Posted this thread 2 days ago with fruitful replies, get in here

Are you fucking tired of the endless, constant shilling of LINK, FUN, XLM, UFR and REQ on this board? All those coins have mooned many times already. They will never give you proper gains, especially newcomers should stay away from them, unless you like those 10% gains on your 100$ initial investment. I did some research and put together a list of undervalued, low market cap, often low supply altcoins.

AST - AirSwap
CL - CoinLancer
DAT - Datum
ELIX- Elixir
GTO - Gifto
OST - Simple Token
STN - Steneum
UTK - UTrust
PBL - Publica
QSP - QuantStamp
TIO - Trade.IO

Are any of you holding these coins? What are your thoughts on these coins? What other undervalued altcoins do you see in this market? You can discuss ANYTHING in here as long as its not one of the constantly shilled coins


Only coin on this list worth anything. Also, this coin is massively undervalued in general.

I expect $15 by March.

the point is that they are not worth much right now my cerebrally challenged friend, which is why they have potential to moon. I know they are risky investments, but you dont make 10x off of LINK or FUN or XLM now, because you cant jump back in time

I've seen some of those posted here, they just don't get much attention from fags because they don't have memes and round the clock shill groups.

I like OST and PBL, had WABI but dropped it for some other bags

A similar to PBL is Authorship, ATS, except it has only a 3 million mcap

Also really bullish on OPT and CREA

yeah, that was the point of the thread. there is little money to make on the coins that already have huge exposure, hence why I make this thread for all the people who actually want to DISCUSS and not just spam memes and cross their fingers

hmmh, you're making ATS sound juicy. I will look that up and maybe put it in the OP pasta.

I think it's got a really good room to grow, accumulating some more on this dip

Look into HPB, INT and VSX

tell me more about VSX user

on CMC it says that literally 160million of the total supply of 168million have been bought. what the fuck?

CMC needs to update more frequently, this happens a lot.

thanks for the quick reply. between HPB INT and VSX, which one do you think has the best devs/social media presence? I want a relatively safe investment, not necessarily the one that pays the best/moons the most

also thinking about electra ECA

I bought AST at around $1.30. It shot up to $2 but is now back to $1.40. I'm just holding, waiting for that goldman sach's investors conference.

Down to $1.26 actually.

Datum is undervalued. Heres why
discord gg/XsdQcUw

Wait until Feb 6 for ICE when it comes to FUN. Do people not realize this??

gets no shilling because it has actual use

OPT is going places for sure. Marketcap is doubling every couple weeks.

I can literally 10x my initial investment until feb 6 instead of holding fun and bleeding money you absolute retard

nice to see AST get some spotlight, it is one of the few low mcap coins that DONT seem like complete vaporware

new york coin is taking off next

Wabi could be undervalued, real world use case that'll be disruptive. I sold my MOD once it reached ath for Wabi, and I just not been moving since.