we are going to fucking make it.

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Buying more as we speak


I really don't know anymore. They don't want it to moon ever, I think $10 EOY is all we can hope for. I think I'd rather buy gold or invest in stocks for that kind of gain

VEN and TAU are unironically the comfiest holds. Never even thought about selling.


GTFO, you are a small dick virgin.

I remember everybody talking shit on antshares when I was buying it at 5 bucks too. Ven is basically shooting fish in a fucking barrel. In 6 months it will be generally accepted that the price is $30 just like people are accepting the fact that neo is now above $100

>$30 in 6 months

naw dude. this is going to $50 minimum in 6 months. $30 by reband tbqh.

Because I don't have unrealistic expectations on a coin that isn't meant to reach a high price? Enjoy your bags, fag

I'm glad you guys are so optimistic. Baglet holder here, hopefully this pays off.

This has all of the signs of the next Tron, which is currently in the terminal exit scam phase (founder is dumping all his tokens).

What stage is VEN at right now?

Kind of agree with you user after watching the chart all day yesterday

Antshares FUD was unreal around July lol, as always: do the opposite what Veeky Forums says.

Yes, just like xvg before it went 30x.
Made 60k with that.
Now all the ven fud, and I already got 4x with it.

its alright let these faggots stay poor.

I remember this meme from Ripple when it was sub 0.2$.

it's probably been said about every coin. does that make every coin a good long-term hold? up to you


No, it doesn't make any coin good. It just makes your fud meaningless. Do you have trouble with basic comprehension?

It's unironically the fundamentals that make Ven good.

my fud is based off of something though. your weak hands will sell soon enough. for VEN's future, it's important that they keep the price low. No moons, no steady gains. They want a $5 limit. Enjoy your bag baggersons

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

wow... I posted a slightly critical thread on the vechain subreddit and it was removed INSTANTLY... I wonder how are we supposed to have intelligent discussions if the whole community is a big circlejerk

The post for reference:

"I hold a significant amount of VEN, and even though I fully believe in the project's future, the delay in the price going up starts to be a bit annoying. Like it or not, some of us are in this business for the money, and if I have to wait several months for the coin to get to the price it deserves, that decreases the appeal of the investment.

When will the price manipulation stop? At the current rate if PBoC turns out to be true, it will move the coin up to 7 or maximim 8 dollars, then it gets pushed down again by the whales.

I'm starting to feel like VeChain could partner with the largest corporations in the world, and we would not break 10$ until the big players stopped accumulating.

Feel free to downvote, but time is money, and there are a lot more places to invest if things will stay this way until the summer."

You’re gay for making this.

u can't expect to have intelligent discussions on a subreddit of said coin, reddit is only filled with lambo memes

>browses reddit
>expects us to take him seriously
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everything okay, user?

cause you come off as a VENMOON kid , just fucking wait for the rebrand atleast you impatient retard. Binance closed registrations and almost everything but NEO is bleeding atm.

>Whales you need to stop accumulating so I can make a quick flip

It almost sounds as if you're trying to force others to play by your rules when it is you who should be adapting.

If you feel like whales accumulating is bad, just sell. You will not be missed.

People like you are literally subhuman niggers
>I deserve more money
>this coin hasn’t given me what I deserve
>I’m going to nig nog all over reddit now

>VEN becoming another normie coin
welp time to jump the ship I guess

Mate the coin is heavily manipulated and underpriced, I do not want a moon, I want a well functioning market. As I said, you can make a lot of money elsewhere too. Getting myself locked up in this coin might be a big opportunity cost if things do not start to get right.

Then sell you fucking nigger
>muh opportunity cost

>a well functioning market

Always do the opposite of what POO says

you know mate, some of us do not invest with with petty change, and if you would ever want to successfully manage a large portfolio you would have to look at your investments like a professional, considering things like fucking opportunity cost and timing risk

So if the market does not act according to your wishes, you bitch about it and expect things to change?

The whales are out to fuck you up, that's how they make money. You sound like an awful investor.

wow you’re proffesional bravo sir

i really like VEN, but yes. i agree. im sitting with a thunder node, just about enough, and while its sideways i had my eye on 2 projects i think will moon but then im stuck with ven because it could break out.

>I deserve more money
>this coin isn’t giving me what I deserve
>I’m going to nig all over reddit and Veeky Forums now because I’m a very serious investor

Oh this is the part where you're a multimillionaire and thus your shitty arguments are valid?

Can we just skip that part for once? It's getting old.

jesus you retarded faggot , nobody is forcing you to hold ven. you're just sounding entitled for a moon , getting a moon isn't just buying the coin and waiting for a week , it's a process that could take a while.


>look at your investments like a professional

can someone tell me the 5 deals cocacolakid called in advance?

>look at your investments like a professional
>complains about muh whales on a sri lankan horseradish recipe site

I swear you people cannot read. I never said that I expected the market to move as I want, I was curious what others thought about the manipulation and when it's going to end. None of you addressed that question. Please grow up and realize that the hodl tactic is not the only viable one.

The average faggot on Veeky Forums
>no research
>no analysis
>no patience
>just buys what other people shill
>feels entitled to a moon mission
This place is garbage

The manipulation will never end
Please sell and don’t come back

Let's say the whales would keep the price under 7$ for the next 3 months. Would holding VEN still be the optimal strategy in that case?

