Be me

>be me
>literal micropenis
>so much estrogen bigger boobs than sister
>literally didn't finish middleschool
>crohn's disease
>don't know who biological parents are
>one friend entire life
>want to kill myself everyday
>live with parents until 24 years old
>start working at dollar store
>somehow meet girl
>lose virginity at 25
>wtf my life doesn't seem as shit anymore
>girlfriend pregnant
>suddenly terrified
>working 3 jobs
>go to doctor after taking a shit and noticing its white
>stage IV pancreatic cancer
>spread to liver
>going to die before meeting my child
>dont know what else to do besides beg and be called larper

I sold my car for ethereum including anything else that I have for value. Haven't told girlfriend yet, she thinks I'm just trying to live a healthier life-style which is why I sold my car.

Call me a faggot, call me a LARPer. I'm doing every little thing I can do in my power to help a daughter I will never meet.

I'm instructing that the Ethereum information be held for 3 years in my will.

If you have anything at all I'll take it. I'm much more of a faggot than Walter White but I want to make sure I don't leave behind absolutely nothing.


Sorry for being a faggot

Sage, mods ban this subhuman

timestamp with medical proof of pc

you sold your car for $1.36 (@ $1,310.04/ETH)

Reported for begging. Go scam a Nigerian.

haha owned

Die you fat bitch

How can you afford all the food?

go shill this on leftypol

no one cares about you, I personally fucking hate you.

Post your sistets panties

post dick or gtfo

The other day an user told a story how he gave some crypto to a stranger from Veeky Forums long story short the stranger stole all of user's bitcoin and then user became an alcohol

Fuck off. It's actually much cheaper for me to eat unhealthy than to eat fucking salad and chicken breast every day.


t-that's not possible unless the user was retarded and accidently gave away his private key

jesus christ all you had to do was stop eating sugar

reported for begging
enjoy ur ban fatty

1 eth if u do this with timestamp

funniest post I read all day holy shit

You’re doing god’s work user

gonna need a timestamp

Ah sorry user I'm a fellow crohns bro. Don't know how you stayed obese with crohns but good luck to you in the cancer battle.

Reported, enjoy your ban you LARPY begging fat piece of shit.

op get some cbd it might help reduce tumor size

Provide proof of some of the provable statements you made or we will all be forced to assume you are a LARPer or pajeet.

This. If you want help give us evidence.
You should also try GoFundMe.

Haha this

This is \biz.

go back to \R9k

This is pasta

In the same situation as you except the cancer and crohns but you dont see me begging like a faggot

Reminder that you are the way you are right now because of the Jews, op I encourage you to go out like a man and prove to your future child that you are a fighter

Confirmed faggot. Bulk vegetables, eggs, chicken, grains, beans, etc are far cheaper than whatever shit you’re eating. It also doesn’t give you cancer.

>t. Used to eat all junk food but now save tons of money and eat far healthier food.

Inb4 “don’t have time”. Cooking takes almost no time. I’m married, working full time,and am a full time nursing student doing school and clinical rotation hours. There is no excuse.

I wanted to feel bad for you for a sec but gtfo here with that retarded shit.