Lets make dark times darker

...by questioning the crypto market in general.

Here's some food for thought.

>we claim that crypto resists inflation
>yet unlimited erc 20 tokens and other coins on unlimited blockchains can be printed, which is temhe ultimate inflation because there is not enough purchasing power for every coin to moon or even sustain
>that implies that this whole market won't work or that at least 95% of coins will go to absolutely 0.00

>most of the market cap money doesn't exist
>we trade coins for coins and only trade dollars for coins once through normiebase for example
>that implies that through this internal trading btc value is going up but there will never be enough USD to back any value in this market

I'm 20x so far on my initial investment and looking comfy at the next 2 years but guys we have problems.

Please share your concerns.

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Tether is a fucking time bomb. You're delusional if you think the US gov will allow these fuckers to keep what is essentially a cryptoUSD that can be easily traded across borders. When this goes tits up bitfinex, bittrex, binance, and any other exchange that uses tether will go under

Pink wojaks everywhere

Good point. How the fuck is it even legal to build a currency backed by another currency (by an actual country)?

This is mafia shit and stuff is about to be swatted.

Op you seen to have an open mind may want to.take a look at this.
End game of crypto

>Google releases gBlockchain or gSmartContracts.
>Or Paypal releases PayCoin.
>Or Amazon releases Swindle.
Dozens of coins obliterated.

If you believe any of that you are a blue-pilled cuck beyond all salvation. Fuck I hate nubiz.

this is what I'm waiting for. Is there any coin this wouldn't hurt? Bitcoin?


Survival of the fittest. This means the actually legit projects will thrive. Which is why vitalik is also trying to go to inter active coin offerings to get rid of some of the noise


>which is temhe ultimate inflation because there is not enough purchasing power for every coin to moon or even sustain
Whales buy 1M or more of each token added to CMC daily so they will pump it eventually

Crypto is globalism and globalism is destined to fail.

Bitcoin does the most basic use case, and there are many coins already that do it way better, and it seems to me that it's slowly dying because of fees and times.

Crypto is the only kind of globalism that can actually work

>Which is why vitalik is also trying to go to inter active coin offerings to get rid of some of the noise

first mover advantage/brand value is more important than tech for the near and midterm in my opinion.

> a central pillar of economic development since the peace of westphalia which has dramatically increased global standards of living is doomed to fail.

Ok user, just keep telling yourself that economic nationalism is the only way forward because minorities are smelly.

trudat. also bitcoin inflation, once bitcoin is denominated in mbit or sats, then suddenly theres 1 trillion new bitcoins, denominations are social constructs and scarcity is artificially imagined imposed to give it value, but its all social scales ordinalities.

[which is why im more pro stellar that faces this issue head on at 1% per annum]

>crypto will not end banks, they will become crypto-banks

>crypto-banks will still do fractional reserve banking and high risk securities, this problem will not go away

>many cryptos with good uses, don't actually require a token.

>many cryptos are based on eth, which still doesn't scale

>all cryptos follow BTC in market price, even though its useless and bound to crash

>measuring standard of living in fiat
>conflating success of capitalism with globalism

Demographics are the BIOS layer of an economy; ignore them and you lose your civilization long term.

If deflationary assets like BTC become the universal currency for a country like the US the economy will tank because people will not buy anything or produce anything other than BTC,

Crypto mass adoption would make banks obsolete. Do you seriously think the government would allow this? They would lose everything
All they have to do is make trading crypto illegal under the guises of:
>muh terrorism funding
>muh anonymity
>muh drug money
And in one fell swoop everyone with money in crypto loses it all.

I'm not gonna spoon feed you look it up

But crypto is the best kind of globalism - we can make money off of pajeets without having to look at them or smell them

Countries globally peg their local currency to the US dollar.

you can say value of gold is 1 million, if its a tonne, they used to measure gold not in ounces but in pebbles, but you can measure in tonnes too, then u say, gold (at 1 tonne metric) is more valuable than bitcoin. so once the fictive unit 1 bitcoin is the tonne, we'll just say sats, and there'll be trillions.

value doesn't derive from objective quantities, scarcity is an ideology, value is the result of relational qualities than in economies of growth are inherently inflationary, subdivisible, multiplicable, etc

>first mover advantage/brand value
this is not a good argument for one coin to have more value than another.

