Worried about FUN's success

I own 90k FUN, and while I am optimistic in the project and I think that it will at least increase, I have become more and more worried about it too.

Over the last week a lot of people have asked question about it that I could not answer and have given detailled explanations on why FUN is NOT going to take off and that it actually is a terrible coin.

I'm getting worried and my feelings haven't been exactly disproven by the course this coin had over the last few days.

I don't wanna get stuck with bags or waste my time.
I bought the first 50 % at .05 and the other 50 % at .11 so I'm already a bit losing.

I don't wanna lose it all guys...

Been telling you guys this project has no need for a token.

Sell your bags retarded newfag I'll buy them

This is what has me worried too.
People are obviously already online gambling perfectly fine without even crypto.

Fuck man, should'Ve gotten into RLC or link

Let me take those heavy bags at market price. Thank you, sir.

>gambling doesn't need to be decentralised

Samefagging will get you nowhere, Loo Jew.

Decentralization or not doesn't matter, what matters is if people actually fucking use it.

And do you think that gambling addicts who've been gambling since god knows how many years will jump unto this?

Do you think that SUDDENLY new people will start gambling because of the advantages that FUN offers?

I personally am becoming more and more skeptical.

>do you think that suddenly new people will start gambling because of the advantages that FUN offers?
Yes I do. I wouldn't gamble without the protections and safety that FUN offers. One of the biggest reasons I don't gamble online is because I don't trust the casinos not to cheat and I don't trust them to hold my money.


And about the millions of other people on this planet?

Sell your bags weak handed soyboy. U know you want to.

There's actually billions of other people, and I consider myself a rational, normal person. I believe there is certainly a demand for this kind of security with online gambling. All it takes is one casino to adopt it, and all the other casinos will have to or lose customers, imo.

My concern is that all profits are paid in fun tokens. Do casinos really want more memecurrency instead of fiat

>being retarded
Just because you make a thread, that doesn't make your fud good.

Do you know what poker chips are?

It doesn't really matter what casinos want to do, the customers will want it.

Poker chips are bought with fiat, fun tokens are bought with ethereum

Exactly, this is a fucking revolution faggot. Act accordingly and secure your spot in tomorrow's aristocracy

hmmmm... Guys...


Been going on for days now, price is intentionally being kept down thanks to these fucking whales.

They're accumulating. Why shouldn't I?

that's just a fun wall. they are keeping the price down before the launch

Fun is a bleeding edge technology. One of the issues here is that nobody has adopted this finTech yet. We are the early adopters. That's the risk we take.

If you sell your bags, that's up to you, but should FUN be adopted and you regret it later, then you are not an investor, but a gambler.

There are other more developed markets where we could go.

I thought i was supposed to have FUN holding this coin?

You know walls don't mean anything right? Whales put sell walls to make normies panic sell before pumping it
Whales put buy walls to make normies buy so they can dump on them

I know, but he has enough that he could be only looking for a 50% all year and still make millions

I have 34k fun in my portfolio and i believe in the project but you have to be at least a bit sceptical about your own investments. Can't just repeat everthing you see online and meme like a dumbass.

bro get urself a real gambling token like etheroll dice. bankroll negative 1k eth, you wont find it cheaper


I like the project but I'm skeptical about the manipulation what's the minimum amount I should buy for a bit of gainz?

This token has less to do with gamblers and clients and more to do with saving casinos millions by solving charge fraud and credit manipulation. It's not for you, its for them.

>be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful
Thanks OP, I know what to do now

i see the devs have gotten their montly coins again...

I agree. I just see the moves Russia is making and see the argument that cryptocurrency will be the catalyst for the next financial shitstorm as having basis. Bitcoin or ethereum might not be the king at tge end but blockchain tech will completely change the way we do finances. I'm "only" 50% in FUN. The rest in 4 other coin.