Passive income with crypto

What about we brainstorm about how to generate enough income with crypto with little to no efforts or risky trading.

My thoughts after seeing NEO going up, is rebalance my portfolio so I own 70% NEO, wait for it to reach $1000, at which time GAS will hit $500. Even having 2 GAS a month is enough to live off of.

How much neo do you need to have to generate 2 gas a month

some like 150

zcoin masternodes are the best in crypto, at least for year 1


So I'll get a 4.84% return?

Not worth it.

AT&T, Altria, Verizion, Duke, at el will all yield more with their dividend increases with less risk.

Also as prime goes up, bonds will yield more.

4.84% just is not worth it for the risk,

The passive income potential growth is interesting though.

I read somewhere that people think it is possible for gas to be worth more than neo at some point. What do you think biz?
is that a weird thought?

You sir, are a grade A moron.

Until ETH and NEO are replaced by Gen2 / Gen 3 dapp platforms that outperform them???

OP is the guy who owned 70% of AOL during the internet boom

This lol.

What risk? NEO will literally hit $1000 EOY, and that's a conservative estimate. If you don't go ham on NEO right now, you must really hate money.

Neo could literally hit $1.00 tomorrow. Surprised it is even valued at $150 when China banned fucking Bitcoin.

It literally can't be used by the market it was trying to serve.

Top jej.

I'm using Neblio's 10% staking rewards for passive income. Plus, as NTP1 tokens are rolled out, network fees are paid to stakers, so my ROI can double or even triple, depending on how many stakes I make.

I'm listening user, you got my attention. Already some leads on a replacement ?

FYI NEO's dividends will increase over time as NEO holders also get a % of fees from people using the network.

This again. If China even hints at regulation this will go sub 40 again overnight.

>it’s literally amway

Buy signal

EOS with Dawn release 3.0

If the USA hints at a ban, everything will crash. Dumbass

NEO will hit each of ETH highs. $1000 eoy is just a start.

NoNEO pajeets COPE

Please explain how NEO can be scaled 20x from its current volume when it's already crashing and seeing block times of 30 min at low volume use..

I'm waiting

USA is not commie china though

worst regulation that USA could put is requiring traders to be verified so they pay their taxes

ETH is shitty too, but that didn't stop it.

Holding 2k ARK I was making ~3.5 ARK a week.

please tell me how to stake neblio? got about 236 of them

Trinity... just closed ICO. What Raiden is to Eth, trinity is to NEO. Will be huge.