Portfolio thread tbh

what's up boys. post your portfolio as of right now. rate others if nice

15% CAPP
35% ETC
10% NAV
15% XBY
25% SUMO
5 xrb not situated in the equation

discord group /8dkr8WJ

100% NEO

/strapped in/

100% XRP

>god please help me, sir pls hlp

I'm thinking of getting into xby soon too. On a scale of 1-10 how safe do you think it is? What do you estimate price end of March?

i'd say it's pretty safe right now. i bought at 2700 sats 2 weeks ago, i've been had my chance to sell but i'm hodling. i believe.

I've been hearing good things. I feel like it could be the next XRB if things go our way.

I'm going to jump in end of January.

45% LINK
35% ZCL
20% XLM

Rate me lads

100% CAG

>50% CAPP
>37.5% ZRX
>12.5% BAT

5k $ budget, I expect at the very least 10k$ EOM.

atta boy

25% into REQ, LINK, FUN, ETH

40% COSS
20% ETH
15% AMP
15% NMR


100% XLM boys

50% ICX
45% ENG
5% TRX (just in case something happens)

100% CAPP

95% XBY

ETH 18%
PRL 5%
NAV 10%
MOD 9%
LRC 15%
ICX 23%
AST 7%
POE 2%
ENG 11%

how fucked am I Veeky Forums

85% NEO
15% DBC

you'll make it

100% fun unironically

All in USDT

55% ETH
26.5% BTC
7.5% LBC
5.5% GRC
5.5% ZEC

Just got out of Monero at 0.031 which was about 20% of the BTC

40% XLM
30% REQ
30% LEND

I regret nothing

40% eth
40% icx
20% shitcoins (xlm, ven, wabi, eng, snov, ltc, btc)

18.9% BTC
14.7% KMD
14.1% STRAT
13.7 ARK
12.5% VEN
8% GVT
8% WTC
7% ICX
1% REQ

the fact that almost no one here has bat makes me extremely bullish on it for the next few months. thanks gents

57% VEN 22% ETH 13% BTC 8% LINK comfy af here

50% BankEx
50% Jibrel Network

...because fuck it. Also, #YOLO

BAT is a meme. You need to learn that biz will shill things that are bad for you.

DYOR read the white paper and you’ll see why it’s a bad investment

100% LINK

See you guys in a year

lol ok pajeet. sorry your REQ and LINK bags are heavy and don't even have a working product

gonna be a easy 10x

45 zcl
30 btc
25 icx

80% NEO (total blind luck - I didn’t even know about GAS)
20% ICX

100% UFR


21% BTC
21% VEN
16% REQ
12% ARK
11% ETH
8% XLM

Was: 100% ETH
Now: 70% ETH, 15% XRP, 15% APPC

I fucked up lads

37% XLM
23% NEBL
22% NEO
12% BTC
4% ODN

is Capp really interesting or is that just a shilled shitcoin ? I'll check the white paper at the end of the week before investing anyway but tell me.

>not all-in on a couple of shitcoins

Shiggy diggy, it's just imaginary money anyways lmao

fokken cucks

50% Bitcoin
45% Litecoin
5% Meincoin

capp is actually a good coin



>100% DBC

50% proc 50% dot, wish me luck boys

10000% BAT

is it wrong that i want to worship her farts?

lol that bizfolio.