I wish I didn't miss out on crypto. I wish I bought ethereum but now it's far too late

I wish I didn't miss out on crypto. I wish I bought ethereum but now it's far too late.

Hey Nigglet, there's opportunity in other places dumbfuck!
Neo is chink ethereum and is still cheap. Hell, most of crypto is still cheap. We haven't hit 1 trillion yet and the market is due to go 3-5 trillion eoy. Want to be part of the 2nd wave? Or stay cucked in the corner while we all go balls deep in blow and ho's.

>its too late
Stop being a sniveling faggot and actually buy this time. You fuckers say this everytime, yet it always inevitably goes up. The market cap for all of crypto isnt even that high right now, there is no reason to think its actually dome this time

you won't be going balls deep in blow and ho's off of a few thousand return while being in the crypto market you overly zealous boi.

But it is. It literally grew 100x how is that sustainable to continue?

It isn't. You are exactly right. The only people that will come out of this unscathed are the very early adopters who put in peanuts.

buy enigma easy 100 dollar coin eoy only 6$ right now

That's what everyone says


>wish I bought bitcoin at $1000 but now it's far too late
>wish I bought ETH at $1000 but...
stay poor OP and post again when Casper-related fomo pushes the price to 2k

I wish I had bought some more BTC at 1500. Buy ETH now and take half to play with shitcoins and hold the other half. See you next year with ETH at 5000

All in link

I'm not one of thsoe guys who wishes he got into bitcoins at $1 or something. I thoguht they were basically CP money and didn't want to have anything to do with it; I was ignorant, but whatever.
However 8 months ago I thought of getting in when they were like $ 3.000 and didn't do it out of pure laziness, then forgot all about it until december. That I seriously regret.
Ah well, the moon didn't go anywhere. I don't know if there will be another BTC, but ther esure will be another ETH, and the first ETH still has room for growth.

Are you sure?

>I wish I bought ethereum but now it's far too late.

cool, 10x my portfolio since dec 25th

i wish i didnt have sold all my ico bought ether @ 14$ in 2016.... m-mommy.... fuck's sake, man up and deal with it! wanna risk and get in now^? may still not be too late...also it might be....dont know....no one does.
Asses your risk level and if you get in have a strategy..... otherwise fuck of!

>basically CP money

>implying all of crypto wasn't already being used to money launder just so they can kiddysex

you actually had a good feeling to assume that because they do it

>waaaah I missed out
you'll never make it, just kill yourself now

I put in around $600 in July, thinking the bubble was going to pop and forgot about it for the next three months.

Then I saw my $600 turn into 4k, FOMO'd in December and put in an additional $10k

Had I just put $10k back in July, I would've had at least six figure gains by now.

It's a bubble for sure, but I have no clue when it's going to pop. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the worse case scenario for me is having to wagecuck for a year to cover my losses.

Just wanted to let you know I had the same feeling (especially w/ Ethereum) back in JULY. So who knows, maybe it's not too late.

I guess that's motivating then.

Not too late at all. ETH could easily do 5x this year.

buy ZILLIQA when it hits exchanges on 25 jan,market cap of 40 mill and 21 bill supply,6.3 circulating ,we all know normies like to buy coins with low value an big supply, not an ethereum competitor but an ethereum killer , as always DYOR good luck OP