Is this shit gonna hit $50?

is this shit gonna hit $50?

i work in digital advertising and want to see my company die

if BAT hits $50 ill be a millionaire and tell everyone to go fuck themselves

Well, going over $1 defeats the purpose, so....

realistically, probably more like $3-5 in the near term (this year)

I dont even own BAT and im a BAT shill.

BAT will be between $10-$100 by eoy, $10 being conservative af

someone put BAT on YLYL for pewdiepie to see and the price will shoot up

BAT is seriously going to reach moon status in the upcoming months. It has its own unique funtionality and is being developed by the creator of java and co founders of mozilla and firefox. Anyone who doesn't have at least 1k BAT in their portfolio are confirmed cryptogamblers with no insight or research to what they are doing.

what about someone who has at least 300k BAT?

> java


Holding 10k, 90% of portifolio. Is that also called cryptogambling?

people are working on it user ;)

50 is kind of outlandish. $10 is very likely.

100 bat here. Did I make it?

300k BAT is bill gates mode

you know this board is invaded by newfags when they start shilling shitcoins that we used to make fun not so long ago

protip: BAT is an overvalued shitcoin for a glorified ad network. You will be holding these bags until a new influx of uneducated normies come to buy your bags. Enjoy!

Will BAT finally be my first mega gain

Get some exposure while the market is down. It will hit $2.50 some time this quarter.

Call them newfags. That'll show em

shill me your bags then faggot inb4 DBC

Why is it outlandish??
Name another crypto is owned by every major youtuber right now? You don't think at least one of them will mention it to their ginormous audiences?

crypto is fucking tiny, BAT will make crypto big, BAT will make it mainstream

>we used to make fun not so long ago

You're either a fake oldfag or a shit trader. BAT has been legit since day one. The only serious arguments we had about it were over whether or not it relied on Brave adoption, but now that's not an issue.