The safest 5x in Q1

The safest 5x in Q1.
Why aren't you all in Veeky Forums?

Give me one reason why it is the "safest x5 in Q1" Inb4 DYOR.

It's not. Just some holder trying to make his bags lighter.

Im already all in on eth

why should we bet on bitcoin's testnet
I'd rather bet on the real thing ty

Yeah, Veeky Forums is basically just shill your own coin at this point (I own some LTC also) but even so I'm interested in what he is going to say, probably nothing that people don't already know.

I don't know about 5x but I do think alot of normie money is going into ltc in q1

Normies are buying ETH like everybody.

Ltc is on coinbase

LTC has much more room for growth than ETH. Max we will see from ETH in Q1 is 2x.
Simply low market cap compared to bch and btc.
And LTC has history of bursts after long consolidation periods. It never goes down after consolidation.

Yeah, because of this I do think there is some merit to what OP is saying, though I think x5 is quite optimistic desu. In reality I think it could break 500/600 dollars in Q1 possibly.


If the big announcement lives up to the hype 5x seems plausible.

>break 500/600 dollars in Q1 possibly.
Keep telling that to yourself user. It helps to ease the pain.

The reason it is shitting the bed right now is cause bc is in a bit of a downward trend the last couple hours?

No pain from my end, I'm barely invested in it, I only have like 4 LTC which is about 5% of my portfolio right now. 500/600 dollars in Q1 is very possible depending on the announcements being made next month.

Ignore the shills. The flippening will happen.

I can certainly see that but not anytime soon.

I hold 10% of my folio in it but I honestly would be suprised if it 2xd in Q1

It'll never overtake BTC.

>2xd in Q1
If you are happy with this gain, I feel sorry for you user.

Never is a word I stopped using years ago.

Well it was designed to work alongside it, besides, all Charlie Lee seems to do is FUD his own coin.

I’m happy with that gain in a staple coin, absolutely.

I'm getting so JUSTed that this coin is literally my best hold.

That’s one thing I don’t understand with that guy. Why FUD your own child when you could be pumping it up.

my portfolio is 85% LTC and 15% alts

the alts have been keeping my portfolio afloat

please charlie let the real flippening happen

Who says LTC has to be the silver to BTC's gold? Anyone in crypto knows LTC is a better coin but without the name recognition and high fees.

Change the coins color to "gold" and the perception will change too. Development would be wise to consider this.

When it comes to marketing I feel like he should leave that to someone else, all he does is encourage low confidence in his own creation like you say, autistic af.

Are you one of XRP/TRX survivor user?

DBC mostly

Litecoin dev is in retard mode as for as marketing is concerned.

Don't worry you will be UNJUST-ed. We are still "early"

>Who says LTC has to be the silver to BTC's gold?
Yeah no one in theory, but BTC has a huge headstart on branding and normie exposure, even if BTC is a technologically inferior coin, that doesn't matter to 99% of the people that will be buying into this shit in the future and like I said above if Charlie Lee wasn't such a retard, FUDing his own coin constantly, I might be a bit more optimistic for LTC.

Just need a bit of meme magic. Let /biz start the new marketing. Dev can catch on later.

I'm thinking about selling low but I won't become a living meme.

Every day I wake up to see it reaching new lows. I even bought some more at 1700 sats thinking it couldn't possibly go lower. Oh boy. I figure I'll either increase my stack by trying to ride the waves or just end up holding...

Clif High’s data sets have Litecoin going crazy this year. What else did Clif High predict using his predictive linguistics algorithm?
>Trump winning
>10k BTC by EOY 2017
>Triple digit LTC by EOY 2017

I’m sure I’m missing some other predictions he’s nailed.

That actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also some Facebook exposure too. Consolidation of the best aspects of Litecoin to show people why it’s better.

True, rather join a group that has accurate Trading Analysis, not pump and dump shits. This guy is one of the best analysts. He saw xrb, oax, wtc potential before it broke out.
Predicted ENJ at 7 cents..
discord gg/XsdQcUw

He’s not the only person predicting Litecoin going crazy this year.

I wouldn’t sell right now, give it until end of Q1 at least.

I think we are still early just because exchanges are having difficulties to handle the influx of normies. Many of them closed for registrations for that reason. Hopefully it works out, otherwise, I'll live among wage-slave and slowly but surely die in vein.

>Clif High
Is he an age-gap porn actor?

LTC has been in a pattern lately, no growth relative to BTC and then one day it gets pumped to .0185 BTC, then falls back to where it was before. You can accumulate more by holding and taking advantage of those swings.

One day it's going to break it but I don't see it being any time soon.

What this guy said or at least wait until the end of February.

okay broskis hope i won't lose a month's salary

>Veeky Forums user with a job
That's impressive

You’re going to at minimum double your money.

>going to
don't trust Veeky Forums's prophecy

get a decent job pleb

Even if it gains on bitcoin, it won't be enough to be an actual winner in the market, as bitcoin is in a downtrend. Smart money doesn't give a shit about Litecoin.

Ok, keep us posted a.

amazing how the retard stopped using the trip when his meme lines meant jack shit

Haven't seen WhaleBro lately. Maybe he gave up

How many LTC are you guys holding? Sometimes I feel this is like nothing

not OP, and idk if 5x but I know it have big chances to get high. I did research on that and:
1. It's already recognizable by normies
2. They are going to implement lighting network
3. Anonymous transactions
4. Paying in every shop you can pay with visa (so in civilized world in every fucking shop)
5. Rumors about paying with BTC/LTCD on Amazon

Anybody following a tripfag and believing they are both an actual whale and putting forth correct or even halfway decent analysis, probably buys Litecoin and is a fucking retard.

Retard ETH has almost already 2x'd and it's been three weeks.

have you seen the 1 LTC = 1 BTC whale meme? if that's the case, you'll make it user

>playing safe

Soft fork coming 28 January.

I'd be happy with btc 50k, eth 0.2btc and ltc 0.1 btc ;)

more infos user

Litecoin holders are the fucking worst and possibly the dumbest people in crypto.

>Safest x1
I've been holding Litecoin since last May. This is amazingly stable until it isn't. It went up x4 last month. I hope it can do it again soon. Need more gains.

Are you implying TRX holders are better? LTC is garbage but TRX is literal cancer.

>Paying in every shop you can pay with visa