Should I buy Upfiring (UFR)?


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One of the only coins with a product that actually has a demand for it.

what is it, user?

>One of the only coins with a product that actually has a demand for it.

no lmfao

>Upfiring ( is a P2P file-sharing application that encrypts and distributes files between peers over a decentralized network.

It is actually a very good idea. Rewarding seeders would encourage people to actually host instead of just downloading then deleting the torrent. Not only that, but the original seeder receives 50% of all UFR seeded for his file, which encourages people to upload hard to find things. For the downloader, he is able to download stuff at a very fast download speed for a few cents, which may be cheaper and better than netflix.

Let's see:

- Tiny as fuck marketcap
- Tiny as fuck supply (excess tokens were burned)
- Only on small exchanges currently when it is added to a big exchange soon price will skyrocket
- This project is extremely unique and has so much potential, if it reaches the market cap of a similar project such as siacoin it will do more than 80x!
- The project has an active development team who knows what the fuck they're doing

None, if you haven't bought yet youre missing out on huge gains

Devs are very active in their sub also.

I got in long ago. Your choice user. Get in too or stay poor.

>Not only that, but the original seeder receives 50% of all UFR seeded for his file

Citation needed, that's not in the whitepaper

>. As the original seeder, you are guaranteed 50% of the total UFR earnings from your file. If others begin to download your file and seed it for the same price, they will evenly split the other 50% of the UFR earnings. This increases the number of peers for the given file, making it more stable and allowing for faster download speeds. More seeders/peers on your file means your file will be more attractive to downloaders (leechers).

Cool way to get your daily shill points so you’re not booted from your discord shill group.

I sold at 2.70

Was there an update maybe? Tell us more!

That depends if you believe in the project.
Personally i believe ufr will be big in 2018. Governments crackdown on every major torrent site (which are shitty) had me switch to streaming services but i would gladly pay for a torrent with small sum that you can earn back by seeding the very same file so it's a win-win because this ensure the availability of rare torrents and promote sharing/seeding plus is decentralized so it's impossible to shut down.

I would recommend UFR, probably one of the best buys Q1 2018

>Low market cap
>Actual demand for product
>Beta in Feb

It's going to be at least 5-10x end of Q2. Upfiring is a truly good idea utilizing blockchain tech.

So yeah, get some, even just a little bit.

Interesting, didn't see this, there's even further incentives for seeding now than before.

Pretty much these points cover why UFR will moon.
Whenever I think about this coin my mind goes to: Piratebay, Demonoid, Kickass torrents Megaupload; all of which are under constant attack from governments or even had to closed, with UFR will be next to impossible thanks to it decentralized nature.

Get comfy

Alpha in march. What are you smoking? Shut the fuck up and read. Alpha end of march

Sold at 2USD, bought back at 1USD,now I am holding till 7USD, should be when the alpha is released this month

for anyone curious about the pump groups, here is an invite (just add a period after "discord" to complete the url):
discord gg/u5Bum8C

If you don't want to miss out on a coin that has tons of potential then yes you should. It will be added into a new exchange soon and the Alpha is getting released on Q1 2018. You can just ask the team any questions you have on Reddit and they will reply, they are one of the most communicative teams.

*Low market cap
*Great room for growth
*High utility
*Big announcements coming soon, release of alpha in Q1
*Currently at a dip

Overall, a good coin certain to go green.

As always, DYOR before investing.

I believe wholeheartedly in this project. It fixes a lot of the original problems of torrenting, regarding rare and unavailabe files. UFR will be the go-to download manager on the web. The decentralized aspect makes it very reliable and safe, while also providing a better service than most current competitors.

How many times have you guys found a torrent you wanted only to see it not exist or be seeder-free? I have seen it plenty of times, and I could not be more excited for this project because of this.
Thinking beyond current torrenting applications, think about UFR as a general download handler or just a quick buck on the side for someone with a rare file. From the perspective of the seeder UFR will be a way to share your files with the public as well as a means to earn some money. This WILL explode in the future.

As a final thing, setting up bounties for a file to be seeded almost never yields any results, but if the seeder could set their own price for the torrent, knowing there is a market for it, then they may just go ahead and crack your favorite new adobe software.

As a UFR holder, I can honestly say I'm feeling rather /comfy/. I would suggest you check it out too, before it's too late.

Considering the low market cap and the unique idea I would suggest it. Have invested myself.

My opinion is that it will go up after alpha release and new exchanges. It has potential and I think it will rise up to 10$at least.

Does any1 have a link for the discord pump group?

Lol no Team, Stop kidding yourself. It's overvalued

Only if you like being pumped then dumped.

>getting paid for seeding
Gee user, I dunno. I think you should GET THE FUCK INTO UFR IF YOU KNOW DE WEY

Knee deep in shillz

> negatives: Nono

LOLd hard, faggot!

* Messed up release, fucked it up,
* Whitepaper is shit, looks like it's written by a 12 year old
* No real usecase, torrent and filsharingscene couldn't car less about UFR
* Releasegroups/Crackers don't like it -> ethical consensus of free data everywhere for everyone
* Nobody would ever user it because nerds will get data for free anyways
* Normies won't use it because they pay for Netflix and use YouTube

UFR -> useless shitcoin shilled by discord group called /shill/.

They need to shill it everyday to not to get kicked.

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got to get that volume flowing
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what a silly question, of course you should buy. only reason not to buy UFR is because you like to stay poor

These fudders picking facts from thin air.
ive talked to several phd students about this project and they all agree that it could make accessing scientific reports so much easier for them. This goes way beyond your blockbuster movies and hentai.

Have you never experienced trying to download a rare file with one seeder that only seeds 4mb every third week? UFR could solve this problem by giving the seeders an incentive to seed even the files that are rarely downloaded.

There has been a lot of times that I would have been happy to pay 50 cent to download a file ive been looking for for ages.

Glad that I bought ufr at 8 cents, see you on the moon anons!