Why didnt you faggots still vote for Verify to be listed on Kucoin so we can MOON already!! 10$ incoming!!!

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Fuck trx

Spank Chain

Spankchain hit its peak now,people will dump that bitch,verify to the moooon! Prove me wrong

We gonna keep this thread aliveeee!!!

Just voted. Lets get to $10 biatches.

Great project. Will blow up soon


im curious about this, can someone explain why is this a good buy? im not highly technical but really enjoy good coin discussions here

I'm about to miss the moon mission because of pajeetdelta and eth network being clogged, Great

Meet you guys at the LAMBO land!!!!

Were does one even get verify atm?

It's on EtherDelta if anyone's wondering. Google was my friend

Thanks, user

Its now on ED, but will soon be on Kucoin so its gonna MOON!

I can't vote

i voted for spank coin. gonna set up a bot to mass vote for it in a minute. thanks for bringing this to my attention, user.

It's already up 10% on ED after voting started. GET THE FUCK IN RIGHT NOW

Voted. Smart money already moved in. Its still not to late for u anons

Are you gonna be able to pass 50 votes with that bot Lol

Voted. I'm in on etherdelta. Easiest x4-x10 ever