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Hey all, New guy here. Care to know my story? I worked construction my whole life and my wife and I raised our kids. I became disabled and got on SS. Since then its been a struggle. We decided to get into Crypto in hopes to make a little $ and get off SS. Maybe be able to leave the kids some kind of inheritance. We put in what we could afford and so far it hasn't been good. Lost most of it because of Shills shilling shit without a care who they hurt in the process. We are on Kucoin and I am aware there are limited amounts of trades available. May I ask what coins would be good to get into? Yes I am aware I will be called horrible names now but I'm reaching out asking for help (which I never do). If anyone has a heart, any "Good" info would greatly help.

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You know what's the hardest thing to eat in a vegetable?
The wheelchair.

But seriously, unironically buy and hodl LINK, thank me later.

Want some advice? Get off your ass and do some research. Hey kids. If you fail at life you too can get hurt, live off government. Oh help my kids are going to go hungry because of you shills. Fuck off. Selfish and shitty fucking parent.

soon STK

you're welcome

What if I buy Link ironically?

Then it doesn't work and you get to hold bags

Kneepads (KNEE) for your wife an kids.

So becoming disabled is "Failing at life?" Certainly not "Living off the Govt" I paid in to what I'm getting back my good sir.

Anyways, I thank the ones that gave an honest opinion. I'll just delete this thread as to avoid any further embarrassment.

Sounds like you have a lot of time to do research why the fuck are you falling for user shills and others promises?

Fucking put yourself to use and don't throw away the money you have earned and that your family needs.


Stop being pathetic and go fucking grab this shit by the balls and make you and your family rich.

Start devoting your life to researching and learning what this all is and you will be successful, invest into coins that you can see are undervalued and are actually solving real issues.

It seems like you need to learn what makes all of this so profitable in the first place. Stop looking to others because 99% of the time they are just trying to make money off of the idiots who don't know what they are doing.

listen up , buy xlm, and hold for 2 months.
they ahve a roadmap coming on the 25th and in febuary , fairx will come out. i really hope you will get your family back up.

I honestly hope you take what I said into deep consideration.

Here are some of the safest coins you can get into for 2018, you can either blindly buy into them or research each one.


I'm not fucking with you either OP, find a good entry and buy into these ASAP. they will make you x2-x40 this year.

Don't be a pussy. You won't make it being a pussy.


Nice meme

Fucking wagecuck. I hate and despise you and your "le blue collar jerbs". Price of shit wannabe baby boomer mother fucker. What's wrong? Didn't work hard enough for Mr. Shekelstein? Fucking trash. Invest in TRX you peice of shit hasbeen.

Lol this. A browser plugin coin and a gambling coin. Gtfo

RCN and FUN are two good, high-risk picks

If it wasn't clear already, do NOT touch TRX with a ten foot pole if your money is actually important to you.

General speaking, you need to start investing lots of time to research this shit if this is actually important to you and not just a funny way to gamble away.

You faggots retarded or what? You want to argue that these aren't going to at least double any investment you put into it today within a few weeks/months?

Both of these tokens have huge backing and are ran by some of the most influential figures in the industries they are tackling. Both have utility and an actual product they are fully releasing within a few months.

What the fuck coins are safer for risk/returns

No Sir. I actually despise gambling. Yes this pretty much is but I am trying. It's about all I can do in all reality. TRY

Learn technical analysis and understand the technology and service the org plans on providing. Listening to shills without doing any research of your own is the fastest way to get fucked in the ass by people smarter than you.


>Try years

They're literally TRX 2.0 normie shitcoins. I'm not saying they don't have value, normiemoney is the best way to moon. But they're shitty products.

> (You)
Lol. Tell me why they are shitty projects pajeet

haha you got me I was just FUDing. Gonna buy 100k

Check out RHOC

alt pumps will be slowing down after this week.

go for good icos instead. like LiveEDU. YCOMBINATOR COMPANY SINCE 2015

OP I am in the exact situation and the first piece of advice I can give you is no one on biz gives a fuck about your struggles. No one on biz cares to help you. Go all in on ETH and or NEO and you will see small profits daily. While your investment grows you need to do your own research on what will be the next moon mission for alts. If biz is shilling it then it is already to late and they just want to unload their bags... i will repeat one last time NO ONE ON BIZ GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR STRUGGLES.
Ive done concrete work for 10 years, a few weeks ago my back finally gave out and it was the biggest blessing of my life. It took that injury for me to realize that i would never get ahead working for someone else. Also I was 1099 type employee so I dont even have SS or Workers comp to fall back on. Invest in yourself OP you can make it

don't bother with pumps unless you want to lose more money

the only piece of shit is you for trying to belittle someone who is just trying to make a living. People like op built your moms house aka the basement that you live in. And when shit hits the fan and your internet money vanishes what fucking skills do you have fgt

I was a Finisher too. Got hurt, employer fought it. As usual the little guy loses.

you will be called a wagecuck but it doesnt matter some of these little fgts are just mad other people are getting in on the profits. You are still ahead of the game my friend... be patient and persistent

TY my good Sir. As I said before, I'm trying to get off SS and make life good again. Its quite demeaning to be in my situation.

you paid into it might as well use it. Im still working when I can just to put more money into crypto. But since NEO has been on a run while all these shit coins stay red I decided to take today off instead of burning in a 20 yard basement LOL

Haha. The companies I worked for let us scrub it out by hand. A bit quicker and much less "Hurry up and wait".....