Poor newfag here. Started yesterday, gonna dump the APPC I was memed into buying Wednesday. How's my portfolio look?

Poor newfag here. Started yesterday, gonna dump the APPC I was memed into buying Wednesday. How's my portfolio look?

too diversified. long term holds with very little initial investment is not good also. all in on some obscure coin or icx before 20/xlm before 24/some kucoin shit dip. dont go for long term holds with 300 dollars.

You should just all in into some shitcoin that hasn't mooned yet and is somewhat stable.
Take profits and repeat or diversify.

Should I sell the eth for more XLM? Considering selling the BNB too once it's back up.

Way to many coins. I would all in something or maybe 50/50 with ETH to anchor you. Also you have a lot of long term holds when imo with such little money you should be trying to 2x quick with riskier gambles. I'd all in REQ and hope for a good announcement friday which could give you a quick 30%+ then maybe all in XLM or MOD

go all in req before friday. then switch to icx, mainnet coming out. after icx pump go for xlm, then you have to find out for youself whats next.

Isn't LINK going to potentially jump with mainnet coming out?

don't know anything about link announcements. not really up to date with biz shills, but it would be nice to know when exactly is mainnet coming out.

hmm, seems like whales are accumulating on link really hard. it's a good sign, so I guess something's really going to jump. you could stay on link if you know exact date of mainnet. req friday, icx saturday, xlm 24, those should be quick pumps besides link. your choice. just don't diversify like this.

Keeping the LINK, selling everything else for ETH then putting half of that in REQ. Thanks.

wish you good profits. you can probably see that market is pretty volatile these days, and nobody really knows how long will it take to go back on track. so there's no 100% chance that everything will go as planned for example with req, but it's your best bet. better than random shitcoin on cryptopia i guess.

Please tell me if I hold this for 6 months it will 10x

dont dump stuff when it geos down you fucktard, i lost so much money this way.

Sell when its high..

I guarentee if you sell APPC youl regret it when it goes to over 20k sats this week.

ive got 300 VEN, roughly $1700. Should I hold them or sell and put all it into quick moon missions?

same applies to you

Any suggestions my boys?

When did you buy in?

I want to invest in more but Capital One is blocking credit cards on crypto so I'm stuck in the meantime.


I currently have a few dollars more than when I started yesterday and could make even more dumping my measly $50 something with with everything else into REQ. Why wouldn't I? Lost nothing yet so I might as well of never had bought this shit coin considering I just started.

Quick question where do you find this info regarding what days will be the best for which coins? Social media, the coin's site?

poorfag here. 100% in req. got most of my stack at sub 10 cents
feels good man

Music to my ears

reddit, biz, twitter, telegram, find coins of your choice preferably not in top 10/20, find info about upcoming events and announcements and that's it

Thanks man I'll start looking for these coins subs and following them on Twitter.

They have serious partners with good prospects also yesterday they announced partnership with Chinese gov. department. Just hodl