Insider info on LINK

I work as a lawyer at an international lawfirm, and I regularly do some search queries through our files/databses regarding crypto’s (I use various search terms), to see if I stumble upon anything interesting (I am prohibited from trading stocks and such, but not cryptocurrencies since they are unregulated and there is no firm policy).

I can’t disclose too much and can’t get into specifics for ethical reasons and because I dont want this leading back to me; all I can say is I stumbled upon some major news involving LINK. Various major financial institutions are interested in working with link nodes due to PSD2 (look it up) entry into force soon.

I dont know whether Assblaster is a larp or not (the twitter profile people link here could be a fake someone made based on a true linkedin profile), but the info is similiar. I have transfered 30% of my cryptoholdings to LINK (now 100k link) and intend on buying more slowly, because this coin is heavily manipulated and might even be pushed back to 2000-4000 sat before it moves upward.

Not sure when the information I have will be released or acted upon (could be weeks or months), but I wouldnt bet on getting the timing on your buy right once news breaks.

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Post proof or LARP

> I work at


thanks just sold 10k

Yo sounds interesting, but for believeabilty reasons could you post ur 100k wallet

Tell us names!!!!

>insider here (bag holder here)


so many insiders these days
proof or LARP you fag

proofs or gtfo

I just hopped on lexis nexis and there aint shit about this slavic bullshit coin

Man you're the 3rd person I've heard this from... fuck this gets me excited.

Can you give us any minor details? A riddle perhaps?

fucking weak LARP. saged.

can you say what regions of the world or countries the interested banks and instutitions are located in? Or give us anything else? Is there anything in the public that we're overlooking?

Also why the fuck do you care about ethics if you're already admitting to insider trading.

Stinky linkys on their Larpy darpy

>lawyer at an international lawfirm


Yeah my dad works at Nintendo too asshole. Fuck off


Most of the larpers stories are fairly consistent. Idk this one seems like shit, but Jacob, Assblaster, and riddle user (and a second riddle user) don't really ever contradict each other.

Idk can't put to much faith in them, but all it takes is for one of them to be true...

What is that video from lmao??

Jacob and Assblaster are the same person. The riddle anons are bagholders who are trolling.

Sell while you can, linkie. When the day of the rope comes, if you are found with even 1 link in your wallet, you'll be hanged along with the kikes and chinks, which you are probably a part of.

Nice, just bought 100k

I've not seen Jacob's posts. Anyone got them?

The first person I heard this from wasn't a larper... played it really coy on a Discord group I'm in that he had some info on LINK that would make it explode within 2 months or so. Had huge holdings and quoted $100-200 EOY as if it was almost guaranteed.

Yet another reason to dump link. A coin that needs to be shilled this badly isn't going anywhere but down

OP, this "news," isn't about LINK. It's about Zen Protocol.

> Had huge holdings and quoted $100-200 EOY as if it was almost guaranteed.
So like every deluded linkie out there?

>Mainnet is launched
>The next day a humble update appears on Twitter with a link leading to "ChainLinks partners"
>No indiciation of who it might be
>You open the link expecting a few medium sized insurance companies and banks
>The list contains the names of

AXA Insurance
Morgan Stanley
JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America
Goldman Sachs
Deutsche Bank

Post your fucking face.

It's shilled by autists on a japanese imageboard, guy. Justin Sun gets on Twitter and tells people to keep buying Tron because its fucking incredible blah blah blah bullshit while Sergey quietly slaves away changing the world.

Which would you prefer?


Hello Veeky Forums

I work at an insurance company. No one on my floor has fucking heard of link and despite my continued shilling, none of them will give me money to invest in LINK! What the fucg

I work at a tech startup. The only people who even understand what cryptocurrency is are me and one of our devs who I talk to. I told him about LINK, he had only ever heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. What the fucg



I don't know. We know Sergey has basically just been out there recruiting information providers to run nodes and SWIFT and whatever else made him an expert in the field of smartcontracts gave him tremendous clout to get his foot in the door. So it's probably not surprising that word is getting out about it, which all specifics aside fit perfectly with Assblaster and Jacobs stories and how they would theoretically know what they know.

Thanks just bought 100k

I work at a university. No one of my colleagues has ever heard of link, let alone neo or some other alts! What the fucg

And as much as we like to meme about him not doing anything, Sergey doesn't code. And he's said what he's doing is getting out doing B2B shit night and day so the network is strong enough on launch. He's probably talked to thousands of people by now who in turn talk to dozens of their charges. To think none of them would leak anything that gets to Veeky Forums is stupid.


I work at Chainlink. I can assure you the best time to sell is now.



i'm not assBlaster but would i really would like to exchanges with him :)

Below are four instances that I recall in which people (maybe larping, maybe not) suggested that LINK is going to be a big thing in the finance industry:

AssBlaster, below is his first thread:

Creator of /r/linktrader:

user in an AB thread corroborating what AB said:

user claiming to work in Wall St, also suggesting LINK will be big:

Again, this may all be larping but my gut instinct is that this corroborates well with the actual information from Chainlink (especially SWIFT)

Wondering if anyone else has other tidbits of info.

Actual link for wall st. guy:

You would have sold ETH when it was $7 because it was one of the most shilled projects on Veeky Forums too, right?

I work at a law firm. The only coin anyone here has heard is BTC! What the fucg

look into the riddle user if you haven't already. At the very least he seems good at turning up places that describe chainlink perfectly, though he seems to claim it is in fact chainlink being described. He also seems to be perfectly happy to drop a tidbit then let it go by without anyone responding, which makes me think he's slightly more credible than an attention whore, as well as he seems to just have an informant himself.


riddle user is him

It wouldn't be that surprising given the list of names already associated with LINK:
BNP Paribas
Societe General

Probably a few others I've missed - and these are just the ones we've heard of. Do you really think a vaporware no-hope project would get such attention? Sergey has been working on this for years (before bitcoin was even invented). If even ONE of the names above confirms a partnership it will be huge


riddle user?

