Sold all my LINK fuck you niggas


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It's dumping! Buy the dip!


That's a smart bond. You just sold that technology for less than 1 dollar per token. Your a brain let and there's a zero percent chance of you ever making it

LINK is a 2 man team Jason Parser and Sergey Nazarov are dog shit at marketing/coding.

You fucked up, they’re hiring more devs and marketers as of Q1

Why would you sell under a dollar?

>Le JSON reader

i just joined the link marines at 8300 sat but fully intend on getting more soon, all memes aside this is massive technology if this man can deliver, which it seems like he can, and unlike TRX and justin sun which is very explosive and name dropping, sergey seems stoic and quiet until his excellence is complete to reveal

poorfag detected

>marketing matters when your tech is objectively great and you're already in talks with big partners
>MIT grads are dog shit at coding

Perfect, we don't need any ADHDfags. Quite frankly because of the anti-hype philosophy of Sergey it's unlikely for link to moon before their product is fully lauched and adopted, and this might take years.
Anyone who doesn't have very good reasons to belive in this project and is not ready to wait years should just sell right now, there iare coins with faster shirt term growth out there.

He already has delivered . Just needs some more time to clean up loose ends in the code . It's a sure thing man. Your stack is big enough. You already made it

You must have had like $50 worth of Link from your foodstemps because a niggerwhore like you can't afford more.

i only have 164 links right now :( CAPP just announced nVidia and Facebook messenger partnership, only on craptopia right now and MC isnt even listed on CMC, but they are a VR field crypto, grabbing more now, hoping ZCL will pump hard for a quick flip to accumulate some more

Already delivered? He hasn’t done shit, they started writing it in November/December when they switched languages.

Are my 50k linkies enough to make it? 4HNeYW
Why lose money when you can join the best PnD around?? JOIN FAST!!

at 10 bucks you have half a million dollars. at 100, 5 million. you'll make it with iron hands

Sergey doesn't want to market this to fucktards like you

He's been working on this since before ethereum was invented . First main net released within 2 months

Jason Parcel? He’s Rory’s dad. He’s got a problem with Sergey because when Rory and Sergey were friends when they were younger, Sergey used to raid the cupboards and eat everything in the house. It cost Jason Parcel a lot of money to replace all the food Sergey used to eat. The final straw was when Sergey was staying at Rory’s one night and stole his car when they were 15 to sneak out to a McDonald’s drivethru. Rory’s dad Jason thinks Sergey is a bad influence on his son and does anything he can to stop them being friends or working together. Why do you think we haven’t heard from Sergey in so long? Jason Parcels has been staying with Rory and Sergey has been in hiding shitting his pants.

>MIT grads are dog shit at coding
Someone's never seen code from academics before.

HAHA promise us you won’t kill yourself in 3 months

Years? U retarded right?


Stay poor, opee

fucking dog shit coin. fuck you pajeets buy a real coin like tron


can more of you guys please sell their link so I can make a huge LINK buy in a couple days