Dumped for neo

Is TRON the new stronghands?

Yep, weak handers have been dropping out like crazy. Soon only strong handers will be in this coin.

Tron is gonna be a repeat of Link after SIBOS. Bleed out to get rid of weak handers, then a rise up to more than double the old ATH.

you know who doesn't have strong hands?
Justin Sun

8100 coins @280 hold

Bought in at $0.03, I’m good. If I could predict the future, I would have sold at $0.30 and rebought at $0.06 early this morning. Oh well. I’m not Miss Cleo.

I have 10k because I sold 15k for profit, now I'm just gambling with it

Bought at 0.04
35k in. It was my first and only move.

Is it the worst dump we can expect from a coin? If yes, i'm good

only literal retards didn't sell after it went 400% in one day

I hope so. only 8000 coins in, bought at 0.03 cents

I have 140k. If I would have done what I described above, I’d have 700k (minus taxes). But I ain’t Nostradamus and didn’t think it would fall that much. Some sure, but not that much.

Guess dat’z meee.

Not even Justin has strong hands, you can see him moving TRX to binance to sell.

Is this a scam or is it going to go up eventually?

Show me your face inside yourself

I am a TRONmarine and i am not selling!! TRON TO THE MOON!!! HODL it!!!

Not a scam at all. Justin is a Forbes Lister with huge connections. He’s working on some decentralized internet stuff using satellites. Gonna blow up later this year.

This denial your chink god already sold his own coins.

HAHAHAHAHA follow the "news" and "forbes", you probably hate trump as well because they tell you to, you got fucked twat deal with it. Tron future price is 0.0001$

if you're still holding this you are genuinely retarded

not even fudding cause I don't hold this coin and have no intention of ever buying, I'm just seriously dumbfounded at you goofballs

Justin tweets nice things
and he is polite

idiots that bought this coin got what they deserved

Only people who spent more than 300 sats on this coin is a fresh wave of noobs who just signed up on binance, and others who have been in the game a while and still manage to buy the top of PnDs. Some... learned their lesson, others.... same old mistakes.

you can't deny he's very well connected and has the network to succeed, sure it's a shitcoin but there's plenty of shit in the world that succeeds cause the people behind it are big

Its not strong hands you have. Ur simply retarded thats all.

you could call him well connected in the same way that a prostitute could be called a "social networking specialist"

I got in at 6c sold at 29c bought back in at 17c. Fml