Numales crying because their chainlink ate shit

>numales crying because their chainlink ate shit
>meanwhile BAT is slowly rising

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BAT is down, ya dingus

based pewdiepie will save us all


Bless the BAT

Poorfag with 500 BAT reporting in.

Will we see $5 Q1?

i ask myself every morning why i'm even holding BAT.

Still never selling.

batties will have the last laugh

pewdiepie will help us build a moon rocket for BAT

5.2k BAT here, boy howdy I’m comfortable

For me it's:

>Project has a ton of potential
>It only needs to hit the marketcap of DOGE coin for me to realize 2x my investment.

me2, goodluk

been parking half my gains from every moon mission into BAT for 3-4 months. max comfy.

33k batman checking in. feeling comfy

1.2k BAT poorfag reporting. Hopefully 1$ soon

1k BAT reporting in
inb4 poorfag

BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the coin. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

Is that london letter from today? I'm on the PBC list and BAT was a buy alert a while ago.

Nice meme



We are ready. Start the pump.


I bought at damn 80 cents lol. The weight on my shoulders

Jan 6th

youll see a maximum 25% ROI

All in. 57k BAT i make it or i die

It's not out of the question to think it could hit $5 by mid year.

You will have no more than 57k USD, as any more would defeat the purpose.

Then im dead

>tfw 25% BAT 25% LINK
who here /futuremillionaire/

Good entry point? Looking at dropping a few grand.

Yeah this is still funny man :´)

tfw 50% of my $700k portfolio is in BAT but I know BAT cant go over $1

Same, BAT is only coin I have..

Yeah man BAT t o t a l l y will be successful
All you need is the Brave webbrowser!
What's that? You've never heard of the Brave browser? Well uh... you should download it!
What's that? You're happy with Chrome/Firefox? O-okay

who you think made Firefox? go on, google it on your shit browser. i'll be here waiting

fuck dude im 9 days nofap


Chrome and Firefox extensions are being developed.

Wow so the guys behind Firefox made Brave?
Cool so I'm gonna continue using Firefox

>tfw $300 BAT
gotta start somewhere right. Im in for the longterm anyway

£,£££ well spent

I know, but my greedy side says "you could have got more", and my investor side says, cut the losses and buy back in when it's even lower.
HODL on tho

yfw you end up using BAT anyways

>tfw you will never suck her titties while calling her mommy and laughing at stinky linkies

Make some memes and get comfy.

Bring your average price per BAT down buy buying more when it's low?

I've been buying from .33 cents to around .80

>laughing at stinky linkies
We are supposed to have an alliance so delet this

Bless the BAT

It's going up!

I would be so happy

400k bat reporting in.


Holding 10k. Mirin

14.5k reporting in, am I gonna make it?

you will be able to buy a nice audi r8

Post batbabes.


holy moly, its mooning and wont stop. about to hit 5k satoshis right...... NOW
oh fuck lol

Praise BATPepeJesus!!!!!

We're mooning boys.

Wow it’s almost back to where it was 2 days ago before it shit the bed.

But in all seriousness I love BAT. Wish I could buy more.

We're right where we're supposed to be. This picture is from yesterday. We just started moving up on the handle.

Remember that BAT is the king of false breakouts bois. Not selling though.

true cynical user but in a bear market where only NEO is mooning any upward movement is a good sign for longevity

thanks brainlet. I remember when no one would ever think of switching from AOL, or was it IE? Literally kill your self fagget.

Not a true bear yet user. Wait for the successive 30 percent days.However, spring has historically been alt season.

Not saying it's true but there was some drama Saturday night where an user posted some convincing evidence that firefox will be adopting BAT. I was only able to screencap the first comment before he deleted his posts.

Take it for what its worth.

about to break 52 satoshis.
last time i updated it was 50 sats like 15 mins ago
she mooning niggas.
get in now.

>get in now.
I'd love to, but shit is taking so fucking long to transfer on bittrex

use binance bro,
after getting buttfucked raw with no lube for the past two days on kucoin.
Binance is so fucking GOAT.

About to break 53 sats pretty soon.


Just broke it. No brakes on the BAT train.

54, with volume picking up significantly.

no breaks on the bat train.


what the fuck is happening 3% spread between buy and sell walls, the price keeps bouncing. Can some TA user explain?

probably some pajeets trying to cash out early.
Let them lol

My portfolio is being saved


Smart move buying BAT.


Fuck a lambo, I'll buy a fucking Lambo factory, finally!

2K bat am i going to be poor forever ?

Looking to buy my first Altcoin, Is BAT the way to go?

Ive been looking into it and the dude created JAVA and a bunch of other staples in the modern internet, but does this shit actually make sense? Advertising? I'm not sure i get it

> a coin I own is rising in value

Not sure how to feel. Still nowhere near enough to make up for literally every other position I am to still be hemmoraging.

Shouldn't that be a 1 dollar bill? Since it would defeat the whole purpose if it was above $1

We're done with that old meme. Going to the moon now.

javascript fool, not related. BAT is the best coin on the market right now. BUY ASAP

Javascript*, which is the backbone of the modern web. The advertising aspect is huge, I suggest you read the whitepaper. This coin will be worth $50-$100 by the end of the year.

Make no mistake, it will be on coinbase this quarter.

I mean a $5 price point isn't out of the question. So that's what 10k? Not bad for a small investment, but not enough to stop being poor.

appreciate the insight, successfully shilled me

really considering dropping xrb xlm for BAT

Ol Gil’s eating real food tonight

Do it. Now before it gets too high.

I need someone to moon TRON so i can sell and get more BAT. Any whales around?

It slowed down what do

why dont you just sell your piece of shit Tron right now and buy BAT before it moons past $1