Lost 50% of earnings in the last week

>Lost 50% of earnings in the last week

Please, tell me I'm not the only one

Same. Sitting at about 45% of my ath

you should have sold kek

Over 60% here.

Hope you sell into eth before you lose any more. Just sit back and chill and find coins you trust not chink shit.

And you are gonna keep losing, unless u quit crypto.

50% of biz posts are made by whales and private discord groups shilling their shitcoin so they dump their bags on you. Kucoin is 100% controlled again by whales... no coin will ever moon aside the usual x2 and then revert back.

Just get a job and stop playing with internet meme coins lol.

>muh next bitcoin

We took a beating, but I'm still hodling UFR. The coin will survive and rise again.

I lost all my $3k earnings and am now negative 1.3.7 OP.

I didn't, but I love how biz is the opposite of last week now. I remember when everything mooned and people questioned how you couldn't be rich by now. And now I question how anyone is making any profit in this fucking market anymore.

Hmm I'm making 6k more than last week, of course I only invested 400 dollars, and I am up 21k. Don't care if I lose it.

we saw a massive pump of every single shit coin no matter how dead the project was. of course this market is gonna correct.

sell everything. especially coins shilled on here by whales and don't be greedy.

I actually don't love how its the opposite. I frequented the board and enjoyed how every thread seemed to be so happy. Even if it WAS about money. Now everyone is an asshole toiting how they're taking everyone's coins in a bear market.

Lost everything playing dice on yobit lol
Now focused on making it back

Same, but I'm still up 6x from 1 month ago

in what currency did you invest? and how long ago did you start? I think I'm starting to think about my retardism

do not buy in now, there is a new group where people have to post such crap to get shillcoins
rather join a true group, where quality sugnals are posted, not shills and pumps
discord gg/XsdQcUw

Chadaytraded myself from 37k to 51k the last 2 days.

Feels good being able to thrive in a bear market.

Bought 15 eth back in Feb by pure boredom.
Sold half of it when it went to 400. Oh well. Usually hold neo XMR and ltc.

You're actually the only one right now doing it right. The moon mission era from December to early January is over. Coins are just going up a bit now, and then down again. The only way to really make money is swingtrading. But tell that to the faggots around here who will hold until their coin hits 0.

I'm down 30% of initial investment, feels bad man, I knew there would be a correction soon but I got too greedy and thought it would last longer. Now I have to hodl until the next big bull run

I'm holding steady, pretty fucking lame.

You fucking niggers just buy ECA while coinsmarkets is still down.
i'm pretty sure that it's price will go up once its up because the majority of ECA was on that exchange site.
Right now it's at 44 or something like that.
i bought 100k at 15 and 100k more at 30.

Bought APPC too huh?

>investing in literallywhocoins created within the past month

I lost all my gains, I'm losing money right now.

same here OP. This is starting to depress me.
Why is this happening? : (

I'm right back at where I was a week ago.

Was +1300 last week… now just +800… it hurts

It's crazy to complain.. but I started in the beginning of Jan 2017 and I only have $400k right now.

I'm -500 now kek

Same here, i bought some promising shitcoins expecting a bull market after the first 3 dips and now i got ultra JSTD

From 42k ath to 38k even after investing in fucking link last week.

>losing 50% of your entire portfolio doesn’t even phase you anymore

I haven't been on Veeky Forums and on Binance for a couple of days and noticed a lot of alts have been draining in value. Seriously, what happened? What did I miss in these past few days?

and DBC and OPT

No you're not.

I am long time lurker and I put 200$ 2 weeks ago, I got to like 600$ and now I am at 100$.

Thanks god I didnt cash in huge amount of money at first try cuz I would have lost it all, now I am kinda waiting and refreshing Binance and biz but nothing fun is happening, its like the normal stock market with low %, boring af.

I usually daytrade M-F and then hide my earnings on bitcoin during weekends but this time forgot and all my gains are gone lol.

I took a gigantic 5% blow in this horrid bearmarket.

I'm impressed with how constant my pain has been this last week.

>45% down
>just bought more

why am i like this?

number one rule : dont lose money
number two rule : dont forget rule number one

Haha, I went balls deep into DBC and BNTY. Still in the green, but losing more and more each day, soon it will be decimating my initial investment.

Haha, no shit, what great advice. I'm pretty sure by now OP came to the same conclusion, Sherlock.

down so hard. I saw this coming too but just not this soon. Seems like we will have yet another handful of months where everything bleeds except for the inner circle of crypto traders chosen coins. The whales become stronger and stronger every cycle till the regular folks who cryptocurrency was meant for just JUSTd back to just saying fuck it.

how about don't have a portfolio which doesn't include some safe holds like ETH ? It's not fucking difficult just don't be stupid

Yeah I did that as well. Only I bought DBC at 3500 sats.

Meh, some people literally don't have time to swingtrade between work, committments and sleep.

Check out dec 2016 to may 2017 on CMC
History repeats itself
Korea fud was orchestrated

im 20% down from my ATH ( which i reached 2 weeks ago ), I don´t really think it´s that bad, shit will recover

You want me to put some of my 1000$ initial investment into "safe holds" like ETH? Please.

wtf are you faggots putting your money in? Invest in fundamentals and not FOMO shitcoins whatever joe fucking shmo is shilling you. I'm up almost 40% (in btc) from last week.

NEO/ETH/VEN/ICX/LUX are my main alt bags

lrn2market noobs.

I would seriously advise you to pull out of this one, some serious issues around this coin.

75% of folio is Po.Et
2018's off to a shitty start

How do you guys lose so much in these small dips?

Are you not holding real coins like ETH and NEO?

Not that strange, if it climbs you offset the damage.

VEN/FUN/XRP/XLM/BNB/a bunch of shitcoins I don't give a fuck about if I lose.

Dubs checked.

You're in a casino. What do you expect?

get the fuck out of UFR the moment you break even or you'll get dumped on again

+17% on the week
Stop holding total shitcoins.

Get out of shitcoins and into NEO and CAPP you filthy pajeets.

Note that I withdrew 5.5k into fiat in early Jan. They weren't losses.


quiet bloodbath for alts past 4 days, no question

Im with you bro. Its been a bloody week

yes, lost like 30% of my potfolio, im still up big time but still. Money is money, try to learn lessons from this boys

Up 30% this week, but thats down from 80% so yeah... shit week

what is going on with poe, i though they were progressing with the code.. can anyone explain

Every coin is hurting this week. Just hold through the dip like always, if you sell now you deserve to loose your fucking money

lots fucking nothing in BTC value the last week thanks to my combination of btc, zlc and icx.

ZLC is immune

>buying TRON

might as well kys now.
should've turned everything into ETH like I did.

fuck im retarded. Z C L