How can we make money off of the current political climate?

how can we make money off of the current political climate?

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I wish America could just die already. Just vanish, get nuked or whatever. Let Trump fat finger the nuke button and kill all of you by accident. You are nothing but drama queens and crybabies. Everything is politicized and an 'issue'. Left and right are both filled with snowflakes who can't take criticism.
You are the only industrialized nation on the planet whose life expectancy is going down and that is well deserved.
Fuck you.

Factor in geopolitics to smart contract coins

invest in ammo

but then you still have england germany and sweden.

i will show you de wey of de poosy


wtf I'm gay now


Not sure what you are trying to say.
England is part of the United Kingdom by the way.

become a professional victim. even that white guy that got canned from google proved us even cis white males can milk gibs

That would be the democrat pieces of shit.

Conservatives, both Libertarians and Republicans alike, hate the ever loving shit out of these crybaby cunts.

I hope we have a Civil War 2.0 so I can go on a dyke, fag, trans, kike, nigger, beaner killing spree along with 5,000,000 of my other fellow pissed-off white Americans who are sick of this "wy peepo cant be da victimz n shit" when you're clearly anti-white, anti-male, and anti-American, you piece of motherfucking shit.

I want to Make America Great Again.

But I even moreso want to Make America White Again.

Fuck you minority pieces of trash.

Implying EU is not filled with snowflakes, literally countries in EU cannot make sovereign decisions without European Union putting it's dick into everyone's backyard

Sjwcoin and womencoin

And also get those disgusting Irish and Italian immigrants out. They polluted the white gene pool of America as well.

> his name is John Nyiggih

Everything you hate from America has its roots in philosophical developments from France, particularly during the 60s student movements.

kek. and then you woke up. back to topping off my brake fluid and oil, billy

I found this gem in a norwegian crypto forum thingy.


Eurotards are so blinded by their bias. Get over yourself cunt. You faggots start a war that almost kills everybody twice and call us drama queens.


Billy doesn't understand that white trash like him was just as despised as niggers in the early 20th century. Irish people for example were sterilized left and right for being "idiots" and "imbeciles" (that was the original terminology used by physicians). Clueless nostalgic idiots. Another reason why I hate Americans. They even need to be taught about their own country from the other side of the Atlantic.

At least our life expectancy is not moving towards the Russian one

WOMN coin.

buy something already developed off some nerds, put a cute girl in charge, shill to media outlets, sell all our interest and immediately short it. pluto here we come.

This counter is terrible for all you're conceding.

America is land of the good goys. We will kill you and ourselves for the precious chosen Jews.

The Jews outnumber and outsmart Americans in every possible way. A civil war would only further weaken the demoralized apathetic American public. Hardly anyone would even fight either. Enjoy your slavery goy.

uh, guys.

theyre talking about a store in south africa being wrecked, and the black guy is Ugandan.

why did this turn into a anglo bitchfest

Heeeey luigi justa wanna makea de pizza

Lmao faggots btfo, what a based black man

Simple, user. Continue to elect Republicans and Libertarians who don't want to force your money out of your hands and give it to nig nogs and rapeugees.