Who /remarkablystable/ here?

Who /remarkablystable/ here?

nice gains you got there
i'd rather be down 30% after being up 500%

Nigga that's like pocket change for half of biz

I'll remember to x100 all my holdings in the app next time

yep, fluctuated no more than 7% or so for the past week.

he is all in on btc

had a 25k swing yesterday

No Wojacks yet

Didn’t even post image lol

Who here remarkably unstable?

What app is this? Thanks

blockfolio for the iphone

>tfw recovered

>It is funny cuz its tru

>tfw all in xlm since Dec 30

what's your secret?


What do you hold?


Neo, XLM and Qtum.

I was feeling pretty confy few days ago :( but i believe its gonna rise again

let me guess, the ripple pain train?