You missed KCS at 100mil market cap

You missed KCS at 100mil market cap
You missed COSS at 5mil market cap
You can still buy SGR at 2mil market cap.

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KCS and COSS are dividend-paying tokens that are both sinking like a pet rock at swim class. SGR is down about 50% as well.

Is SGR even offering dividends? This looks like just one of those in-house that give a small discount on trading fees.

>Is SGR even offering dividends? This looks like just one of those in-house that give a small discount on trading fees.
Oh, so sort of like Binance which is up 1000% in the last month and is the only coin along with ETH that's weathered the bear storm of the last week and a half without flinching?

Sounds like a shitcoin for sure.

it's not about the coin, the exchange is shit.

Oh you fucking faggots. Check ICOS how many new exchanges with dividens will come to the market or have upcoming ICOS. Thats why all are doomed to fail, use your brain idiots and invest in sure winner, which clearly will be qash.

MFW I trade 1000 airdropped SGR for shitcoins on EtherDelta and a week later it moons to $1.30

Mkcap of $2 million, not on any good exchange, and is partnered with modulus.

Next Elix.

>Is SGR even offering dividends?
They haven't stated such yet, but the team has hinted several times that they might implement a fee split.

>SGR is down about 50% as well
Alts bubbled and added 400 billion to the cryptomarket cap, it's natural that we enter a bear market for a while. But SGR has major announcements coming that will make early investors less skeptical. Team info, partnerships, and a new white paper which are due to be released this month.

The exchange is shit? SGR is planning to implement:

-smart token option with zero trading fees
-conditional trade orders
-trade scheduling
-automated trading bots
-integrated signal service
-ICO venture bridge
-integrated desktop wallet
-frontend to instantly convert fiat into any alt

A bunch of exchange ICO's have popped up lately offering one of these features, but SGR has been in development for months and isn't going to be valued at 200m market cap the second it hits exchanges like these ICO's are. Furthermore they're closed to US investors.

A $10,000 investment today will be worth $1mil in the near future. That will be $1mil in trading fee discounts for an exchange specifically designed for high volume traders when this hits the market cap of all the ICO copycat exchanges out there.

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Sorry mate that's private, hope you understand.

I bought in a few weeks ago. Comfy hold, should see some big returns. Fuck me though, if this goes to 200 million I will be set.

Market cap on the far side of half a bil isn't unreasonable to expect.

>the team has hinted several times that they might implement a fee split.
Well that's mighty interesting then...

Yes, they don't respond to every question in Telegram but they've singled this out a few times.


800 mil market cap, x10 puts it at 8bil

x10 to 20mil cap
x100 to 200mil cap
x1000 to 2bil cap

Shitcoins with zero practical use cases like UFR have been pumped to 40mil market cap. This is an EXCHANGE that is partnered with a big name fintech software company looking to expand their resume with their first major crypto venture. The question isn't if this will x10, it's when. Volume is super low and whale suppression isn't going to last much longer.

That anime girl will never be real, but if you accumulate some Sugar in the coming days you'll be able to dress up an escort like her every day of the week with your gains.

is 2000 SGR enough to make it?

How do I deposit on CoinExchange? When I go to the deposit tab it's all empty AAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous team. Dead telegram other than people asking what's up with this shitty coin. It's a scam.

Got **,000 at 4 cents, but thanks for your effort anyway.

>That anime girl will never be real
You talk like I'd be more happy with the real garbage. is a better investment at this point. Still low MCAP.

>Got **,000 at 4 cents, but thanks for your effort anyway.
I'm proud of you user, you and your waifu are gonna make it. Congrats.

The team still has many promises needed to deliver before it goes to $1, which could've been the proper price per SGR. I can't say about making it yet unless they deliver.

Buy BIX instead of this. It'll be the next BNB.

Get this on kuckcoin and make me rich sempai

Any proof that this is not a scam?

Why is there no team on the website?

It's a scam. Go buy BIX instead.


I'm with you, finished accumulating in this dip.

I unironically think this is an easy 10x

>SGR is a scam fyi

An anonymous team owns 87% of the tokens. Scam confirmed

Confirmed partnership with a company that develops trading platforms for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Why would they risk their rep on a failed initial venture into Crypto?

Weak FUD. Advisory team info is being released this month and the team hasn't tried dumping anything yet. If you signed up for the airdrop you would've got literally $500 in free money (at current value, $5000 soon)

The team is developing an exchange with features no major exchange offers, and they currently hold $30 million worth of tokens. Why risk kidnapping and extortion? They're privately funded and holding their coins for 2 years, they don't need any of your money. Coins circulating now are all from the airdrop and marketing bounties.

Flyp is a shitty sub-EtherDelta tier exchange, it's overvalued at 16m market cap. They don't even have a proper interface in their roadmap.

top kek, sell walls thrown up since I started this thread. Someone is angry I shilled their pet project before they finished accumulating.