Big news for litecoin coming up this week. I can't say what because if I do, they will know where the leak came from...

Big news for litecoin coming up this week. I can't say what because if I do, they will know where the leak came from. Let's just say that anyone who bought at ATH will be sorry they sold. Remember, when litecoin moons it moons hard.

Charlie bought the dip. Hodl is not just a meme.

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You are not welcome here.


much lies.

hello Satoshi Nakamoto here, big news about Bitcoin coming next week but I can't disclose them for reasons
It's really me I swear

This piece of shit coin will not moon

Let's just say it has something to do with an integration that over a 1/3 of the worlds population is familiar with. Institutions, whales and most insiders don't even know what is going to be announced.

The huge unexpected surprise Charlie tweeted about December 20th is happening real soon.

I have a feeling he's telling the truth. Pitty I'm holding too many heavy bags right now. I might stay away from crypto for a while. Its making me feel sick.

This is something that you won't regret taking a loss on bags over. Imagine buying 100 bitcoin for $3?



The only reason I'm posting this is because 8 years ago I would have never imagined that shitposting on /b/ and sending imaginary internet money back and forth to each other that I could create with my computer would make me richer than I had ever imagined. That $400 PC I bought was probably the best investment of my life. Smartest thing was studying CS in the late 90's and developing cryptography currencies.
Just a heads up to all my oldfag buddies that have made my life more enjoyable.

Hello Roger Ver here, ignore big news about Bitcoin coming next week because BeeCash

This seems pretty exaggerated my dude

I don't know why but I believe you. I've got nothing to lose because I already have LTC in my portfolio

This is my last post for today since I have to get back to work. I just wanted to share some info with the community that helped spawn this innovation. It's your choice to believe, or not to believe.

Should I buy 3 ply manila rope if your prophecy doesn't happen?

I want to believe, just give me something to trust user

My gut feeling is, this is legit. I’ve seen a couple of posts that elude to this and they seemed to be genuine.

Do you think Charlie, or people from LiteCoin Foundation would shitpost on Veeky Forums? They are reddit people

Just sold my LTC for NEO so neo will dip and ltc will moon i swear


Mark my words

>big news coming this week

Charlie bought in confirmed- check the blockchain for the 50mil purchase


All those companies could easily build their own blockchain
They ain't adopting any existing cryptocurrency anytime soon, keep dreaming friend

Weak. Not even a manufactured screenshot.

I don’t think Charlie would but who knows. Maybe someone in the loop maybe?

Yes, they could but what if they don't want to hire devs to work on it and just implement something that's well established?


Whoever it is, I hope it isn't WhaleBro

Why recreate the wheel when it’s already available? Besides, just imagine the money being made buying before the announcement.

I want to believe, user

He Tweeted by saying he isn't going to buy back LTC. That would be market manipulation.

Charlie still controls 100% of the Litecoin he donated to his foundation. Essentially he already bought the dip.

Hehe. Was about to sell my NEO fir litecoin friendo

Hey guys whats going on in here?
Are we talking about litecoin?
I brought some soda to share

Hello, it is me, shill man. Big news coming to *insert controversial coin*
I can't tell you because that would me you'd be able to call my bluff and invalidate my claim, proving that I am larping.

No kidding, I’m about to burst with excitement.

Proof nigger
Stupid ass unfounded claims aren't going to fool anyone

Probably. Did the same thing :/

Here’s the Litecoin Foundation financial statement, pic related. He didn’t get rich but, if LTC moons like BTC he’ll be sitting pretty. BTW he transferred at $122.

Charlie has a peculiar sense of humor, seems legit.

let us hope our double negative makes a positive and crashes LTC and moons NEO

>buying bitcoin for $3
Yeah, I bought BTC for less than $1 through MtGox. I blew it on drugs.

Didn't he donate his money a day before his tweet? That was at $300++

I'll bite.

What's the worst that could happen? Nothing?

