!

Fags like you want this market to be regulated. Fuck off.


TRON in its current state is far far behind its current valuation. Justin is also a young foolish kid.

You may as well hold, as others have said it could make a comeback in the future.

a fool and his money are soon separated. you're retarded OP, sorry, you were never going to make it anyways.

you guys actually think his real name is Justin Sun LMAOAOAOSPMIGSDGNIUSDFNGISFUDIJGDSBFIG. I'm a full blooded american and my name is Xin Pao

Lol you're stupid OP. Enjoy your monstrous bags.

I just bought some recently. In my opinion I think you should hold your TRX, it won't go down much further, in fact I think we have already bottomed out. It may take a while to get back to 30 cents but I am pretty sure it will.

How long has it been since TRX mooned? Like two weeks?

Just take it easy big guy. This coin will moon again eventually and you can dump your bags then.

Obvious troll bait is obvious

The Reddit spacing gave it away.

You put 80 grand in without doing any research? Don’t say you did research because if you did, you would know there’s no product. There’s no wallet and there’s no network so it’s just running on Ethereum. You basically FOMO’d in blindly and paid the price. You can only blame yourself. Justin tweets about all these people he’s hiring but I have no idea what they’re doing. They’re probably just spending all their time counting the money.

Nice FUDing Pajeet, try learn better English next time

its you shitstains who will demand government and market regulation

I did not do my research ... I know I know... I just went with the FOMO

You learned a lesson on how to not be a faggy investor

i can't understand why some of you normalfags who got burned don't pool your money to hire a PI to find where justin is, then gang up on him and shake him out
but perhaps this is the curse of the normalfag, to always take what life gives them, to lack any sort of initiative and follow the crowd's momentum, jumping on a shitcoin pump well under way and giving up once the rug is pulled under you
sorry for your loss

> I bought 80,000 $ worth of TRX when it was 0.30$ now it is 0.08$ and it continues to fall.

Send him a glitter bomb

God I love the cryptomarket.

The fucking game never even released on English scammed!! -_-

Your best recourse is to cease being such a stupid fucking moron.

the good news is he's small so if you corner him in a shanghai alley you might be able to pin and rape him before he can call for help

the bad news is he's small so if he has any oil on him whatsoever he could slip out of your RAPERHOLD MAXIMUS and potentially get Officer Chang to counter-rape you

idk your options are pretty limited here OP

The fact that I was an idiot, and basically I bought just when Justin Sun was dumping his scamcoins onto me, and I didn't do research in detail, I just believed blindly what the shills FOMOed to me. I probably deserve your insults, I just want to know if there is some sort of recourse, how we can stop professional scammers like Justin Sun from hurting all of us again?

Disgusting chinks....

see it as some kind of expensive but very valuable lesson most people will never learn. getting greedy and blindly following the hype will fuck you over and dumped on. learn from it, cut your losses and do it better next time.

Play some crypto dogs do relax

>i bought TRON because it sounds cool

Lmao, ok Baljeet, I was going to make fun of you but now I feel a little sorry and wanna help you.
Go all-in on ChainLink, it's this year's Ethereum and it's dirt cheap right now, but this time try to actually research it beforehand and you'll comprehend the huge potential it has

I don't believe you.

ATH was 28 cents. Nice LARP faggot

> has JUST in his name
> still buy his shitcoin

This is your TRON now. Please take a seat sir.

I always laugh at this type of shit.

Kel, I made 6 million off of trx so far. Hats off to anyone who is losing money right now.

haha get cucked. You deserve it.
If you go after Justin, Jack Ma himself will hunt you down and give you a wedgie

ha you fucking idiot faggot, China is ripping us off in Trade and you continue to invest in these faggot, fuck you idiot. Not even an alt that makes 100% in a day guaranteed would work with you as you will find a way to lose it you idiot unamerican faggot. Don't think this is the most amount of money you will loose, as its only the beginning you insufferable faggot.

Listen, buddy. The crypto market is unregulated. The government will only get involved to take your money. They won’t help you. You have to trade smarter and do your research or just stop trading. There’s no way to get Justin Sun. He’s laughing all the way to the Bank of China. I wouldn’t recommend selling at a loss. Just hold, pray for some greater fools (there will always be greater fools) then sell when it reaches where you bought in.


Stop buying shitcoins. Ada is next.

You gambled money and lost it. Try a casino next time and get out of the house

you just have to believe its going back up to 2000 sats

omg i'm so happy to have cut my losses quickly...

having a moment of silence for the person who bought my bags

>I bought 80,000 $ worth of TRX when it was 0.30$
rest in peis fren

its natural selection
dumb people like you get to lose their money so smart people can get them


To add on to this: Confido, a KNOWN exit scam still pumped after the fact. Don’t think for a second that TRX won’t go back up. There are a lot of stupid people in this world *cough* and most of them are not invested in crypto. So... hold on and don’t get impatient.

The longer TRX takes to recover, the more time you have to think about how to make better decisions in future. You wouldn’t have learned anything if TRX dumped for one day and then recovered.


I'm new to the crypto scene and I saw hundreds of posts on Veeky Forums and Reddit saying it was a scam
and yet there are people who managed to blindly buy this shit
how is that possible?

>believe biz and reddit

most just shill and fud on every coin in existance for gains

I got burned by Justin too. Holding 10k trx, I think its too early to say that it will never go back up.

because dumb normies have no idea what market cap is and thought this was a cheap coin lmao they all deserve their losses

Sorry but anyone who bought this coin deserved to be scammed it was obvious what it was. Would have happened to you sooner or later anyway

>the whitepaper outlines what the product does
>it was copied
>showing that they have no idea what they’re doing over in the “tron labs”

I sold every last TRX the second that plagiarism article hit the internet and I was still way up on my initial investment. Feels good man.

