The saga of pajeet part 3, pls,, sir edition

The saga of pajeet part 3, pls,, sir edition

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what happened next?

this 'jeet does not know when to quit


but it wouldn't surprise me if that OP was another pajeet aswell

Let's see if we can get him to put a sharpy in his pooper or even better, show us his loo

i wish i was smart enough to think up a scam like this, but i'm a gainlet AND a brainlet

so let me get this straight. there never was an etherdelta transaction, pajeet just sent $10,000 to a phishing airdrop link?

And now Vic is pretending to be address owner of the coins?

Yeah most probably
Not even funny anymore his is some plebbit level of autism

nothing, I told him to send me a video of his home or no money. Still waiting on that video

what did he mean by this?

here's the video of the fat shitskin with his spawn

pls sirs he's going to starve if we don't give his tron back sirs pls

hope the dirty pajeet doesn't get his money back

Post the original video for anyone just joining

kek, you have put an image to the word Pajeet for all of Veeky Forums, pls sir pls sir

kek do you actually have his tron?

send him shitcoins

Here is the original video

there's no proof of this happening , there's no archive of this stop spreading bullshit.

funny seeing pajeet having his trx tokens stolen but cmon stop spreading fake bullshit making this guys life even worse

no, I only have like 15k. But according to this shitty photoshop, he think I have 4.5 mil kek

here he is, armed and ready to shit up this new thread

link 2 etherscan please

fuck off pajeet

>pajeet defending his countryman
>brown ID

Someone post the etherscan link where he begs for TRX

someone accidentally listed 50k tron thinking they put the wrong price, but they actually just sold the whole batch for a cent. Now the guy who sold wants his tron back cause he thought he could dump his bags and walk away with a pretty penny, but he actually lost 50k trx

fuck off pajeet

Hahaha. I'm done helping this faggot

Wrong coin, too lulz have ensued but he may have actually been phished

Please pull up the archive of him trying to scam then.

That was funny as fuck, Nice.

oh ok, I was unable to tell who's who from the last two threads thanks in part to and his ilk's autistic screeching.

didn't you know that ID color were the replacement for countryflags

>they will come soon. Probably 25 minutes from now. It should take about 1488 more seconds according to etherscan. Thanks

No proofs drumpfty


fuck off pajeet

If you want to see more normies and pajeets being scammed. Watch the 5 stages of grief in real time.

How typical of cumskins. Scam someone then rewrite history by claiming that the scammed man was the one really trying to scam someone else.

Absolutely pathetic, thankfully white civilization/society is headed towards collapse.


>obese poonigger greedily invests in trx
>fat curryshitter tries to scam someone
>streetshitter gets counter-scammed
it's like pottery it rhymes

fuck off pajeet

>thankfully white civilization/society is headed towards collapse.
only because of the shitskins

so much anger Y I K E S

fuck off pajeet


Remember thr the airdrop sites that ask for your private key?

>Of the tokens I tried for an airdrop which was a scam and all my tokens are gone in this wallet...49120..with all the fees ...I am completely devastated

lol so user doesn't even have the tokens. Jesus, this poor pajeet.

Then again, I can't feel that bad - this idiot bought a scam meme coin close to the peak and put his life savings in it, then blindly sent it to an airdrop scam. How fucking dumb can you be?

There are others like him out there and they are buyin TRON.

No proof trump voter

no airdrop asks for private keys you fucking retards

lol like thats and insult here

>that pic
and here i was thinking i was out of keks for the day

fuck off pajeet

sir,, pls

fuck off pajeet

Jesus christ! Where's that nigger from the other two threads white knighting for this cunt? Fight me bitch.

