Does anyone understand what this project actually does, because I have no idea? Seems like an awful lot of buzzwords

Does anyone understand what this project actually does, because I have no idea? Seems like an awful lot of buzzwords.

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Fuck off you dirty pajeet. Do your own research instead of asking here. If you are too dumb to see that this will literally become THE legitimate crypto bank then there is no helping you. Keep buying shitcoins like Tron lmao.

You probably wouldn't understand even if I told you

thanks for explanation, tho it seems like you need a bit of anger management

It’s essentially a legitimate crypto bank

>THE legitimate crypto bank
explain ?


from what i see the token is a utility token. fees for trading within the network.

the project wants to bring assets like investments into the crypto world, and represent them as a tethered token (jUSD) like USDT

but how so? How does one become a crypto bank, I dont think thats even possible.

I didn't explain shit.

Okay, here, I'll help you out:

Imagine there was tether but instead of being minted by a shady exchange with shitty "audits" it was ran by a registered bank in Switzerland audited by a top 4 accounting firm.

Next, imagine if your tethers were as good as actual money due to guaranteed, regulated backing and were available in Euros or Won or CNY or whatever shitcoin you'd use in real life (assuming you are not from some shithole).

In short, imagine you'd have actual crypto money that is as good as real fiat because there is a regulated entity behind it guaranteeing it. Now you have jCash. And jCash represents like a small smidgen of what jibrel is intending to do. It's literally what is gonna be available once JNT lists on exchanges in the coming weeks and that alone is enough to make it moon.

i bought 600 without understanding what it was about. absolute state of Veeky Forums. you have a 401k, bonds, amazon stock (just guessing) you don't want to sell them. but you can bring them to jibrel, they will give you tokens and you can buy crypto off your assets. the token JNT is for use in that system. something like that.

word of the day: sarcasm.

Anyway, so do I understand this correctly that I can finally cash out thanks to this?
And what does that fucking mean "smidgen of what jibrel is intending to do"? Sell heroin?

Represent is the wrong word though. It's literally as good as real money, because it's redeemable with a proper fucking bank in Switzerland.

Just check this tweet:

They will make regulated fiat money on blockchain a reality. Market cap after ICO is 35 million, who wants to take a bet that this will reach 10x within a month or two?

Who here got in the ico, who here already picking out their lambo color

its finance stuff thats beyond us Veeky Forums investors and geared at institutional investors

honestly a very good project though, they have their own conference in south korea on the 17th and they are bringing in a bunch of big names, don tapscott, da hongfei, binance ceo dude, community people like boxmining. they said they have partnerships lined up for q1 and q2 so expect this to be big

i hope this project enables big arab oil sheikhs to buy my heavy shitcoin bags

Umm, literally tokenizing other assets? Government bonds for example. Also, once there is a proper banking license in place in Q3, imagine taking loans for a house with your cryptos as securities?

There are a lot of "hurr durr tokenize assets" shitcoins out there but jibrel is so far the only professional one looking to meet all regulations. They won't be shut down if a regulatory hammer hits.

So could this replace like tether ?

I have no idea, but I have 10k of those

so lets say I have a stock of something like Apple, google, whatever, can I put it on Jibrel?

Well, yes. Jibrel is getting registered as a financial service provider in Switzlernad. This basically means they are regulated like a bank and cannot fuck around with your money. The proper banking license comes later.

What's important is that this means that jCash will not be like tether, it will literally be superior in all ways. There is no reason for tether to exist anymore, as jCash is more safe, more secure, more regulated and 100% guaranteed to be backed by an actual registered entity audited by a proper firm. You can always trust in being able to exchange your jCash with actual money. Do you think if 1.5 billion tethers were to be exchanged for cash today Bitfinex could handle it? Probably not, because they are not required to.

Jibrel is regulated and your jCash is as good as real money. And this is something crypto desperately needs.


It's a cryptobank. No it's THE cryptobank.

If you aren't in. Your out.

Is this shit on etherdelta?

All depends on their banking license. But in the end you can literally tokenize any assets. So to answer your question. Yes.

only got 650 jnt
but I guess it will be easy 8x

No, they will unlock tokens when it's on a proper exchange. Will ist on 4 exchanges at the same time, at the latest on February 1st but might be earlier. So you won't have to buy it off a pajeet exchange. Expect binance, kucoin, liqui and hitBTC or something.

I will fomo in with a few eth just to see where this goes. One last thing, when does this shit start to work?

You can use JWallet already. jCash will release with the token most likely, so JNT will instantly start being burned as people convert crypto into jCash. Deflationary from day one.

BIG fucking announcements in the coming days
You have no idea how happy i am i have 20k of these. My only regret is not going all in

Hi, how do I buy?

If I can't until listing, please let me know when that date is.

follow their telegram, they are announcing dates soon. most likely sometime after the 17th when they have their conference in korea. it will be feb 1st at the latest

55K JNT comfy here!


yo whens jibroni getting on an exchange?

Feb 1st at the latest. It will be on non-pajeet exchanges so easy to buy.

You guys spoiled everything. This should've been our secret gem but u spoiled it all.

Fuck you!

No a buch of newcoiners gonna buy in and fomo this into pajeet street.

how the fuck is this secret? ICO is already over, so you had plenty of time to accumulate

some of us are burgers

I'm all set but I've got a bunch of hungry burger friends who want in. They are so free they can't even use their money. lol.

I feel bad for them. I'm sitting comfy on my JNT, got middle six figures of this coin and it's making me a millionaire.

>on 4 exchanges at the same time
that's a pretty bad decision actually. Why can't they list it gradually, like 1 exchange a week to slowly pump the price

There is more exchanges coming afterwards. Also, the team doesn't wanna pump the price wit hexchange listings, this is solid enough to moon based on fundamentals. Team is legit, not a bunch of pajeets looking for an exit scam.