What happens to this board when the bubble bursts?

I'm feeling it.
Something is off, something is bound to happen soon.
The market went from $813b to $700b in 2 weeks.

What will this board talk about when crypto dies?

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>only a 100 billion fluctuation over korean government ban drama
you do realize this shit dropped 200 billion for no fucking reason a few weeks ago right? Its just another red week. It cant be green all the time.

Stocks, financial advice, and how to start a business, with the occasional crypto thread. Like how it was before.


That's what I'm saying.
Something popped the bubble.
$200b+ got taken out in under 2 weeks and more is bleeding everyday.
I'm cashing out in february, I already 8x my money.

death and neetbux

cmc nuked the Korean exchange feeds

This, ffs.

Burgers were paying taxes today. Korean FUD is still not completely clear. Consolidation after the biggest alt run in history. Take your pick.

Burgers aren’t paying taxes yet. Burgers haven’t gotten any of their tax forms in the mail yet

I seriously wish that crypto never existed.
I wanted to start a business, but now that I've seen how much money crypto can make, I've lost all motivation to do so. This shit wastes so much time that I know I'll regret it someday.

CmC removed korea so yeah no shit Marketcap went in the toilet. But korea FUD + CmC made the normies panic and sell all their shit. I have people in full panic mode at work who only had XRP, TRX and Verge in their portfolios, the normie coins are the ones that got fucking raped by this and they all started to panic sell. Wasn't it pretty fucking obvious that the first major correction was gonna fuck all the normies when the best investment strategy the last two weeks were to invest in top 20 coins that had a low price per coin, since that's what the normies bought. Guy at work actually still in the green on XRP, gonna sell it and put it all into XEM. I asked him why and he said "seems cheap and it might do another ripple" dude doesn't even know what it fucking does. It's just top 10 and "cheap".

This is scary. It's reminding me of that scene from Big Short. Are we in a bubble?

back to selling beany babies and pet rocks

Bubble already burst user...

1.0: youtube.com/watch?v=cFoAcjwnHY8
2.0: youtube.com/watch?v=n3h_ZNGVnoE
3.0: youtube.com/watch?v=gAdtMusIVUU

we will enter an angry wojak meme renaissance

how has the bubble popped when my portfolio just keeps going up cause i went all in ZCL because i wasnt a fucking idiot

BTC is currently wedging, I hate it when things go in a wedge because no matter what people tell you, nobody knows which way its going to go when it breaks out.

One thing I would say is the volume in BTC is pretty low.

If BTC decides to tank when it breaks out then I think it could break the $10k level.

Either way the alts are getting ready for a super bleed I think. Notice how NEO and ETH have completed the 'cup' of the cup and handle about the same time.

Not saying its a bubble but think we will see a shockwave either by th end of this week or at the weekend. Im tempted to sell what ever alts I have if they recover from this dip.

When will you faggots realize that crypto is just a tulip bubble and we only trade in order to make i to the moon before it bursts? Discussions of it becoming a legitimate global currency are utter ludicrous fantasies and delusions

tomorrow, Weds at the latest. Spin the wheel


well maybe we should all look back two weeks before that. Total market cap went from $420billion up to $832 billion between Dec 22 and Jan 7. There was bound to be a pullback after the entire crypto market cap essentially doubled in a fortnight. Chill out, put your money into good projects and quit expecting things to double every 4 hours.


What does being a laggard feel like?

100% pink wojack threads

OFC its a bubble, which is why you rush it before it pops. Set a (somewhat reasonable) goal for what you want to achieve with the current generation of crypto, and sell everything once you hit the goal. And dont come back.

> Sold all my BTC and ETH
>Own a house, no loans
>enough in the bank to finish my degree

I'm cashing out after I reach $25k after taxes.

Go away with your reason and logic.

There will never be another golden opportunity like BTC in 2011-2013, where you can be a literal retard but still end up a millionaire.

There are several crashes coming, but it isn't going anywhere. There will be some giants that arise from this, choose wisely.
It's just getting started


Literal retards never would have got into BTC years ago. Literal retards bought into XRP and TRX believing it was the same opportunity as BTC years ago and will be enjoying their poverty for the foreseeable future.

Retards become millionnaires all the time ("cash me ousside", anybody?), but yeah, it needs a lot more luck than just picking up "funny internet money" as a hobby.

Dozens of pink wojak threads, followed by dozens of an hero threads, followed by nothing.

Eventually Veeky Forums will be replaced by a friendly board where people can go to get help about suicidal thoughts in memoriam for all the lost Veeky Forumsraelis.

People were saying this last september when BTC crashed from 5k to sub 3k in a few days.

Although if this really is the big bursting then the remainder of biz who didn't an hero will probably be talking about pharmaceutical stocks like they were 2 years ago.

Literal retards put their last two braincells together to buy BTC in order to get weed or PC on "le darknet".
t. one of the retards who were clever enough to say to himself "$30 for some fantasy internet 'coin'? I'm not falling for this scam, fuck that!"


iktf, I don't even make bad money from my 9-5 but I feel like shit knowing it'll still take a decade or two to crack 1 milly net worth meanwhile NEET's here did this in a year without working a single day

keep a look at the stock markets. If you see that starting to crumble then thats when this will collapse too. As long as super whales are making money in the stock market there will always be some pennies left to fall into crypto

>i dont understand it so it cant be real!!!11!

