ICO - [BAR] Titanium

Hi, here is Titanium

President and CEO: Michael Stollaire who founded EHI, a technology consultancy specializing in enterprise infrastructure management.

EHI clients are pic related (see whitepaper)

Official website: tbis.io/
WhitePaper: tbis.io/titanium-infrastructure-services-wp-v2-6/

They talk about it:
- Forbes
- HuffPost
And a lot more (see on website)

13.5million BAR already sold, limited to 35million
1bar = 1$

Now guys it's up to you, make your own opinion and THEN if you think I helped you to find a potential gem, be nice, use ref ID: V3ZZb292

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And see you on the moon guys !

>Every company on earth
Thanks just bought 100k

bought 100k!

I can see that guys want to be rich, good

what's the difference between stocks in a company and crypto in this?

Well, both won't be opposed or anything

As it said in the whitepaper:

" Titanium will simply inherit EHI’s clientele [...] In the eyes and opinion of Mr. Stollaire, in fact, Titanium is an organic evolution of EHI,
and should effectively be considered “EHI v2.0.”

It's a big plus compared to 99% of coins on the market, they're already in, entreprise know and already work with them etc..

Will investigate when I get home but I suspect this is a pajeetcoin or ivancoin given the lack of exposure of the dev team

It's a common trend recently where some IT manager takes his existing product and copypastes "blockchain this crypto that" onto it and has their pajeets shit out something that barely works onto the crypto market streets

Yeah but the CEO Michael Stollaire is not a crypto newbie, is already was on Verge project


I went through the whitepaper and this is a shitcoin being sold by bullshitters.

Mining as a service? So you use a virtual GPU to mine bitcoin? LOL

This is one thing they mention in the whitepaper but never explain either because they're too stupid to remember to put it in or they're bullshitters

Either way this shitcoin probably holds more promise than a lot of other coins on here like LINK

What has his contribution to the verge project been

Just read the whitepaper, don't understand one bit. I like the name though so just bought 100k.

He's a cloud IT services provider that is trying to sell blockchain and mining services on a cloud because uh I don't know why

shitty concept

It seems that he was something like an ambassador, spreading the word, you know

I hope i'll make you millionaire my friend

it'll* haha

Last up

Got good feelings about it !

>no Burger King partnership
You can’t have my money

emulated ASIC and/or GPU miners
with a specified hash ratehow does this work?

Hm I think I saw something like he work or want to work with McDo, but I don't remember where

Maybe BK soon or maybe BK when coin will be 100$ !

Well, even if I understand some things I'm sorry but I can't help you on IT things because I don't want to say shit and english isn't my native language so I'm afraid to say it wrongly

you would simply run
a wizard in our UI to replace a GPU-based mining rig with an ASIC mining device


lol. all fake partnerships. they say potential, any fuckking coin can claim. scam written all over

nigga, post EHI website url?

>lol. all fake partnerships. they say potential, any fuckking coin can claim. scam written all over

Where did I said partnerships ? I said it was EHI clients

>nigga, post EHI website url?


Why anybody would do this is beyond me. This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard and gives insight into the retardation of this startup's founders

You should ask them on telegram