Scammers are torturing pajeets

You guys have no heart

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this is the shitty photoshop I sent him that made him send me the video finally

boo fuckin hoo

As in the previous thread:

> Lives in apartment
> Has a television
> Has internet access
> Wearing Gold Chain
> TV show is in English
> Child's shirt is in English
> Clearly not starving

Time to send him some confido.

auuuuuuuuugh yeah, folks

tell him to show his wife's butthole


You scammers are fucked up. What did your parents teach you? Did they just not bother to raise you at all? You behave like niggers.

Anyway, I'm gonna unironically send him 3 BTC just to piss you cunts off.

Child has 3 pieces of gold jewelry

I wasn't the original scammer you literal fucking ape. I just wanted to fuck with him because I fucking hate curryniggers. You won't send him shit, I fucking dare you to do it and send a screenshot. I have his addresses, so I can confirm whether you're just all talk or a dumb pajeet symapthizer.

Ill be waiting. Screenshot the transaction pajeet.

go for it nobody gives a shit virtue signaling doesn't work here cunt

Pajeet got what he deserved



where is the bait thread?

>Sending BTC to an ETH address
Good luck with that cunt

Nah but I contacted him already

for all those who missed it


the real question is how can we get this on the news?

"Anonymous White-supremacist Hackers are Scamming Poor Third Worlders out of Their Bitcoins"

top fucking kek



For the brainlet from the last thread shilling for pajeet:

You assume the pajeet (you) had all the good intentions possible posting 50x itt
>lets assume for the sale of arguing he's living in abject poverty guise
When he clearly has enough money to to risk throwing thousands at highly volatile shitcoins, and assume all that op is some junky based on an anonymous post in the block explorer.

Let's be generous and assume that all of the above is true even though it is obviously false, by your own logic that whoever is in the shittier situation has the moral high ground, op is easily much more of a victim. Heroin addiction is incredibly expensive and mostly a result of a traumatic upbringing and sexual abuse. He could even be living in a poorer country than pajeet (you) like some war torn African nation. We don't know this but we might as well assume it for the sake of argument. How do we know that op wasn't a crackwhore child soldier and is just trying to get by. Clearly pajeet (you) doesn't need the funds as badly as him and can do without it.

where the original thread where the scammer baited the pajeet, though

I meant he probably won't send him 3 BTC worth of anything. He probably won't send him a single dime. All indians are individualistic bugs searching to get whatever crums they can and scamming anyone to get over their fellow man. I doubt the pajeet who posted is any different.

I read your post faggot, not worthy of a response
It's jumbled garbage

Learn how to argue

I'm English and whiter than your entire bloodline, you mutt fuck
I've already contacted him

Holy shit that's hilarious. That OP post is mine. Wanted to gain ranks in the PnD group to see what it was about.

Definitely not a pajeet, though. But I can see the argument.


GLORY TO Veeky Forums

I'm starting to think pajeets are worse than niggers

This. I still don't fully understand how the pajeet scammer got scammed. Did he give out his key or something? I'm having trouble connecting the timeline dots together.

> Wanting to give that Jabba the Hutt thief any money

>Why sir? Did u send it sir??

I read that thread but still don't understand what happened
Did he install a fake version of metamask?



He was trying to exchange TRX for ETH for more than it's worth

Aaah that's just rude, dude

>reviewbra profile pic
Can we even call this guy a scammer? Hes obviously a man with taste and as the screenshot has shown, a sympathizer for the needy.



When it doesn't appear and he begins to cry claim to check and reveal that you accidentally sent it to the wrong address

You are too young to understand the real world if you think caring for people and spoiling them will get anywhere. If pajeet learns, maybe he'll become a better person from this experience. But if he gets what he wants because you autistic liberals think he needs help, you are doing nothing but FEEDING his CRIMINAL ADDICTION. You act like pajeet is innocent when he isnt, he has the same evil inside of him like anyone else.

Just because you feel for him now doesnt mean he wont backstab you to feed his children one day. you think an incompetent pajeet like that will ever survive? The ones who learn survive, the rest die just like everyone else dies. Its not a fairytale faggot get used to it


Poor kid with her sleazy unemployed dad.

So why is Pajeet claiming it was from a fake Airdrop address then?

