Its happening tonight.
Strap in boys!

Other urls found in this thread: Agreement and Schedule.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJOTBGESABELQ5DYA&Expires=1516036190&Signature=lLKepS7CkOV3xay+LZaEi33r5Qw=

I'm tired of these shill threads.

Hopefully we will go under 2k sats, I didn't buy enough when it was dirt cheap

Thanks Rory

Under 2k? That seems a bit far fetched

Is the handle finally over?

An increasingly nervous man said for the 13,000 time this week.

Jason Parser confirmed dead. It's over. Market sell immediately if you have any dignity left from holding this shitcoin


If anyone recalls the thread last night in regards to the smart contract PDF link in's s3 bucket...
Ref Link. Agreement and Schedule.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJOTBGESABELQ5DYA&Expires=1516036190&Signature=lLKepS7CkOV3xay+LZaEi33r5Qw=

They have a smart contract running on their platform (named Nayru) since 2016.

Bond Issuer activity/event results.

This does look like a sample contract for presentation purposes, as the names are very generic.

Good news? Bad news?

Don't underestimate this ADHD driven market, with no news and no marketing for two months it is very plausible, especially if btc recovers.


In the third link I provided (in regards to the contract success/failure), it looks like they're using Quandl

This is some cool shit.

this isn't new at all. It just seems like a test with nothing really to read into.

I agree that it is a test, but if they're working with (rather than just buying and using the software) Quandl, they'll have access to a 200,000+ customer base.

That being said, it (LINK) does look like it's swinging back up in price.



lol... as much as I wish this was true, it's following the same downward pattern.. lower highs, lower lows. I think we'll hit .70's soon enough.

We will see $1.60 tonight and $2.50 tomorrow. Screencap this

From there it's a short trip to .20

It’s funny, I have iron hands for dips, don’t even feel tempted to sell. I’ll be accumulating steadily as long as it’s under 2$.

What scares me is I don’t know how strong my hands will be if we start to moon. At $17 I’ll be up 100x on this coin, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hodl through to the real payday.

That's the hard part.
I got ANS at $7.
Sold at $60.

Fellow link marine here. What do you estimate the real pay day to be? When will this happen? Thanks!


I believe in this project though and won't sell unless the world turns upside down. How low do you think it'll go before stabilising?

Set up a smart contract to sell your LINK at $1,000.00+ :)

I also have been buying on the way down. I have no idea how far we'll go, or if I'll run out of money before bottom... but so far I feel grateful for the entries. I started buying LINK at .30, bought a bunch more when it hit .70, and then bought a shitload more at around $1, so I'm probably down on my average overall, but most of that was paid for by free money I made selling other things I had done well on, so still up largely in terms of raw crypto profit.

Needless to say, I'm still buying on the way down with "free" money. LINK, REQ, & XRB will be my only 3 holds in the end. I'm consolidating as much as I can, but if we get low enough I'll jump back into the old bank account.

As far as if/when it starts climbing... nah, I've got a goal in mind in terms of US$$. If I don't hit that, I don't care. It's my goal or bust.

I'm selling a small portion of my stack at 100k and staking the rest.

Seriously if mainnet is up and working in 2 years time you'll get passive income off your linkies so there'll be no need to sell. Even 5k linkies will let you live comfortably throughout the 2020s.

Meant 100usd but you get my drift.

Might be 3 months while the institutions and the whales shake out weak hands. LINK MARINES have iron hands, no one else deserves to hold this token.

Wow. Three months to $100???!

We are link marines and WE DO NOT SELL!

Try $10 in 3 months.

I think my point was the next 3 months might not have much in the way of news or growth. Anyone who know's link is going to succeed (Insurance companies) will want to accumulate as many tokens as they can in that time. Biz anons dont *know* link will succeed, and your average crypto investor has no fucking clue.

Anyone who’s been in the market for over a year knows that link is heading to ETH territory


Stay poor and appologize weak hand

In 3 months there will be a working product and marketing efforts. Maybe other exchange listings. What is the actual value of staking? Speculation of those returns will drive the price past any reasonable figure.

kekked and saved

notripcode faggot

What LINK's price is in 2022 is almost irrelevant. By 2022, LINK will either have taken off and be earning a bunch of neets a ridiculous amount of passive income, or it'll be a flash in the pan that is the crypto space.

Whether either of those things happen or not, LINK's path to pricing itself into the market is unpredictable. We could easily go until mid feb's superconference without any news or updates, then a further month from that til SWSX.

I believe this token is going places, but I think it's silly to pretend any of us can put a price for LINK eoy, even end of q1.

You need a breakout for a cup and handle to complete you mong otherwise it will just bleed. Nobody will fomo in right now and your coin is controlled by that fag w/ like a million link


Let him do his thing. He'll either sell, or demand will force him to hold what he has left. Either way, when enough parties want to buy link, understand what staking link means, and speculate, the price is gonna shoot up.


>In 3 months there will be a working product and marketing efforts
Says who? There is no road map. There is no communication. There are no github updates. For all we know Sergey might be dead for a while.

>no u

you're dumb af

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Only concern I have about this is what decides how much of a big deal it is to choose a node that has LINKs staked versus a no-LINK node? It'd made me sleep much easier if to run a node you had to have LINKs staked.

Sergey gave an update in the end of December.

Roadmap is in the white paper.

GitHub they're working on a private repo.

I think non staked nodes will get really low priority and will only generate a tiny amount in fees.

The staked link is effectively collateral for providing the correct data. You can guarantee that if these smart contracts have large payouts depending on data, they'll pay enough to get a staked node.

I dont really think it matters in the long run. Whats the issue if someone wants to spend tiem and money making an unstaked node for ~1 LINK p/a whilst chad neets pool their link, set up a trustworthy node and rake in 5-10% p/a?

Run a no-LINK node if you want to but nobody's going to to trust it. You'll have to have LINK to get paid and pay penalties if you fail to deliver. It's like saying you'll mine BTC for free.

Exactly. Why would you trust data coming from a source that has absolutely collateral up? They could be providing false data with no consequences.