Why a chain of 1s and 0s can be worth 100000 times more than another chain of 1s and 0s is the fundamental question that needs answering if you want cryptocoins to be something other than this century's tulips.

Its perfectly legal if they actually have the cash to back it up.
Gold backed USD was really just the same thing.

exactly, see mamans varoufakis writing on bitcoin,

This is easy. Stop buying bitcoin clone number 38787. Buy ETH and "Blockchain as a service /platform" cryptos

if dubs, the fiat bubble will pop first

>"Blockchain as a service /platform"

Like REQ?

this man is correct

this man is retarded and doesn't understand how our lizard brains work


One thing is for absolute certain. Blockchain is here to say, nobody can argue with that. Ethereum and the ideas behind it (the base layer blockchain to be built upon) will make it far too useful to ever go away. Ethereum is here to stay and therefore crypto is not going anywhere.
Who the fuck knows what blockchains will be used for in 5-10 years time though, we may laugh at ourselves for ever thinking they could be used for mass adoption currencies.

Like niggercoin

That's a perfect argument for one coin to have more value than another. The tech is important, but a currency can only be valuable if everyone agrees that it is valuable. 99.9% of the world hasn't heard of your favorite shitcoin, and thus don't see its value. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is well-known and accepted to have value by many.

Dude my whole portfolio is ERC 20 tokens that claim to have a use case

big if large

>Implying I'm talking strictly in fiat.

Life expectancy, literacy, access to electricity/consumer goods have all risen substantially.

Yes demographics are important to the economy and western demographics are absolute trash, growth pyramids of most western nations are fucked. The two options are either go back to muh traditional societal norms (ensuring women are locked into the baby making role and the roll back of contraceptive medicine.) Or, take in excess population through immigration. The former is incredibly difficult and hardcore conservatism would need to gain a hell of a lot more traction and then try and reform society in some fundamental ways (extremely difficult). Even if this was accomplished such a state would have much more serious civil strife than that caused by immigration and their economy would be shocked as they now rely on a globalized system of production.

It's hard to go back and ultimately not worth it.

Buy factom

well played, user

no. platforms like eth, nxt, nem, qtum, waves, eos, stratis, iota, cardano, etc.


Fuck this, im all in, go rich or die poor

this. globalism is only bad when (((they))) control everything.

buy ski goggles so you don't get flying shit in your eyes when you walk outside, Pajeet

>most of the market cap money doesn't exist

Why do people say this? What sources are there to back this claim?

That's why you should buy bitshares

>fed and the stock market


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LONG ON RIPPLE


I don't even know what you mean, but most of the responses to this post got dubs too... so I guess it's truth

Why is facebook more valuable than myspace

why is amazon more valuable than ebay

the value of a network grows with the number of users


the word crypto sounds annoying and nerdy as fuck. you fucking morons need to understand that this shit will never become a reality. The entire fucking market won't even come close to Apple's market cap. Fucking sad pieces of work in here.

Doors factom survive the fiat bubble..?

market cap is just the last transaction multiplied by the number of coins. if the majority of people purchased for $1 but the last person purchased for $10,000, the market cap is $10,000 x #coins, even though that many dollars never went in

This is both practically impossible and will fuck their country long term . The most they can practically do is fuck with the interface between Fiats and cryptos

Do you think that, if satoshi nakamoto came back and tried to sell his entire stack of BTC, he'd be able to sell it at $14000/BTC?

>it's hard to go back and ultimately not worth it
The problem is that "conservative values" are in our blood. Whether it's "economically favorable" or not, it'll be back, just because it's human nature. It'll be messy and painful, but history shows that this is the natural course of things.

This doesn't necessarily translate well here. Btc has proven itself to be more secure than eth. Nyc power grid was on grandpa tech for a while.

If I sell a bitcoin to you for 1 million dollars the bitcoin mcap almost 100xs without any more money in there basically.

So what do you mean? Are we lower or higher than what the cap says on coinmarketcap? I didn't know this. So are we fucked or not?

>coins on unlimited blockchains can be printed
Shares for unlimited companies can be printed too. Why invest in facebook, if any basement dweller can make a website like this?

