Can this pull what Neo is doing at the moment in the next 5 months?

Can this pull what Neo is doing at the moment in the next 5 months?

Yes , definitely, but not in 5 but 2-3 months. February hot month for LSK

Nope. Should have bought ETH or ANS/NEO.

looks like a buttplug so

They are rebranding next month.

That really is the nicest looking buttplug I have ever seen. So definitely.

besides all the kiddie shit talk, I strongly believe lisk can become + $100 by summer.

Remember Lisk devs never delievered so far. Every time is just more fucking announcements. I suspect they might want to strech developement of this dapp platform until the bubble pops. I could make (and probably will) make a whole thread about Lisk and what I find sketchy about it. (at one point I had about $15k in Lisk)

not with that shitty logo

they postponed the SDK how many times btw? It's supposed to come out in April. It's quite strange since Max is hiring more than 20 developers at the moment..

nope. But ACT can

I don't even count, the best part is the project they forked from years ago had an SDK (according to redditors, so I'm not sure about that). Essentially Lisk offers no more than it offered for years. They keep rewriting the same code over and over again.

I lost 50% on this so it's a shitcoin.

jeez, I bought it July, now this is getting me worried. I'm gonna wait for the rebranding and decide what to do.

>tbf JS SDK has the potential to be absolutely huge.

I'm even gonna jump on board as a JS developer.

>its still a WIP...
lisk devs in 2016

It's written in java lmao no

Ok, I'll try to summarize why I stopped trusting them. When I first bought Lisk, about 100 for about $0.3 each, they still had some blogpost or info on their website "and don't worry, even if we abandon the project other people will continue it for sure" at the time I didn't know why would you write shit like that on your website. Later I found out they abandoned their previous project. Second thing: they moved to Switzerland. Why would you move to the most expensive country? Read about Swiss bank accounts. If they moved the HQ to Switzerland no one will ask why do they have personal Swiss accounts. So this got me worried that at some point their ICO funds will get """hacked""". Nothing like that happened so far. Another thing: fake subreddit growth. Redditors noticed that a couple of times number of subreddit subscribers grew by thousands in just about an hour. Of course you can't prove it was the lisk team. Innocent until proven guilty. Next thing: if you see them posting some roadmap screenshot it. They had a roadmap that suggested rebranding in september and SDK in November. I cannot find this roadmap anymore. But people saw that roadmap so when they were talking about important meetings everyone assumed it'll be it. Wrong. But they knew they were decieving people. So why would they do this? One of their team members that left was caught dumping shitloads of Lisks just before their last shitty livestreamed meeting. So this is insider trading, if it was stock related and not crypto there would be jailtime for that. Max said on reddit that this is not a big deal. He also was insulting some redditors and braging that he is a CEO of a $100M company from his personal reddit account. Give me a minute, I'll continue.

I remember their lateset live stream being shitty but I honestly don't remember Max ( the CEO ) bragging about the company. Plus they are based in Berlin not Switzerland, I'm absolutely sure about this.

plus the team is wash trading to create fake volume

Yeesh it better fucking do it. I held this all through the china FUD and segwit run-up, then sold 350 at 60k. I just bought back in at 209k like a proper fucking idiot. I did pretty much the same with NEO, yet I am still 4x up, which eases the pain.

can't even tell the difference between java and javascript lol

Continuing my lenghty post.
Lisk is delegated proof of stake. You vote for delegates and only them are allowed to mine LISK. About half of the delegates were so called "LISK ELITE" a group of people that only shared any rewards with voters if you voted for all members. So they were pretty much impossible to unvote because most people just assumed that if they don't have enough lisk for their vote to matter they just have to vote for the elite. There was a huge campain by redditors to unvote elite and when they almost succeded posts were removed and subreddit was just censored. Later I found out why they did this. Peple were whining for years that Lisk is set up to reward big holders and fuck all others. Guess who the biggest lisk holders are. And they vote for some elite members with their millions of vote weight, so it is impossible for them to be unvoted while Max and Olivier earn thousands from votes every fucking day. This is why you won't see this system changed ever.
I don't know if I omitted something. But when it comest to Lisk sell it before the next shitty livestreamed event and rebuy it after they inevitably fail to deliever.
I tink the source of Switzerland info was reddit, so I'm not sure 100%
search subreddit, but I know for a fact they delete some posts, I wanted to go back to a post where they said rebranding will be in september but in September I suddenly couldn't find the post. And a couple of other posts.

Any of the things I mentioned alone would not worry me but when you combine all of them it is just a little bit shady. And one more thing. They say they are completly transparent and you can view all their code. But the SDK code is 'secret'. Thikn about it. If it would turn out it is a scam in hindsight it would be obvious that the real reason why they won't show the SDK code was because there were no code. It is also a standard thing for scams to constantly say that they're working on making the product better, and working through next better interations but they won't show nothing until it is finished. (just look at kickstarter). And also they are always behind schedule but they like to mention that they are sitting on $100M ICO funds that will be spent later? Why not just hire some devs from the start?

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pls be true...

for the past 4 months hahaha

They now stopped calling it 'rebranding' and call it relaunch. They only kept saying 'rebranding' because NEO rebranded and they wanted to pump the price. I hope they'll finally change that buttplug logo in February. If you're a long term holder you know that talks about rebranding started a year ago.