Nope it wouldn’t be optimal. Please sell and don’t come back

I'm with you here. I have faith in the project and that it will be worth a lot in the future. But in between now and whenever the manipulator decides to let it go (if that happens), can I increase my investment quicker elsewhere?

Yes, Jim Breyer invested in a an exit scam.

That’s a legitimate question, stop being a dick, you don’t even have one.
I’m 60% on VEN, not selling and I donk like Walton or pajeets.

Most likely you could, but you risk getting fucked over too. Personally I don't trust myself so I'm going to stay put.

Looks like I'm the only one thinking that ven might NOT moon anytime soon, because all you boys are so certain that once the manipulation is stopped this shit will skyrocket...
I'm actually considering that the market conditions might be such that holding the coin in the near future is not the correct choice, but noooo, I must be retarded right? Welcome to Veeky Forums, where you hold a coin for fucking years if you believe in it, because it will eventually go up... my god please research the time value of money

How about you make a decision instead of crying like a retarded nigger
Either hold and stfu or sell and gtfo
What is so complicated about this?

Holy shit you fucking entitled piece of shit nigger.
I’m fucking agreeing with you
Your time value of money would be worth more elsewhere
Please fucking sell

how would that happen you fucking idiot. this coin already 7x'd from December and it was literally 1.5 in beginning of January , why would be under $7 for the next three months? are you retarded?

He already exited

That’s my fcking first coment about it you bastard
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then leave fag.

big if true

This is the first real opinion about the actual question that I had. So when do you think the big boys will be done with accumulating if not 3 months from now? 2 weeks? 3 days? 20 minutes? I'm honestly interested.

large if accurate

What the fuck are you all basing this future price on? There's NOTHING making VEN stand out. It's all hype and marketing.

fuck off retard , just sell your shit already you impatient fuck

If your dick is bright why are you nig nogging all over this thread?
Maybe you were born the wrong color. Soyboy bitch

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no one fucking knows you brain dead retard

Bought at 80 cents. Will sell when it falls back to 90 cents.
I'm sure it will soon enough. Whale manipulation. China problems. Korea problems.
First technical problem will cut off 70% of the MC. BTC crash will take another 20% off. Looks like its going to be a fun month.

All over? Are you a new fag? You don’t know how to use biz, right? I have 3 fcking comments here, 2 of them for you after one fcking question

Soyboy? Go back to fcking red-did shitskin

how the hell am i supposed to know? all i know is that VEN looks like a no brainer pick , it has most of the fundementals and probably the most relevant partnerships in crypto and I like sunny lu. I think having a face of a crypto project helps a lot and will bring in a lot of investors. VEN is just my hedge , I'm got in at sub $1 and now i'm just gonna hold through the ride , day trade if i see an opportunity to increase my stack.

Just wait , and watch in three months it will generally accepted that 1 ven is $30.

If it's not China regulating the price but normal Joe's then this is what wales want you to think, people gonna give up on it and sell their shares and they'll control VEN market, they can't hold the price forever.

>acts like a nigger
>gets called out
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Of course no one knows, but holding this coin means that you expect it to move up in the near future, since you could invest your money elsewhere if you thought that the price would stagnate. You're taking a position on the matter whether you like it or not.

2 pajeets street poopers

I’m European you brown faggot.

I know I have other money to move around. As do most people who didnt start crypto last week.
I want VEN to moon of course. I do not think it will, but I want it too.

stop trying so hard fag , you just come off as a 14 year old faggot.

Ven is a scam.

>$10 EOY is all we can hope for.
imagine being this ill-informed

25, white, not poor, married, 2 kids.
Let’s talk about you brown boy

Went all in with this dip.

Please explain....I'm thinking of going all in

>acts like a nigger
>gets called out
>damage control
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damn the way your wrote that makes you sound like a fucking loser

Ignoring the dumb faggot shitting the thread up, but why did the price move so slowly after the chink smoking announcement? At this point im getting worried that even if pboc is announced, itll only move the price to like $10.......

would love to see what you troglodytes look like irl, also your net worth please.

married with 2 kids at 25... How the fuck you going to explore the world, travel with buds and bang bitches? You stuck with the same bitch for the rest of your life and you aint even half way through ur life lol.

You dun cucked yourself and kids are overrated...

Other people can buy boats, luxury cars, expensive trips etc... and perhaps you can do the same but you'll never be at the level of someone single making the same or more money lol.

Sell walls, just watch vens depth whenever it starts pumping .

But what's better than a traditional family? A crypto investing family that does it right. Crypto could get poorfags, poormuricans, and poor third world countries out of poverty.

yeah bad timing (btc dip) and shitty walls.

i think one thing people underestimate is breyer's investment in this coin. this nigga knows something we don't. breyer is a world class investor and wouldn't invest in a scam coin.

spoken like a truly immature teenager. If you're older than that, sad.

au contraire, you fucking moron, the game now is to marry someone that makes more money than you - because it takes two six figure incomes to make it in the West.

My wife (we're 30) makes 2x as much as I do and it's fucking awesome. We roll in money, honestly the only reason i'm here is because i have too much cash and need to put it somewhere.

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