My friend just bought x8 1080 Cards for his mining rig

My friend just bought x8 1080 Cards for his mining rig.
Should i tell him he fucked up?

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tell him to mine trezarcoin and just sell it

he'd probably get better returns just buying ETH

yes, he should buy 8 vega

just use it to play cm3d2

those cards are fine for equihash... go to and see for yourself

I'm more laughing at the idea of him thinking he's gonna get 8 of those fuckers running on one rig. hope you have a monster mobo and processor or youre gonna hit wicked system interrupts. hope you didnt really fall for the "processor doesnt matter" meme

This. I seriously considered building a mining rig as a hobby, but ended up just buying ETH instead to trade with. The only way to make a profit in a decent amount of time(at least from my calculations), was to write a script to scrape whattomine routinely to change what coin to mine.

I love these guys. Spend a few more bucks and make the proc productive.
Naah, I'll just overspend on GPUs and get a Celeron with a $350 Mobo.
Spend 50 more for a Ryzen and 6 card Mobo with a proc that returns $80/mo instead of $0.
The state of YouTube miners.

>that returns $80/mo
The ultimate state of mining

this already exists and it's called NiceHash

the one that got hacked, good, brainlet

$80 / month on a $230 proc is not bad. People are paying $1000-$1200 for the XFX V64, which puts them out to 7 month ROI.

Not gonna lie I didnt know nearly as much about computer hardware as i thought i did before buying my first mining rig. I broke a lot of shit. I fucked up a lot of shit. I think i blew up $1000 worth of computer equipment so far! But now I am much much more knowledgable of everything involved in the process. I put it on my resume!

1. youre a fucking retard, i didnt say it was safe.
2. I dont even use nicehash
3. kill yourself small dick faggot i bet you have 500$ in your moms bank account

also imagine thinking nicehash is any more trustworthy than etherminer or nanopool or any mining pool that exists. you take their word for it that youre getting the money you deserve. there is no auditing. so calling out nicehash, which has millions of users is like calling poloniex a scam site because someone hacked it once.

there are other multi algo switching miners and pools which can payout in btc or other currencies

how green are you guys srsly

Leave normalfag

I got my MCSE in 98 in HS. Never got me a job. The best thing you can do is burn your CV and make money for yourself. Wage cucking is the ultimate form of slavery.

you have to not be a brainless retard.

it's not like I write "owns a crypto rig" on my resume. I write that I'm self-employed (in addition to holding employment and owning A SECOND BUSINESS).

I have an LLC. I put that i run my own LLC. I put down what my duties are in vague sense of the word. Hardware troubleshooting and upkeep, bookkeeping, etc

holding a job makes you a normalfag.. lol. imagine being so lazy and stupid that you dont know how to maximize your income potential

Put (owns own business) and you'll never be hired. Employers don't want Alphas who don't have deep management experience. Just trying to give you some advice. The sooner I totally gave up looking for approval (jobs) and focused on myself, was the year I became rich.

dude ive gotten 3 promotions in the last year fuck off. i am a manager.

I know they exist. I'm a DIY sorta dude,

i've arrived at the same conclusion as you with the opposite approach so maybe youre just weird and there's something else wrong with you that people dont like.

maybe you're ugly, unsightly, or annoying. maybe your degree is from a shit university.

Depends what he mines. I made $2000 last week with a single GTX 1080.

fake and gay...

Nicehash is good when many shitcoins appear and get pumped. Like now. I got my second rig just a month ago, and ROI is less than 3 months, this thing earns me 30 bucks per month which is more than my salary in my shithole.

I dont use nicehash but i guarantee you it is just as trustworthy as any other mining pool out there with no transparency

I have been mining for 8 months now...+ asics...and if you retards think this isnt profitable...kill self, ontop of trades i get passive income...ive paid all the rigs over 5 me money to flip ICO's and compound my cash...

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

You're both retarded. I have 5x8gpu rigs running flawlessly on single core $50 Pentium g4400 shit processors.

OP, if your friend is trying to sell his coins immediately for income, he's looking at about 6 months to break even. If he's mining eth with a speculative approach (hodl), then he'll do well. Been mining 6 months and my cards have paid for themselves 5x

believe what you want man

No, I just have massive problems with authority.
Now being on the hiring side of the table, I wouldn't hire me 10 years ago, and I will trash anyone with self employment except contract consultants.

