It's all over, isn't it?

It's all over, isn't it?

decent thread died for this


I'm sitting on 20k Req but honestly I want it to completely die just to spite you fucking arseholes posting these threads over and over

>decent thread died for this


Not gonna lie, former REQ dev here. Its fucking hilarious watch REQ crash and burn. But in all seriousness we cant let them be PayPal 2.0

Pajeets, go away

Did some insider tip off big investors something serious about the project? Why the fuck is it crashing so hard.

How many thousands of REQ fud threads do we need per hour again? Fucking pajeet nigs ruin everything.



Holding 30k, comfy af. Not even worried I've been in this shitty game for a long time now and I am convinced that REQ is going to be big.

cut your losses on this shitcoin

I sold mine at a loss and bought neo at the then ATH of $100 and got laughed at -- "haha buy high sell low"

well guess what fags, neo doubled since then and you guys are on your way back down to 15 cents.

t paypal shills

The token is useless and github has barely any shit, see for yourself. It is purely driven by the hype of being the next PayPal.

>the token is useless
not entirely true, it gives the devs a financial incentive to make a working product.

tfw i'll still be up 300% at 15 cents

I wonder how many are actually newfaqs complaining.

Fees are paid with REQ tokens (extremely cheap fees for the user, doesn't actually need to own REQ tokens) and the value is built by holding the token. How is that difficult to understand? You fags will be crying later this week when it goes over $1 again.

rumor is main developer left the project. standby for confirmation.

January effect

His linkedin link changed for some reason. So thats where this fud is coming from.

Im loading up some more while retards sellson unbased fud.

Yes, and the worst part is that the poos who stole your money won't even use it to buy loos