Think ETH is going to have a bigger dip anytime soon?

Think ETH is going to have a bigger dip anytime soon?

Yeah, in 2019



Has eth ever had a dip?

Nope lol. Even in this bear rally it's barely fluctuating. Primed for a huge 2018

It's due for a correction back down to ~$1050. I don't think it can sustain this new ~$1300 price point after the massive hike it had.

Don't expect ETH to make you rich if you got in just recently. The crypto market is shitting at the moment and looks like a handicapped kid. Once this bubble pops everyone on this board will return to their grocery jobs.

HEELL no! So many icos atm. You should look at insurepal even mcaffee shilled it. We were talking about doing a group buy here
discord gg/XsdQcUw

Short ones.

did you just join this week

B-but this was our dip

The time it pumped over 400 then stayed at 300 for months.

Meme lines tell me to wait.

user do exactly the opposite of what this retard said.

Remember back in the day when ETH was steadily held at $300 for months no matter what? it fluctuated from 300 to 350 every single week.

Well it's the same thing again, dont expect anything below 1300-1290 and rest assured we will touch $3000 (im being very bearish on this one) in Q1 and easily 5k this year once casper hits the mainnet only gods know how high it will be.

that is not a dip it was just a spike to 400, which is exactly the opposite, see how retarded this board is OP?

You are sounding quite delusional right now. We have already been fortunate enough to receive a massive ETH hike. ETH simply does not have the room to grow to $3K let alone $5K.

All of this talk about ETH following BTC's trajectory is complete nonsense and pure FOMO.

ETH will drop back down to that ~$1K mark and hover there for quite a while. That's what you guys should be focusing on right now.

you are also delusional my friend.


Unless those commies fuck it with their socialism, ETH will be slow upwards moving giant.

Yeah Im buying more when it dips below 1200$

where were you when TheDAO crashed?

It went up to 20 bucks and crashed back to 8 or so after the DAO incident.

July to November of 2017 kinda sucked versus BTC.

Alright I'll just screencap this shit just to make fun of you after casper hits the main net and ETH starts to get more and more escarse, right before people really start to FOMO to get into stake pools, hey but what do I know im just a FOMO fag until the time comes and the crying wojacks arrive...

In the end I dont give a fuck if you retards want to wait for a never coming dip or not

Honestly I think ETH could hit $10k by end of year. Yes that would be $1T market cap I know.

6 months ago "BTC $10k EOY" was literally a meme / troll.

Go ahead and screencap if that makes you feel a lot better. But just so you know, I screencapped your shit.

BTC $10K EOY actually had some merit behind it. ETH hitting $10K is a pipe dream and nothing more. Please read what you wrote. Do you actaully think that ETH has what it takes to not reach it, but to actually sustain a $1T market cap? How bonkers are you?

ETH is already almost 20% of the total crypto market cap. I think that could reach 5-10T this year, leaving ETH around $1T

>screencapping anonymous posts

Whatever helps you guys sleep at night.

the crypto market is not going to reach 5-10T EoY.

Lets not be delusional and greedy now

uhhhh yeah? for half of 2017? and looks like it's about to go bear soon yet again.