Who here /comfynocoiner/? Can't wait til this bubble finally pops

Who here /comfynocoiner/? Can't wait til this bubble finally pops

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You might have to wait a while.

There are still tons of normie guys looking to get in. Plus you forget that 98% of crypto owners are males, so the females are going to drive a 2nd large boom when they decide to pull the trigger.



The bubble already popped. Most altcoins down 50% or more from high and I've been making mad cash because I know when to take profit and move on. Nocoiners like you are even more delusional than virgin holders. BTC will hit 25k EOM and you'll be on the verge of suicide.

>50k in crypto
>10k cashed out in bank
>started from literally nothing (credit cards)

I'm comfy regardles OP this could tank to zero and I'll still feel like I won


>getting into investing

This is one area where affirmative action is useless. Unless the government mandates a female equity fund or some other bullshit. Not even bullshitting. Think of how hard post-Wall women will kvetch that rural and suburban retards in their parents houses made millions while they were busy riding the cock carousel. That will be a bigger salt mine than Brexit, 11/8/2016, and Charlottesville combined.

Dont rule it out. It happened in the 1920s. 100 fucking years ago

>females come last
>they buy all my bags

God, I would cum all day

>it’s popping
Meanwhile literally every large exchange has closed or limited new registrations because they can’t keep up with the demand from people trying to put money into alts, which will (at first) be spread out into multiple pnd’s, vaporware, and shitcoins. But will eventually land into promising alts and btc, raising the prices substantially as the entire crypto marketcap increases

started with about $600 back in April of last year; currently making, often, thousands a day

you're fucking retarded
>pic related

crypto is the complete opposite of a bubble

soon, I'll be making tens of thousands a day

later, I might actually be making hundreds of thousands a day

just cause youre a broke faggot dont go wishing misfortune upon others. salty virgin.

Reddit spacing, reddit source, false information
Enjoy your bubble while it lasts kiddo, I will keep investing in stocks, real products and real companies, not wasting my money on internet money, buying on an exchange that will never let me cashout

guess which one I am

Not reading all that bs


market cap / circulating supply = price

$238,396,593,017 / 16,804,587 BTC = $14,186.40

let's use Apple's market cap

$909.24B / 16,804,587 BTC = $54,106.65

let's use the S&P500 (as of 12/29/17)

$23.9T / 16,804,587 BTC = $1,422,230.72

(of course this isn't exact as people are determining the price; but this is the inverse)

"all that bs" is pic related

spoiler: it breaks money lol

Yeah, no shit, of course it will happen too, because females will only enter the market when it is safe and stable, and when all the gains are gone.

The complete douche

>got 'em!


Top kek this is gold

Sounds interesting but I’m retarded and doubt I could grasp that big brain nibba paper

Hahahaha awesomw dude just bought 100k thnx

This. Firmly in profit. COPE.

SAME HAHA HOLY FUCK! that fucking picture you fuck lmfao. i'd literally go rub myself against the edge of the bathtub till i cum a bunch of times over knowing those NAIVE hags bought all my bags!

WHO here /comfynoCFD/ Can't wait til this bubble finally pops

>buying on an exchange that will never let me cashout
I admit this worries me too as the stakes get higher. I've already withdrawn my original investment and didn't do anything crazy like leaving my job or getting into debt, but all it takes is for a scummy exchange to freeze everything and I lose all my Monopoly money...

If you are still in the thread please let me know if I understand. The equation given in the paper allows for a more accurate predictive model to determine what the equilibrium price on a given asset/stock should be. You would use this to determine whether or not to buy or sell a stock (coin/token) based on the predicted equilibrium of this model and take profit once the price has returned to this state. Is that anywhere close to being accurate?

It's too hot to pop right now, because people keep buying dips on worthwhile coins.
However I myself think that when the crypto fad dies down a bit in a month or 2 we'll see real damage.

You know what's even more comfy? I cashed out 2k my I initial investment and now have 10k left in profits to play with

>started a month ago
>cached out initial investment and I'm playing with LITERALLY FREE MONEY

That sounds inspirational. Any tips for a newbie?