I didn't mine for so long because FUDers kept saying it was a waste of time/money. I would be rich af now if if I had started sooner.

tl;dr do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

explain to me how this picture proves you made $2000 in one week with a 1080 you dipfuck

My old i5 is quite good at mining XMR, it nets me 25% of my 2 x GPU rig hashrate. And that's like 6 years old or something

Surely newer processors have pushed the price-performance ratio down?

hey dumbass.. you can run 8GPUs on smaller processors if your GPUs are trash, but with 8 1080s you cant do that on a fucking $50 celeron or pentium or whatever shit turd youre rocking. i PROMISE YOU

its mathematically impossible for most processors to run 8 GPUs at once. if you actually pay attention to whats going on behind the scenes, you'll see that all 8 GPUs are getting throttled and juggled rather than run at the same time.

so much this

how reatarded are you

im just laughing so hard at this guy probably mining at half speed and thinks hes a fucking genius LOL

I mean, might as well let him, no reason to up the hash power of the competition.

i would bet 10 BTC that if this guy posts his hashrate chart it will be ALL OVER THE PLACE when it should be consistent and tight. youre getting eaten alive by system interrupts and you dont even realize it

nicehash is ok if u have a wallet there and then sent tthe minimal required (tax free) to coin base

If that were the case, there's easily a hashrate fluctuation which I'm sure he'd have found out about
I bet your ass he's looked up benchmarks for his cards and compared them to his own

i bet your ass that hes falling short of the benchmarks and is making excuses for why its happening when in reality its his processor

i bet his shit cant even overclock without shutting down. id bet my entire fucking portfolio. suck me, beautiful

Kek. You're a retard

I love retards like you. Been building computers since I was 8, no the cpu doesn't fucking matter. Each card doesn't use anywhere near the max bandwidth for the lane, even in x4 mode.

still waiting for anyone to prove me wrong.. tick tock brainlet.. use anything above 1060s on an 8 card rig with a celeron processor and show me your hashrate chart.


"been building computers since i was 8" and still have no idea how they work... imagine thinking cpu doesnt matter in mining at all.

why would he go out of his way to do that? nobody gives a shit about you, little brainlet

you fucktards are talking out the side of your face based on shit you THINK you know or THINK you understand. i can tell you from experience ive fucking built plenty of rigs. you cannot run 8 1070s on a $50 celeron processor. end of story. kill yourself.

Mining what coin exactly?

don't be a fagget, just fucking say what it is.

I can confirm.
I have an i5 and GTX750ti (was my main combuter) and CPU is half as good as a GPU for XMR.

Nist5 is profitable on my rig.

does mining bytecoin with cpu to buy shtcoins is a good idea?

have you not been on Veeky Forums in the last week? lol w/e man, stay poor

I'm just glad I turned my gaming PC into a miner with its 1 1080TI. Mining Zclassic now until the fork.

>you fucktards are talking out the side of your face based on shit you THINK you know or THINK you understand. i can tell you from experience ive fucking built plenty of rigs. you cannot run 8 1070s on a $50 celeron processor. end of story. kill yourself.


I'm reasonably sure my 3 card(560/570/1060) refuses to mine without crashing because CPU is bottlenecking somehow. claymore eventually just stops putting console message up, hit return in console and it spits a bunch of opengl hang messages and exits.

Its super annoying.

nicehash will not even benchmark, it gets about 2/3 through and hangs as well.

stak-min will run for a few hours before eventually giving connection errors.


yes. my two R9 380s from 2 years ago mine $60 ETH a month after factoring in electricity and pool fees. They were under $200 each when I bought them (for gaming).

Yet you didn't even read what I wrote. Interesting.

are you literally indian?

he mind TRTL but he's still full of shit, that's only with $800 us not 2k. Still good for a week though.

22 million turtles?

Are you saying turtles are $100 per million now?

have you tried xmr-stak? lower the threads/intensity. i've got it running on some pretty low end systems for a few hundred H/s.

I've made many multi-gpu rigs and ive tried every troubleshooting issue under the sun to fix the cpu interrupt issues. at the end of the day, the only fix was to get a new processor..

to people saying cpu doesnt matter, why does my 6 1070 rig have 15% higher cpu usage than my 6 1060 rig?

Same. Never game on my computer so figured I'd just let it mine with the 1080. ~3 weeks and mining Zclassic by dumb luck, I've nearly paid off my card.

yeah, I set the CPU threads to zero, the 3 GPU's hash around 1200H/s and it keep running. The pool keeps paying, but like if I hate 'c' it shows network errors.

If i restart, it will run fine again for a few houres before turning to shit eventually again.

