Daily reminder

Daily reminder that People’s Bank of China is happening. Let’s start with Coca Cola kid, currently 5/5 on partnership leaks (much higher rate of being right if you consider smaller things like the website going down as being right) has been saying PBoC is happening for a month now and has yet to be proven wrong, until then why would you not listen?

Most importantly as to why it’s happening would be Jim Breyer and his wife, we all know Jim’s incredible track record we could be here all day discussing, but his wife who is almost just as impressive in her own right is the director of the Bank of China ( not pboc ) which is a state owned bank as well and sister bank of Pboc

So you tell me biz do you honesty think pboc isn’t actually happening ? One of the best tech investors in the world is balls deep in vechain and his wife is a direct plug into that knowledge? Get in or stay broke retards

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He never said anything about pboc , stop lying

isn't gonna raise the price though. isn't profit the reason we're all here?

Of course he did you fucktard. There are hints in his tweets all over the place and he posted them before Twitter on biz


Stop the hype. This thing is going to hit below 5 dollars soon. WAtch and see.

It's literally his first tweet you fucking moron

Would you help us morons then? Please post it. Thank you.

Do you have a web browser? Wtf man.

I don't know why I'm spoonfeeding you guys but here you go


Why doesn’t the price budge even after massive news

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

Uncle Jimmy holding it down for his buddies I guess. + everything was red yesterday

Imagine being this retarded biz

Its in vechain best interest to keep the price low right now, I believe it is the foundation by it could be one of many major investors as well such as pwc or nrcc keeping the price down to allow affiliates to buy in at reasonable prices




Imagine the wojaks once pboc drops


Holy shit