Does Veeky Forums have a foot fetish? Be honest


No. Would like to receive a footjob some time though. Feels weird to ask

No, you're thinking of /tv/. We're all about asians

No, I have yellow fever.

>can't fuck em
what do you even do with feet?


Yes oh yes.

>tfw from /tv/ and seeing this thread


I do

saged and reported


This is a blue board you faggots. Good job, now I'm getting sacked for looking at porn on the job.

What do you think life on tutorial mode is like?

A huge one...

serves you right for being a wagecuck




Only if they are good looking feet.
Also, cute small feet.

These are nice.


How is this biz related?

its related because we will use all the money to buy these whores you faggot

Why are you faggots constantly trying to force the foot fetish on Veeky Forums. Fuck off already.

I do I want to worship a hot girl's feet. It's part of my general femdom fetish.



Elbowfag here


Lmao I saw Abel at Cannes last year. That guy is out of his fucking mind on drugs and his movie sucked.

I do now


Gtfo, mate. This belongs in /s/. Don't make me ruin your thread.

There's nothing like a girl with sexy feet.





*only asian feet though

Nice just bought 100k feet

Crypto and Feet discord.



I do. Have had it for a long time. Wish I was normal. Oh well.

fuck my life

name of the girl ?

>implying it's not normal

search for janice a occhi


why is that? :o


cute feet are cute, but there's plenty of girls with gross feet out ther

You like these feet OP?


Responding....fml confirmed go