I really want nicehash to just work because that is simplest and I don't have to fuck with it.

or claymore, but that has proven totally unusable, all things equal would like to just be mining eth...

hey idiot, profit from trading is not profit from mining. thats like me mining and putting the money in amazon stock 20 years ago and saying mining made me rich.

>Was sent 2.4MM :trtl: for 0.167 :eth:, 5/5 would trade again
~$92 USD per mill and I expect it to go up a lot

I have a $50 celeron in my rig. Power supply is what will getcha

If you have a mining rig, how do you set it up to mine?

I'm not talking about trading just mining. Did you seriously miss the gold rush last week?

ok, you could be right as well but please tell me what could be the problem? let's say that he can't use a celereon, so what? he has already spent 6400 bucks on gpus, 50 bucks of cpu don't seem like a big deal lol

>he mind TRTL but he's still full of shit, that's only with $800 us not 2k. Still good for a week though.

its only 800 if he actually sells them though, otherwise its piss in the wind.

Less than 50% chance trtl ever gets on any exchange.

Is there even a bitcointalk thread yet? still nothing, community is literally going to shit in their mouth if they ever get a thread going because they premined for weeks 100's and 100's of millions of coins.

once again.. i guarantee you dont have 7 1070s, 1080s, or 1080tis in your rig. correct or no... if you have 7 1070s on a celeron post proof and hashrate benchmarks now.

i stopped just over 12 million, i can't believe they are that much now.

need an @trader, definitely need to think about selling a few million.


There is absolutely no coin that made $300/day mining on one fucking gpu running. seriously. it has never happened.

if you were in front of me right now i would seriously squeeze your neck until your face turned blue and your brains leaked out of your ears. thats how badly you need to be taken out of the gene pool.

ive never wanted somebody to die so badly in my life.

where do u sell?

Agreed, selling right now is profit. There are offers to buy 100 million trtl so you could. I don't see long term hiding as the way to go for this.

How old/what wattage is your psu?

not so true, a miner accumulates in prevision of a bigger price tag for what he is powing shouldn't pay back you electricity cost or your investment with crypto anytime before the ROI (usally 2-3 months). BTW it's just a bet on the future, nobody do or did this for the medium monthly wage...

hahahaa you actually DID miss the gold rush ahahahahhaha oh man. that's hilarious. you're actually not larping, are you?

ya, you can't any more. it was easy to mine last week and now it isn't.

developing your own can double the profitXday so who's gonna use nicehash anyway? It's just a hell to config and spend time every day some time updating it

POST PROOF DIPSHIT. This is like calling raiblocks a billion dollar coin because of its price on 1 exchange. holy fuck what a brainlet.

i will continue to say. no coin has ever had yields like that. you have no proof. youre a walking meme. you havent sold any of whatever shitcoin youre claiming to have mined. you have nothing. you probably have $100 in your bank account and no job.

OK I'm back to thinking you're a larp. I posted proof and the name of the coin is already in this thread. If you can't figure it out from that you don't deserve to. I don't want dipshits like you mining.

Shit, 30 bucks per day ofc.
All pools lie about their fees.

post a picture of your account balance holding actual btc or eth and not some fucking dumbass meme coin

Larping faggot
We get it, you want a bunch of unknown failures to think you're big. Suck my dick.

yup hes a dumbass pussy. meanwhile in the real world....

>making it big
I never said that user. That's like 10% of my portfolio, dwarfed by my COSS gains. I'm definitely not a richfag. I'm just trying to help the nucoiners out that want to try mining. It can be very profitable if you do it right.

I saw that exact screenshot in a thread yesterday user, nice try though

oldfag cpu miner here [ lux,obsidian,colx ]
>windows 7 32 bit, amd phenom II x4 955, nvidia geforce gt430 [ha !]

can any cryptomining bros please advise what is best for upgrading my rig?
i am sure i need a 64 bit processor and a 1080 to really roll , but can i do anything with my present setup with just a better card?
is linux recommended by Veeky Forums ?
thanks in advance.......

if thats true it was from my computer and i took it last week.

heres a signed pic for you of my gdax.

they will refund the money you fucking nigger
your precious 50$ you had there are safe, dont worry

The problem with Linux for GPU mining is that it doesn't have the same driver support as W10.

Jesus Christ you are stupid. CPU has no effect on the calculations that are occurring all within GPU VRAM or on the GPU itself. The only thing that matters is each GPU having at least one PCI-E lane available, whether it's from the CPU or the chipset doesn't matter since bandwidth is not a limitation, like, at all.

quit theorycrafting and try it in the real world for yourself! i thought the same as you until i tried it lol