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1.79 million followers on twitter supporting XRB.

His website =>

just wait until node is fixed, it should pump it significantly

raigames faggot?



better buy them back or you'll regret it end of the year even more

oh someone missed the rocket to moon

still have 120 - enough to make it? aaaaaa

what % of your portfolio?

Anyone interested in Stone? XRB fork that uses zk-snarks.

this shit is proven scam please dont donate to this fucking dev


my portfolio tanked so hard with COSS today, but I feel like I have to hold... would love to get some more rai though

Kek, it's going to dump even more the second it gets onto Binance. XRB is going through a massive needed correction.

it's undervalued

seemed pretty shady, thanks. Just glanced the thread yesterday on BTCtalk, thought it'd be an easy hype flip at least, but nvm then.,

I caught the first moon, sold 300 a few days ago to diversify, got 500 left. Should I buy more Rai?

sell it now and buy it back at the great binance dumpening

>goes from 20 cents to $35 in less than a month
>why would it correct
>dumps each time it gets listed to a new exchange
>but this time will be different!!

i'll be buying your bags back at $8 after selling mine at $30

when did you buy in retard? first moon was sub $.10

why will it get dumped once it hits binance?

explain to everyone why are you butthurt?

because the it's priced in, everyone bought it one Bitgrail/Mercatox was only wait for new exchange announcement for the price to hype up and dump accordingly, binance is going to be the same story.

I bought at 1.8 and sold at 30 and waiting for the price to come down to buy back (after binance dump), desu it's' extremely overvalued

because the pajeet tier exchanges (besides kucoin) have no liquidity and a lot of xrb is stuck on mercatox and bitgrail because they both disabled withdraws and deposits. Even if they all sell to btc they have super low 1 btc limits so it will take ages to cash out. once it hits binance where theres enough liquidity it is going to the floor

Yea im so butthurt for making money and selling at a huge profit instead of HODLING XD for no reason when the price is tanking

node sync bug has lead to, network split.
who knows how far back the bug was causing separate networks, separate ledgers to exist.

if that was the case it would be easily noticed, because there are few pages that track the state of the network, no discrepancies

never forget, this is prophecized megamoon of 2018.

$650 EOY

Discord gg 4HNeYW

> no disrepancies

AH HUH, and why are exchange nodes "out of sync"? DISREPANCY dumb fuck.

so magically this "partition" bug only affected exchanges? there's way more nodes than that

it affects all nodes, exchanges more so.

exchanges drop out of sync since they are loaded with send/receive blocks and asking for votes.
new nodes are loaded with asking for blocks and votes.

see the similarity? if you run a node from a yandex disk file db dump, it is not loaded with traffic and has less probability of hitting the bug.

this is fucked up son, all I wanted was just to DYOR on this coin, and I find... what the fuck area people even doing is this crypto in 2018 WHAT THE FUCK

but the syncing process of old blocks (which yandex provides) is only a matter of writing them into memory, no voting involved, so it wouldn't be relevant

lol, you're on to it, but Ill provide no more details, since I learned there is a bounty!