One is lying and since he posted the video, I doubt its the pajeet

*hearty chuckle

Reviewbrah is fucking savage. Dude just doesn't give a fuck about humanity anymore now that he makes the youtube bucks and huge cryptogains.

kek pajeet, ugly, dumb and fat

are there worse combinations than this?

oh my god the old Veeky Forums is back hahahahaha

>Stealing from third worlders
>The old Veeky Forums
Kill yourself new fag

still, where is the bait post. i call shenanigans.

This. If we have the bait post pajeet had it coming. If not, could be some poor guy just getting scammed. Need more infos.

I was in the original thread when it happened. It was glorious.

Oh my god that's beautiful. Thank you.

Get wrekt pajeet.


flags when?

>nice space you got there

Got the thread in your history or the thread name/content so I can look it up?

> Stealing from a third world thief who has an apartment, is obese, wears gold chains, and has thrown a few thousand into crypto currency

Fixed that for you son

Haha pajeet

I'm English and white, likely whiter than your entire bloodline mutt
Try again

I'm just not a nigger and don't believe in kicking people when they're down

Kill yourself

Im supposed to be researching shitcoins but this is pure kek



come on pajeet stop it, it's becoming sad, go scam someone to feel better


Nah mate, you're fucked

I sent him 3 BTC anyways

Jeets, when will they learn?

I bet pajeet is lurking /b/ right now looking for his trx thief.


You're such a fucking batty boy, where about in the UK so I can come fucking spank some sense into you?

post transaction m9
We know you are good for it


goddammit I love this board

Read my post again you dumb fat mutt fuck

>Batty boy
I'd break your jaw you fucking faggot
Unironically I'd love to meet you so post an email no joke
I would love to see someone like you in person

the pajeet fell for age old scam a scammer. he honestly had it coming.

sir !

The new face of biz

AHAHAHAH GOD BLESS YOU Veeky Forums fucking pajeets

calm down big guy

>I sent a random guy $40,500 dollars
Kek, jeets really are pathetic. I'm sure if you had that kind of money you could buy your own designated shitting street

Nice try pajeet


>I'd break your jaw you fucking faggot

I'm not kidding I really did. How does it feel knowing Pajeet has a bigger port than you ever will? Lol

Give me the first few fucking letters of your postcode so I can figure out if it's worth taking time out of my evening to come fuck you up.

Meant for to reply instead of myself, kek

>still no webm

Post proofs you bleeding heart chump.

hey yo you fucked up

prove it.

>I'd break your jaw you fucking faggot

Let me get this straight:
> Homophobic
> Pajeet Sympathetic
> Claim to hate niggers

Definite Pajji if ever I've seen one.

You probably feel sympathy to the would be thief because he's a cousin of some kind (muh clan)

Lets wait for him to respond mate shall we?
I'm not joking
I'd love to meet some cunt like the people ITT in real life

All of these anime addicted cartoon watching wankers calling others "degenerate", etc. Makes me laugh. These fags can't even find a chick to fuck let alone do anything else

So yeah, post something

>Scamming literal third world indians
>Kicking a man while hes down
Your parents are all garbage

Then why don't you post a non photoshopped screenshot and the ethers an for the transaction instead of bluffing for on and on

anyone know how he got scammed in the first place?

forgot who I was trying to fuck up. Give me dem digits baby gurl. I want to know if you're within an hour drive.

Fuck off degenerate.

SeeI already sent him BTC

These people ITT are saying it was some ED order mess up, but the Pajeet is claiming he was hacked in a fake airdrop phishing scam

I just told you to post an email, stop trying to divert
I am not joking

Dude rofl, I'm sitting here laughig imagining how angry you must be. This is some /v/ tier rage

I've been searching for it but it's my day off and I've been browsing non stop. Searching tron, metamask, help, please... Still looking

>72s `sir`
>101s `pls`

and I'm telling you I'm not going to fucking post a throw away so other dickheads can pretend to be you before I know if all this effort is worth my time. What fucking part of the country faggot, because I'm not driving to london but if you're around the midlands I'll come fuck you up.

Why send 10x his loss?

I'm not angry at all
You're just over-sensitive because you don't leave your house

Right or wrong?

lol your fellow pajeet is in deep shit but why are you mad, you live in shit anyway lmao