I'm gonna copy/paste what I wrote in the previous thread:

>he hates pajeets
>no it can't be because they are individualist insects who will do anything to get ahead in life
>no it's not because they have 9 kids even though they're impoverished
>no it's not because they objectively ruin this board and are the majority of crypto scammers
>he MUST hate them because he supports le drumps DxX XD
please, PLEASE go back to r/latestagecapitalism and never post here again

They have these sites for pretty much every coin you faggot

Phishing for dummies

you have to be a special breed of shitskin retard to fall for anything like that. top fucking cuck

Thanks but still no proof

Nah, it's because whites willingly did it to themselves. Straight after WW2 you guys had the biggest economic prosperity/boom, and the white boomers squandered it by planting the seeds of destruction in white society. What am I talking about?


This is why whites have a 50% divorce rate in America, which directly affects the emotional maturity of kids resulting in mental disorders. You guys give zero fucks about the family unit (for the most part), everything is about me me me. This causes social cohesion to fall apart and causes autist loners like the kind of people that exist here on Veeky Forums

We could further and explore why white chicks bang BBCs, participating in degenerate hedonism, etc. But the main rundown is that white society has nearly completely fallen apart.

fuck off pajeet


Pajeet you showed up! I remember you from the last thread you kept crying that "there is no evidence, Try I to remember evidence of air drop scam."

we're all trump voters here, nigger

your typical trump supporter , basing shit off fake news. white supremacists are seriously low iq

lmao pajeet is so mad

but in the white house and that upsets you which makes us happy

>trump supporter
>fake news
>white supremacists
top fucking kek pajeet is so mad

Someone JUST him holding his baby

That only proves what I said that he wasn't a scammer and actually got scammed by a phishing airdrop

Are you braindead nigger?

The pic you're replying to is a completely different thread from months ago newfag

imagine identifying your self as a white nationalist but living in a country thats less than 50 percent white. if you hate other races so much , why live around them?

>if you hate other races so much , why live around them?
you're making me think, senpai

You mean *there's?
I'm not defending the guy in any way it's not my money, if you fall for a scam you learn the hard way

awwww boys i hit a nerve

Kek, a sympathiser trying to defend a member of his clan deffo a Pajeet.

pajeets scamming pajeets, what a time to be alive

Can we just get flags on this board
I'm really sick of everyone being a fucking potential pajeet
Also of not being able to say 2 words without being pajeet'd by some pajeetposter


Why do pajeets even try? You can spot their english from a mile away.

You should know yourself how easy it is to spot a non-native speaker.

我们不是老外, 你们都是老外

Found this in the previous thread.
Anyone think there's truth to this?
Any chance he might an hero?

Nice bait faggot

this is why we need flagssss

>Any chance he might an hero?
i hope he streams it

No proofs trump supporter

you can literally smell their bad english

Second this

>trump supporter
is this supposed to be an insult? why are you here?

Thread 1: Thread 2: _________________
My earlier post:

He lives in an apartment, has a television and internet, wears gold, etc... so we know he is middle class.

Him obtaining 10k would be akin to someone in the US getting access to 100k.

Not to mention:
> Lives with his parents
> Is utterly freaking out to a point where I don't think this money is all his (or that the people it belongs know he has it)
> He has a kid so there's been a dowry payment at some point
> May have got a loan from a bank

This guy is fucked. And if the cost values he gave are correct he only purchased the TRX 10 days ago.

I want to feel sorry but he is a Pajeet and we need to fight back.

You people are sick. Seek psychologists and Jesus before it's too late


>Fat ugly virgin anime watching faggots mock a Pajeet because he got scammed for his life savings

Let me guess, he's a "degenerate" so it's okay?

Where's the proof?


I'm on my shitty phone right now

Give a proof if you don't like getting insulted

also making up fake bullshit so even more people target him , imagine this being the highlight of your day. pretty sad!

yeah, I liked your post here I think your assessment is pretty valid. I wonder how he'll ever get his hands on that kind of money again

You need to kill yourself and screenshot that

>Fat ugly virgin
pure projection fatty

he's back, with dubs

fuck off pajeet

link probably

>getting insulted
calling me a supporter of the god emperor isn't an insult, sweetie