The guardian

Notice anything?

Yeah, apparently women are strong now.

>being a eurocuck

BAT integration successful?

Your phone needs charging

nice wifi signal user

Yeah, I'll never donate to this leftist shit rag and instead celebrate the day it finally goes belly up.

All the news is bullshit?

Bernie Sanders is still alive?

>We need to take back control from the billionaires!
>Keep your money in fiat you stupid goy!

I cant wait til the real revolution comes, the reactionist movement, and the lefties swing from lamposts. I'll even sell them the noose.

user that's a 16:9 panel, not an 18:10 one

Bernie Sanders looks like monero


I see a lot of jews trying to mind control the sheeple into not investing in Bitcoin lately. For example in Burgerland there is a Karls Jr. commercial that has the guy talking that Bitcoin has popped and this is a god damn fast food commercial. There is a strong push to keep people out of the crypto world. Are the jews nervous?

it's quite amazing they let him rant after he took all these donations and bought himself a second vacation house in vermont
liberals love taking old jewish cock up their ass so much after they get reamed by the bankers they pick a kike to lead their movement into another buttfuck session without lube
plain amazing

delete your cookies user

Truly the Confido of politics.

So much liberal trash that I woudlnt even wipe my ass with it.

wrench power from the (((billionaires))) by staying away from crypto, goyim

Well the left would lose a lot of votes of people got out of poverty.

Liberals can't buy bitcoin anyway because they donated all their money to comrade Sanders

"We need to wrench power back from billionaires!"
-Bernie Sanders, millionaire

BAT and Eich saved The Guardian.

>9000 hours in photoshop