Math is not your strong point, huh?

There is not enough money in the market for everyone to sell at even 10%market price.

5% of people will make it, the others will be literally worth 0

What will happen with the BTC futures market?

>implying math isn't my strong point because i don't care enough to look into something
Holy fuck, keep jumping to conclusions!

Final firework, immediately crash.

we're higher , way higher. but it's not necessarily a problem, stocks work the same way.

>Why a chain of 1s and 0s can be worth 100000 times more than another chain of 1s and 0s
Because one has more hashing power, means it is more secure and in addition has the longest chain, means contains the most data. Your shitcoins will eventually all die when more and more hashing power moves to btc and more data gets stored in the blockchain

How much time you give this whole rodeo?

The bitcoin network is by far the biggest and strongest, aka safest.
Any one of those shitcoins that have POW can get attacked and full on fucking murdered instantly if some pool of miners decides to do it.
Attacking Bitcoin would cost $4,993,344,164 in hardware plus $8,924,385 per day in electricity.
Until some other currency legitimately takes over, and miners decide to support it, BTC will stay king.

you should learn about conventional markets if u think that crypto is in any way fucked up

Because poeple will give goods and services for those 1s and zeros . It's the same reason why some 1s and 0s are illegal ,some can get poeple killed and some can can make you build room temp quantum computers and cold fusion.

this. there's hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives out there, worth several times the global gdp. they've been running the tether scam since before we were even born.

There's the rub. I don't even dislike conservatism in discourse, it's an important check on "progressivism." In terms of economics though I'm skeptical that conservatism has many answers to offer.

why is some abstract painting is more valuable than a detailed fine painting?

Because is rare and some rich asshole paid for it. Your premined shitcoin is rare?

>buys based on name
Found the tron fag

you better start to understand what I mean before it really comes true

Doubly confirmed

>Why can one arrangement of matter be worth 100000 times more than another arrangement of matter

Nobody is actually trying to cash out tethers tho

I have never been invested in tron, actually. Kind of sucks when you think you know something about someone but it turns to be to false, huh?


>comes to anonboard
>expects others to give a fuck about them

mincoin is rare.

Your whole premise is that policy should optimize for 'the economy' which you arbitrarily define as life expectancy and access to goods. The question is do we want to optimize for these arbitrary globalist KPI's or do we want to optimize for civilization quality. But, either way, actually, importing shithole countries into first world western nations will hurt those KPI's as well, long term. The way to make huge societal advances that really bolster those KPI's is through the inventions of great men, and you don't get Isaac Newtons by breeding Europeans with Somalians.

Are you 12

>Makes a claim about someone
>Finds out he's wrong
>"buut i never cared in the first place sooo"

How retarded are you?

how can poo in loo be more valuable than poo in street, pajeet, my son?

I wish normies would leave this board

>doesn't care enough to look into something
you will probably fall for one of the coin cults that infected this board, if you havn't already

Kek is here, and he's gently caressing the surface of the fiat bubble with a needle

How is this not in the arrangement. See clothing?


What does "civilization quality" mean? I'd rather be a citizen enjoying the economic strength of a society then enjoy some kind of ethereal strength of my "civilization." Besides "great men" are products of structural opportunity within a society. Napoleon wasn't great because he was the most french, he was great because he studied mathematics and military history with greater vigor than the aristocratic fops who assumed they were great because of their stock.

No one wants PayPal coin, crypto is where you go after PP fucks you.

it shocks me anyhow, that some of these retards so strongly believe in national identity, when its something that (for most of us seeing how we're most likely not aristocrats) wouldn't have mattered in anyway about 200-300 years ago

It's only ethereal because we have so little of it right now. It's the pleasure of living in a high trust society, being a part of a real community, and knowing that your community controls its own future. This was taken for granted in the west until we suddenly didn't have it anymore in the 20th century. Personally I'd rather have that and have to poop in an outhouse and use a well than live in a world of atomized media-saturated consumer droids with no heritage or roots, many of whom are set on actively destroying western culture.

Napoleon having no shithole genes was a necessary but not sufficient component of him being great.

ethereal, where can I buy this shitcoin