Neo just get pumped sell your stuff before they dump the shit out of it.
There are already sell Walls @ bittrex in hope that on binance and other open exchanges they don't realize they are secretly dumping there

Lol shhh don’t tell them. They think it’s the next Eth.

neo could drop 50% overnight and id buy more.

There's still enough momentum to break the current walls. This shit will dump so hard at 200 though. Anyone who doesn't sell around there is deluding themselves.

fuk this shit im on my rocket to moon son


yep pnd group operating on a 10bil market cap coin

brainlets i swear

ye sure they think it rises like Cardano(ADA) now but when it drops they cry

Do you even GAS?

Just look at the 0.12 0.24 buy orders you brainlet


GAS is relevant how? You always sell at the peak. If you believe in the project, buy back again after the crash and keep that sweet change as profit.

Jesus you HODLers are retarded.

yea they just pump it with little orders and people believe it lol

>NEO over 100, it got pumped!! DUMP IT NOW

>NEO over 140, it got pumped!! DUMP IT NOW

>N-N-NEO over 180, it got pumped, seriously d-dump it now

>g-g-guys? Why is it still going up? Please dump it

Yeah obviously it's only moving up because of small orders.. right guys? It's going to go down... Right??? Guys??

Ah, the classic "I sold at $120 like a retard and I want back in mommy make it staaahph AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" whinepost.
You don't know how much I enjoy these.

same guy 2 answers?
But nice meme

I called it.

>always sell at a peak
>ATH daily since a $100
No one has a crystal ball, you'll end up losing in a long run.

LOL OPs call is accurate as fuck

fucking this

buy it back below 150

last warning

H-ha, this will actually dip, right?

Lol sure