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NEWS: Enigma is expanding! Over the next couple weeks, we will be announcing numerous new hires and additions to our team - Enigma is more than doubling in size. Stay tuned to our channels to meet the new members of the team, and don't forget our Jan 23 video AMA :)

Please tell me you are invested in the comfiest hold of 2018?

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Too late to get on board?

daily reminder they were hiring in israel and israel has a pretty low average iq .

holding 400, lets go boys

Hoping they aren't diversity hires

Was there ever a coin that first sold as an ERC-20 token, and delivered a working product afterwards? If so, I'm buying enigma.

1400 ENG reporting in. Make me rich.

As long as they aren't hiring niggers, pajeets or women this is good news

Fuck that, they are hiring jewscum?
I have Enigma 15% of my folio, hopefully jews will rake in shekels for us and not funnel them away for them selves

What value does this shitcoin even provide? Someone halp pl0x.

Absolutely not, it has a 500 mil market cap, could reach 3 or 4 billions easily, have you seen that team?

Alex Pentland is one of the advisors, google him

please leave this board

I have literally the same amount of ENG.

I hope we'll make it, leaf!

What are the chances of ENG mcap reaching double digit billions?

by EOY? 35%
Ever? 100%

It's used for the enigma network, which is a second layer privacy thingamajig that can be applied to any coin

Imagine manero but for all coins

I'm all in enigma boys. Am I crazy?

im getting weakhands on eng. Can u shill me pls?

Yh this is still early days like the majority of solid alt coins. The team is fantastic and there idea is unique, im holding 20k of these bastards

>Israel has a pretty low average IQ
>You have a pretty low IQ

Pick one and go back to pol

When will this market correction be over where most things are red? I want this thing to fly, but doesn't seem possible with what's going on right now.

Yes and no, make sure you keep like 20% at least in BTC when BTC makes its bullrun. Unless you have iron hands and will never pull out till your target of sell. You should be fine

I genuinely believe BTC will never rise hard again and ETH will take its place as market crasher

It will rise again, and shoot past 20k soon.

Fuck btc and ETH, i need them stable you niggers. So our alts can grow, i keep 0 BTC and 0 ETH but some solid alts. Yet they are still shitting for the most part, when will we see green charts again?

>BTC $17k

I love my gaincube


Good job. I dumped NEO at $100 and XMR at $400 for ENG and RLC. Comfortable with my life choices, even as those two keep climbing.

Literally the highest iq
Literally the highest ratio of PHDs

Will I make it bros?