>What's the worst that could happen? Nothing?
Top Kek. I'm used to nothingness user.

I just bought 3 litecoins

ok, what KIND of integration? why doesn't anyone else know? how come telling us would lead to you being found out?

Just bought £1 of litecoin

>1/3 of the worlds population is familiar with

I have no idea but his total assets show less than a million dollars. That doesn’t appear to be someone who is a greedy man.

I wish I could take OP's words seriously. It is almost impossible to blatantly trust Veeky Forums about LTC since this is one of the most hated coin here.

Because the circle of people in the know is probably less than 15-20.

he also has stock in coinbase, and was buying bitcoins for $10.

He doesn't need money at this point. If he has $10M in the bank, that's $30,000 per month in passive income. For a single person.

It’s hated because people are wanting to buy it up at discount prices. After the announcement, people will be wishing they bought at the ATH.

yes facebook ... you are a little bit late to the party

>has stock in coinbase
Coinbase is a private company user.

I don’t think he’s motivated by money. He’s motivated by fame and success.

Charlie himself debunked Facebook and Amazon rumors. You got to be retarded to believe this

What? Where?

look, I hate to play devils advocate, but expecting some major announcement that causes a 10X move is a lottery mentality. Obviously, we will be happy if that happens, but I doubt it.

Here are some other things the surprise could be:

MAST implemented
Atomic swaps finally work
Minor company allows you to buy some irrelevant product in litecoin

I *want* to believe in a game changing announcement, but I just kind of doubt something like that is coming. We shall see, though.

I thought about that but I also know he’s the master of dumb ass statements too.


I've been hearing shit like this since Dec. All in on ltc right now and I cannot WAIT to finally get rid of my bags.


His Twitter account.

Check on one of his replies (Twitter)

You do know people can hold stock in privately owned companies, right?

You're not so unbelievably retarded that you didn't know tech companies routinely give stock to their early employees, right?

a) greed

Where was Facebook debunked?

Well several companies are using Litecoin for payment already. Soft for announcement for 28 Jan so it’s not those.

Found this

>You do know people can hold stock in privately owned companies
You can own stocks of employee-owned company. That's different than private company. Similar, but not the same. You can own stake in a private company, but not stock.

Charlie debunked Facebook and Amazon on his Twitter feed. That being said, he does say some stupid shit and he may have just wanted to stop people from bothering his about the rumors.

It’s being able to buy kfc with lite coin in Canada like they just did with btc. Lmfao, 1500 by EOY. Ltc fags are the most deluded on this board


Even an official KFC announcement would increase the price though.

If this is true then I'm pretty sure they will know it anyway where the leak came from...

Yet it didn’t even twitch.

You are legitimately a moron. You can buy stock in private companies. That is what "Private Equity" funds do. They buy private equity (stock). Stop trying to pretend you didn't get exposed as a retard who knows absolutely nothing about business generally.

That's... hardly official. Looks like a joke so far.

At this point nothing will even surprise me anymore.
If OP was telling the truth then it's good. If larping then nothing as usual, whatever.

Read WSJ, you'll see something like "xxx hedge funds has % stake in xxx private company".

If larping I would’ve expected more detail. If I were in the know and it was easily known who leaked, this is exactly how I would post.


>If larping I would’ve expected more detail
Nice logic sir. Flees why LTC sir. Its gone two moo moo an sir

Hooters now accepting litecoin for lapdances

Unregulated market, he can do whatever the fuck he wants
Why would they associate their bean with some shitty cryptocurrency fork? They can will build their own blockchain. These companies move billions of billions of dollars, they won't kike themselves this hard to save a bunch of money.

They could make waaay more money by making their own cryptocurrency/blockchain. They wouldn't even need to buy any other crypto beforehand, so, more money for them.

Do you think they hate money?

Ok, so why invest in any alts or Bitcoin for that matter?

hoping someone will pay more than our buying price

is tradingview the best website to buy coins?