There's actually reason to believe if stocks start to fall crypto will absorb the fleeing capital. Nobody knows obviously and we've never seen crypto in a recession before. If it actually gets viewed as a safe haven like metals it will go up in a recession. Only time will tell, but I'm thinking the next one will be soon and painful.

Any Veeky Forumsnessman worth his money is already planning out strategies to deal with the impending doom. Investing in Prozac, Xanax and the like, managing an own suicide prevention hotline, or a funeral parlor (literally the aftermarket, so to speak).
We'll find a way to make money.


Here's what you're missing: it's NOT sustainable by the fragmented, isolated, and bordered margins we compare it to. Its not out fault we do this because we have nothing else to go off of. And by all means, compared to traditional markets, COMPARED TO WHAT WE KNOW no it absolutely is not sustainable while they might trade in respect to one another, they are still cogs rolling within their own segregated machines...

Crypto is a warm, fucking blanket falling over the whole 10-20 individual machines running the world today. It's entirely global. There's no borders here. There are not special times. Or dates, holidays, anything to close off of. It's global, let that sink in... globally, 365-24/7. THAT. is what we crave as the whole human race. The internet exposed our commonality.

If you're American, European, Chinese, Japanese, and all the other races, you've been exposed to your own limitations via your nations GDP. Your business ventures, up until now have been solely funded by people of your own race. All the metrics are based off America exclusively, China exclusively, like drips of water falling into separate buckets. Imagine dumping all those individual buckets into a pool and started pumping a hose into it, THAT's what is growing right before our eyes. The fear-mongering that runs rampant over the idea of crypto stems from DECADES of mistrust between nations. All the wars fought between each other for valuable resources, all the lives lost, the mistakes, the tragedies... it makes it hard to trust someone living on the otherside of the planet when their ancestors tried to eradicate your bloodline. But, yet again, the internet has exposed those prerogatives to be government driven agendas. And we as a human race, think its total fucking bullshit. We're wising up to the fact that we don't need to be governed the way society has BEEN telling us for centuries

Nothing. We will all go to /mlp/

This is my hope senpai. I want to make a shopping list of stocks with good dividends to buy in that scenario with crypto gains to get some passive cash flow going. Notice most people seem to be giving up on calling equities a bubble. Makes me think the next market crisis is coming soon. One black swan could be the trigger.

Tulips isnt that bad of a comparison.

> No high intrensic value (you can farm your own with relative ease)
> Only reason people buy it is A: because they think its going to moon B:having some is cool
> Early investors got crazy rich
> People stop selling because of the potential for growth

Only missing part is

> 9/10 of people opting out too late because of greed

Feels good man. Crypto has the ability to make war a thing of the past or could just change the reasons behind going to war. Imagine all the worlds capital is in blockchain. Now imagine a split in ideology like BTC and BCH, but on a much greater scale. Ideally the two could still co-exist and trade back and forth despite differences. However if in this future world the dominate crypto is still something like BTC, without adaptive blocks and difficulty, it could literally spark raids and occupations of mining operations to preserve hashpower.

Next time stock markets crash I don't think there will be a recovery. The market hasn't realized this yet, but something like NYSE doesn't need to exist in a world with crypto currencies.

If the bubble popped everything would be worth 0, not 30% less.

>Thought out opinion

I think you're missing a couple parameters to your reasoning. Firstly, if btc breaks out of it's 15kish limit and continues on it's war path (assuming 20k, 35k and so on floors established) that will mean that the futures scam no longer works as a way to keep assets under control.

When gold was mooning in 2010 the only reason I can see for it falling from ath at 1.9k USD per oz was the paper futures market. They've kept it where it is (1.1kish) consistently since but the fundamentals that drove it's surge from $700 per oz in 2008 period hadn't changed.

If anything the fundamentals had improved, the amount of qe and printing that has gone on since which is what pushed gold up initially hasn't been tapered off at all.

If we get a Fiat on ramp in either Asia or south America, I'm hoping Venezuela does it - then I think btc/cryptos market cap will go absolutely insane. In Australia our banks recently stopped all crypto purchase transfers (transfers to coin base etc) because of concerns about the banks running out of money/bank run.

The Fiat wants in but it's being choked, if it finds a way then all of the credit issued and leveraged from housing will pour in like a fucking tsunami.

If btc breaks out, gold will also break out and then our govs won't be able to pay ubi or bomb 3rd world countries. It's that big imo. Who fucking knows, I've been waiting ten years for economic justice.

denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

I guess we are at Stage Denial right now

Metals are also a "dumb" asset and have some pretty massive drawbacks and limitations that programmable crypto currencies don't. Futures can try and control it, but this shit is so fucking new that I don't think the market gives a shit. They'd also need to do futures for almost all the top 10 cryptos now if they want to bring the market to heel.

What I think is more likely is crypto will bring governments and bankers to heel, not the other way around. Crypto is a black swan event.

You are behind the curve then. Most people here are in depression. Denial is just the loudest crowd.