ICON GANG: Whale Accumulation

We have been stuck between 6900 and 7900 for the past couple days. Want to accumulate like a whale? Sell at 7700, buy at 6900. Keep doing that until mainnet launches.

I’ve been increasing my stack for the last few days. Yesterday was pretty dangerous when it went over 7900. I was afraid it was going to take off. But it appears I made the right decision because I bought back to day at 6850.

I'm gonna try doing this and it's gonna moon like crazy past 7900 once I do.

I was afraid too, but I think OP is right about it happening all the way until MainNet launch. I don’t expect it to moon until then.

My same thought

ok user, I'll try it out. Wish me luck

I'd rather just hodl and not sweat it.... i enjoy the comfy lifestyle ICX brings me

I've been 5x for the first 2 months in crypto, it didn't feel sustainable so for this month and half into feb I decided to just iron hands in ICX. I'm pretty pleased, but at the same time, I feel stagnant and like I could be making more money.

ICON is way too valuable to even risk losing any of my stack. You guys are gonna get burned.

my strategy is, ill keep selling off 1000 ICX around the 77k mark and buying back in around 69k, and if it takes off, ill just add it to my OMG position. I'll still be left with a significant amount of them.

this is neo as antshares

tfw only 300 ICX

gotta risk it for the biscuit right user?

491 ICX will i make it?

ICX goes $100, you get $49100

not makin it, but still good money

Started with 44 ICX on Jan 1st, now have 55 ICX
I know I'm never gonna make it, but my goal is to be able to buy pic related. It better not fail.

You might make if you make 10 hours of RS drop vids for living

poorfag here with 50 ICX
mainnet launch when?

jan 24

warning friends. Dire warning
Icx mainnet delay to 26 February
Second time delay
Also they print 30% coins more each year to destroy price a scam they want
Not a good pick only going down from now.
VEN good coin right now. Has tobacco on blockchain. More VEN more tobacco you get. Friends love me I have shed full tobacco now. Good twitter fun and times. Guarantee.
No other coin have tobacco in blockchain try but not there!

cheers m8

tobacco very nice , please buy , will make you rich , and me finally able to afford a toilet

chink alert
you VEN shills are all over telegram, no one gives a fuck

Please listen! VEN coin is best and most undervalued. Like antshare neo. You don't want to miss out. So cheap. VEN first to have tobacco in blockchain. Icx not even have blockchain. Buy or miss out and lose. Guarantee

Yeah, sticking with my 3200, that should be enough to do quite well by year's end.

my parents just advised me to pick up ICX.
they also talked about main net launch.
what should I do guys? is it really legit?

How much ICX I need to make it user? I just want Hyundai

even your parents are more up to date than you

baka senpai

I can't tell if this is a pajeet or somebody trying to write the same way Trump tweets.

Every fucking token is being strangled by whales. Feels bad man.

The handle is forming. This is gonna Fly, Classic Cupper and Handler!

Alarm. Do not buy now or else. ICX mod ignore and never update. Korea ban curocurrency too, very soon. 30% more token a year. Money dilution.You will be sorry. Buy VEN if want tobacco on blockchain. Built new shed for even more tobacco. Friend love me. Please don't miss out or you regret. Guarantee.

can't tell if actual chinglish or troll

you sound like a filthy street merchant

This costs more than 55ICX?

how high could it go in january? I'm already invested in some potential moonshots

Kek, I appreciate your b8
>built new shed for even more tobacco
Really fags? That wasn't a dead giveaway?

I really want some of that tobacco. Seriously considering dumping ICX for good.

Yeah it's the 535i V8, that exact one is 2000€

Can't wait to see how mainnet and the summit go, gonna be beautiful

Nobody knows but it has potential to go $50 and beyond eoy

ive seen chinese say shit a lot dumber than that

everyone is already priced in
only the listing on coinone and krw pairing can make this moon for real

ICX will be going on Coinbase March


kek i know but i'm not fudding, that's just my opinion

Guys, will you be able to stake ICX? And if so, when?

> $15 before mainnet

yall been memed

That's still 9 days away baka.

>and me finally able to afford a toilet

still plenty of time

775 checking in

Is this what you would call a cup and handle?

The cup is crooked and there is no handle, so no

Most recent candle won't stay like that though


Then we'll talk

Deluded iconkies are deluded. This shitcoin is way overhyped and will continue to tank in the lead up to mainnet. Sell now and rebuy after mainnet launch if you want profit. This coin is a good long term hold however you will be loosing money holding it now.

Is it as loose as your mums hole?

This is exact post is why I hold 70% ICON. Even the FUDers concede its a good long term hold.

ICX being over $5 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this. Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $5?


whale here. your luck will run out very quickly if you start attempting this.

sir, argue against my points instead of talking my mum you motheryukkers.