Recently I talked to a friend about crypto
Never told him that I invested or interested in it at all
He is pretty excited about it since his friends who work at a big swiss bank in IT
Tells me that they made half a million with ETH and now they have a secret tip for him
Casually ask him what they want him to invest in
Says he cant quite remember the name, something with link



That bottle should be full of piss.


What the fuck... was assblaster actually legit? He posted this on 11/08 at 7:49am, look what happened just hours later.

Is he real?

Are you kidding or being serious? Jacob claims Swisscom is accumulating for setting up nodes (as well as other colleagues) as well as Julius Baer and one other Swiss bank I forget, he gave the initials but I forgot; I think it began with O. He said his boss was and he seems super into crypto.

no but ive seen all the clues he has dropped and looked into them and agree with his findings. mas / project ubin being the biggest.
I also mentioned a week or so back about the cardano dev mentioning using a "decentralized oracle network" in a recent youtube video but my comment went unnoticed

I don't remember that one. The thing that made people pay attention was when he predicted the pump on december 6 weeks in advance, which I think is what your link is actually referring to.

I didn't know that about cardano, but supposedly although it's blockchain agnostic they're just supporting ethereum, bitcoin, and hyperledger, and other blockchains would require the chainlink developers to write core adapters and so far I haven't heard anything about that being done for cardano.

Yea Project Ubin phase 3 is basically the exact same two projects as the two SWIFT blockchain pocs too.

I work as a lawyer at an international lawfirm

lol, we never refer to ourselves as "lawyers"

i tried

>, and I regularly do some search queries
English obviously isn't his first language, and/or he's dumb

Linkies nowdays have to come up with "insider info"
how delusional will you get, just drop it already

Can confirm that OP is definitely a larper.

Also OP has given basicly 0 information that wasnt already known, ‘major financial institutions’, ‘interested’. We already know this from SIBOS.

Nonetheless, I am balls deep in LINK but you guys shouldnt invest based on this larp.

he's absolutely real

the people that think he's just a larper are pathologically incredulous rational skeptics. they think they're being logical and empirical or some shit but in reality they simply don't have any intuitive sense of probability or human behavior. they default to this binary thought pattern where anything that isn't scientifically proven 100% cannot be acted upon.



>Drops to 0.80 because its useless unless the price is low

And that is totally possible

Jacob has no story to tell, he is just a whale who tried to pump link one time.

>Most of the larpers stories are fairly consistent
No shit, they copy eachother

>they think they're being logical and empirical or some shit but in reality they simply don't have any intuitive sense of probability or human behavior
This is my thinking as well, but considering that years spent on Veeky Forums will make you distrust's fairly understandable.

I'm sold, though. I'm 60/35 LINK/ETH.

We can dream, my stinky friend. We can dream.

you must have missed his threads from the past few days then.

This guy sure is full of shit, but what do you guys think about AssBlaster?

Did some autist really make a fake LinkedIn profile with +500 connections, a Twitter account with hundreds of followers, a fake Slack account and then delete all of them when he got ”doxxed” (by himself maybe)? That’s one hell of a larp right there.

Thanks, just bought 230 LINK

The fucking autists that dox people like AB are cancerous NEETs that only hurt this board. He's pretty clearly legit, so why try to bite the hand that feeds you?

Gimme pls

No I'm serious
Yes I was in that thread as well, wasn't sure if this jacob was larping
I asked him a bunch of question in french but he didn't answer so I thought it was bullshit
But since I had the conversation I'm uncertain
Then the whole Assblaster thing
Can't tell if actually struck gold this one time
Cant efford anymore LINK though

just search the archives for "jacob"

Just jizzed in my pants from this thread

dunno if you're new to /b/ or autism or just the internet in general. all 3 maybe. you're a naive little lady is what i'm saying.

>Can't tell if actually struck gold this one time

You tell us, you said you know someone who knows something.

>Can't tell if actually struck gold this one time
>Cant efford anymore LINK though

Pretty much where I'm at with it. I can't afford to buy more, but I genuinely wish I could.


AssBlaster was not a fucking LARP.

On waybackmachine there is a screenshot of his LinkedIn profile from 2009, and it perfectly matches the profile he deleted after he got doxxed last week. Stop saying he was larping.

and like I said, sergey has basically been networking setting up data providers to make nodes for the network launch for at least the last year. I'm inclined to believe something is going to get out eventually so stories like that seem plausible.

>tfw sent him a linkedin invite with a poor link pun

And I would like to add that OP of this thread is 100% larping. fuck off

I did, found nothing

you are an easily bamboozled individual.

Provide some insight then, FUDder. Nobody makes a fake Linkedin profile just to fuck with people 10 years later.

nobody doxxed AB, he basically outed himself. how are we not supposed to notice that the guy in the CL slack who lives in brussels and works for an insurance company had a lot in common with AB? if anything he managed to leak the info with a high degree of certainty that he's a legit source while also maintaining sufficient plausible deniability. he played it perfectly.

>supposed lawyer
>doesn't understand that law firm is two words
Sick larp

Which database op? Lexisnexis or westlaw? I am also a lawyer and am not seeing anything noteworthy in my queries.

>While biz has been memeing and laughing at big mac pasta, our saviour has been travelling the earth, laying the seeds of nodes to provide data to his new world order

he liked posts about his doxxing on twitter right after, and left that one kucoin post up before unliking the posts and taking that one tweet down. I think he played it as well as he could. I don't really think there's any other reasonable explanation than christophe is assblaster.