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when did it go online?

"Egg prices will never decrease, or reset. Prices increase with every egg sold and will increase by 15% on launch."

I missed out on CryptoKitties and Ethermon. Consider getting an egg with those Ethercraft gains, that's what I did. Remember to have fun, good luck lads

At some point yesterday, let me see if I can snoop around and find out

~18 hours ago

I bought an egg at 0.05 eth

great find!





I'm ready



The profits from ethercraft funded my eggs.


Next egg price 0.1925 ETH

any idea when it launches?

>18 hours launched

Nahh, I bought ethercraft items about an hour into launch and I made just 1.5x my initial investment, so there is no way Im gonna get into another ponzi, specially this late.

so what exactly makes all of these shitgames not a ponzischeme?

>the goldman brothers
>also black

lol hold the phone what the fuck is even going on up in this bitch

bought 5 eggs. got 1 rare and 1 legendary. esketitttttt

no clue. today's some sort of holiday for the dev team so they may not get back to you until tomorrow if you ask

How do I look at my egg?