The ballad of pajeet:

The ballad of pajeet:
We must make a song to commemorate this noble fool for all the fine kek he gave us 1 word at a time. I'll start


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>inb4 IIDF shows up




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how did you guys dox him

though crypto was supposed to be anonymous


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Veeky Forums confirmed new /pol/

let this be the last thread. He's not even responding anymore (well, he is, but he's defeated and lost his desperate vigor from before). There will be more opportunities for pajeethate. Right now the most important thing to do is to filter out jeets from threads and shill for flags on Veeky Forums

Can someone greentext a detailed tldr?

Smelly hideous curryniggers BTFO

Started mine at the same time OP. Not sure which one people want to use.

we didn't dox him. Read the etherscan and you'll understand everything:

it seems yours lost

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As I said in the previous thread:
Once this gets to 500 I'm going to create two flags:
> One to collectively group nations known for clickfarms and paid shilling - Will cite studies and invetigative articles to determine which nations (hint: India, China, Philippines, Bangladesh are main offenders)
> One flag for everyone else

I'll combine it into one image detailing the proposal, evidence, support. Then shill like crazy for a month long trial.

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I don't mind as long as our megathreads have an actual OP giving a TL:DR

my accent sucks, someone please do this justice:

we've been shilling for flags for many many months. You'd have to coordinate massively

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I did mean this to just be a song thread, but whatever here's a tl;dr from the other guys post:

The fight back against the great scourge of our time has begun

> Previous Threads:
Thread 1: → #
Thread 2: → #
Thread 3: → #

Pajita has been scammed out of what was 10k worth of TRX (now about 4k due to it's mission to the Mariana Trench) which is approximately 15-20 times the annual salary in India (10 days after he invested it). He may or may not have been scamming someone when he lost it all.

There's been some good memes thus far and some suspected Pajeets in disguise defending him.

Video Related:

Don't forget the poll user.

We're just 8 votes short:

no faggot


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Fuck off, Pajeet


Please do so. Even if I get some flack for being a white Argentinian, I prefer that to the alternative. Im tired of fucking curryniggers. FLAGS NOW

Thread one was started when someone noticed that he was begging for the tron in the comments of the block explorer. Vic Johnson told him he was he hacker and got him to post a video of himself and his daughter. Meanwhile some pajeet shills have been shitting up the threads by claiming all theft a poo in loo does is justifiable if it is from someone marginally wealthier than the average Indian.

Related to Pajeet

You won't lad.

It would literally be two different flags on biz only.

One for the axis of shill and another neutral flag for the rest of us.

That way no specific nation can be targeted with the sort of derailments we see on pol or sp and we can identify the places responsible for 80% of the shillposting

also: 500 VOTES YES

What time does India wake up? When he stopped replying he said it was 1.

why is he lying in the comments about getting signing up for a fake airdrop??

Is he really the guy from the thread


quick rundown:
>pajeet pretends to be retarded, thus another jeet (one in video) attempts to scam original scammer
>actually falls for it and scams himself
>gets almost nothing for his TRX
>he invested around 10K usd in tron (49.5k TRX at $0.20
>loses it all
>probably took money from his family/other sources
>begins freaking out for hours
>spamming etherscan comments
>someone links it in Veeky Forums
>immediate lulz
>vic johnson begins reviewbrahposting to the scammed Jeet
>claims he was the receiver of the tron and wants to return it + more
>asks jeet for video to prove he's poor
>jeet send video of him and his daughter
>kids wearing various pieces of gold jewelry
>guy has internet and TV and apt
>uploads video, then removes it
>vic johnson reuploads it to streamable
>more lulz
>jeets come in last two threads trying to defend their countryman
>Veeky Forums goes full /pol/ mode (with good reason)
>moralfags message scamee and tell him the truth
>more memes arise
>jeets going ape shit, call for flags on Veeky Forums
That's what has happened up until now. If you ever questioned how many jeets are on this board, you know now.

>axis of shill


fuck off pajeet

Link to the original Etherscan comments? Lol

>pajeet pretends to be retarded, thus another jeet (one in video) attempts to scam original scammer
>actually falls for it and scams himself

Wrong coin retard
Pajeet on ethscan got phished from a TRX 'airdrop' site where you post your private keys

user, they are literally in the fucking thread, just scroll up nigga

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Oh its you again. Isn't it past your bedtime?

pajeet deteceted

thanks dude i was totally out of the loop

You fucking retarded jeet, that old scam gets rehashed like once a month after people forgot about it. Thats the original but it was done many times.

/pol/ autism brigade in full force literally pajeeting other boards making random shit up.
Check the archive it never happened

proove it

it probably got deleted you fucking faggot

>Posts no proof the TRX scam happened

It would still be in the archive you fucking newfaggot

show me 1 single deleted thread in the archive nigger, and I'll kms on stream

not every thread gets archived jeet

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t. pajeet

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Yet the one I posted a cap of is?
Is anyone from /pol/ over the age of 14

>brown ID

After all the Great Meme War we decided to come home and live quietly on the Veeky Forums board and farm crypto


I'm fucking dying I love you biz.

sir plz

Son the war isn't over.

We're going to use our skills as soldiers of fortune in the crypto meme wars.

First we will deal with the pajeet and chang shills.

Then we will use our skills to meme the coins of our choosing to the moon.

the scammer and scammed are not the same people in the OP and on etherscan dumbass


Dude, you are from Argentina where most population is white so you have nothing to be asheme

We need flags before we are POO'd for eternity.

he has a daughter pham, give the tron back pls sir

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I read the thread earlier today. I didn’t see the jeet come and defend himself but the video and shit was real

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