Idiots don’t try to obtain all the information. They hear one or two other idiots talking about how great something is and then their mind is made up. Why is so much trash shilled on Veeky Forums? Because there are an infinite number of idiots willing to buy.

The unintelligent are incredibly easy to persuade.

>Hear about from becoming a top 10 crypto currency
>Read the white paper
>”we want to be a coin that allows people to share music and video in our new social media platform”
>lmao wtf what an absolute bullshit scam, crypto is a fucking joke
>see this thread

It feels, pretty great

I wonder what % of the crypto market is made up of dependents (kids) spender their savings

you were greedy, but he was greedier. seems like a fair fight to me


at a certain point, its just natural selection working

pretty clear Justin Sun AKA J-Dawg AKA JUST'n Sons AKA Just-Rising, Sun got them first in the alleyway with the shortside of the chopstick

no kiss hello, no lube
no hope, no future

ching chong
bing bong
bell toll for shit tron

any other brainstprmed ideas? Thanks guys

Buying token more then 100$, you deserve this

Cryptocurrency could do with having a few of its scammers murdered desu. Show that they cant keep getting away with it.

>I know I am not the only one who got scammed by Justin
no, but you're probably one of the few morons that put $80k into something without at least researching it.

This concerted effort on the part of whales and shills to snap up cheap TRX is comical and there's no better coin to do it to than a normie-infested piece of shit like this


but its already cheap why would they need shilling?

disgusting redditor you need to fuck off

Yeah I also got scammed by this dirty chink :(
I lost 10 grand, I don't even have enough money to buy gas or actual food. I only have some oats left that I will have to stretch for at least a week and a half. I'm beyond furious, i'm fuming. I can't wait for the nuclear war to happen that will turn asia into GLASS!!!!

thanks, I guess

You start researching only after you lost money? Why not before.
God I wish I had $80k from the start. Would be a millionaire by now.
Really hurts seeing brainlets like you throwing $80k at something. Just imagine what people with a functioning brain could do with that.
Fucking deserved it.

>Can I go somehow after Justin Sun
Tip the FBI and the SEC. He's in San Francisco, so he could easily get arrested for breaking sercurities laws.

yeah, next time please go cry to reddit you entitled normie piece of shit, I'm glad you lost that money

what securities laws?

unregulated market.

maybe next time normies..

>touting intelligence while responding to transparent FUD post as if it's real

Do I look like a fucking lawyer?
Ask a specialist. I think he's not supposed to pump his own coin. That would make Tronix be considered a security. If he doesn't have a license to sell securities, he's fucked. Not to mention he lied to investors about a product that doesn't exist and fake partnerships.

>claims he broke the law
>doesn't know which law he broke
toplmao. crypto is not even classified as security dummy

I really hoped you were larping.
My sincerest condolence.

>crypto is not even classified as security dummy
Cryptos that held ICOs can qualify as securities, yes.

>dude the market is unregulated you can make mad gains!
>where can i go to report this guy for fucking me over?
fuck off normie faggot

so this is how the crypto world is transforming itself into scams world...

if serious, you shouldnt be able to do anything, he didnt put a gun to your head and force you to buy $80k worth of his shitcoin

Your loss is your own fault, a dumb man and his money are easily parted, you are that dumb man. Don’t repeat the mistake again and stop trying to blame anyone else but yourself DUMBASS

>what are the options?

one option is to go back to r e d d i t and never come back

another is to sell at a loss an invest in ngr coin

You are so stupid. It's been what, like 2 weeks? They are just getting started. Building an HQ in silicon valley. Hiring top level execs every week.

YOU are the one that bought in at a ridiculous price based on hype. They don't owe you shit. The patient people bought in at 2 cents and are still fine.

FYI I don't have Tron and I'm staying far away from that cesspool because of fudders like you. But a lot of people are and will continue to be making money on it.

You're the failure, not Tron or their goofy CEO

You were duped.

OP is a total retard.

TRON climbed up very high after the ICO - as all other ICOS do.

After a bullrun, it declined - like all the other new ICOs do.

...TRON is 3 month old.

OP shits his pants that he isn't rich by now.

Dude GTFO of crypto, you ahve no idea.

> OP bought BTC in 2011, sold in 2011, claimed that BTC is a scam.

FAGGOT. OP you are a FAGGOT.

Please GTFO you have no idea.

fucking " I want to get rich in 2 days" kiddies.


IKR? Coins dropping 70% after their ATH is totally normal guys!!


tell me again that other coin that dropped 70% of its value in 1 week?

So this is the type of people we get our money from.

You better hodl, bagholder.

newfags are fucking stupid. ...GTFO out kiddies!

TRX is great and will get up very high. If you sell low now you are a total newfag retard.

...but maybe it's better that the fucking stupid kiddies leave the cryptospace

I got good coin I sell you coin go moon in 10 minute

Honestly OP you went full retard. You threw 80k at Justin Gay's Tron? Wtf

Are you a billionaire? If 80k is more than 5% of your overall wealth you deserve to go broke. You wouldn't either bet 80% on black or red at Roulette.

you faggot that coin went up 1000% and dropped 70% ...are you stupid fucking kid? you better get the fuck out. please leave I am tired of you newfags that think of getting rich overnight and cry around every fucking day because price moved downwards.

FUCK OFF retards go back to facebook / instagram / snapchat.

>went up 1000% and dropped only 70%
>up 1000% and only 70% down
please tell me you are trolling. Nobody can't be THIS dumb right?

>now he buys 80k of linkies